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Example sentences for "hearses"

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  1. But I said, old man, that ere thou couldst die on this voyage, two hearses must verily be seen by thee on the sea; the first not made by mortal hands; and the visible wood of the last one must be grown in America.

  2. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool!

  3. The various bands of the trade were being disposed in their respective positions, and the hearses were a long way off and altogether in the back-ground, when, at a quarter to twelve, the first rank of men moved forward.

  4. We are here escorting three empty hearses to the consecrated last resting place of those who die in the Lord (cheers).

  5. Hearses ready with Palamon: and Arcite: the 3.

  6. Enter the Queenes with the Hearses of their Knightes, in a Funerall Solempnity, &c.

  7. Will there be any undertakers and hearses used when man is restored?

  8. But under the new order of things funerals will cease, undertakers will seek a more pleasing employment, and the hearses will be changed from vehicles of sorrow to equipages of pleasure.

  9. Arriving at the graveside in Mount Pleasant cemetery the rebel women reverently bore the coffins from the hearses to the supporting frame, surrounded by boughs of fragrant pine, above the yawning pit.

  10. Paris at that time would forget it, with its implacable blue sky, its mocking sun, its deserted walks, its solitary boulevards, its streets strewn with hearses and haunted by phantoms?

  11. The streets were still quiet, but hearses and carts, filled with coffins, no longer greeted her on every side, and she walked for several squares.

  12. Many of the stores were closed; whilom busy haunts were silent; and very few persons were visible, save the drivers of two hearses and of a cart filled with coffins.

  13. The air was intensely hot; the drooping leaves of the China trees were motionless; there was not a breath of wind stirring; and the sable plumes of the hearses were still as their burdens.

  14. The machinery of business was hushed in the downtown district, and long lines of carriages, preceded by hearses or plain black wagons, followed the theater victims to the grave.

  15. Where hearses could not be furnished they were improvised from other kinds of vehicles and mourners who could not get cabs rode in carriages.

  16. Twelve boys acted as pallbearers for their former playfellows and followed the little white hearses to Graceland.

  17. Flags were at half-mast, while white hearses bearing the bodies of children and black hearses with the bodies of others took their way to the various churches.

  18. Sisters were being taken to their last resting place, and this cortege was followed by two white hearses containing the bodies of another brother and sister.

  19. In some blocks three and four hearses were standing, and at the churches one cortege would wait until another moved away.

  20. The demand for hearses was so great that the undertakers were compelled to make up schedules in which the different hours of the day were allotted to the grief-stricken.

  21. Three hearses carried away the bodies of Mrs. Louise Ruby and her daughters, Mrs. Ida Weimers and Mrs. Mary Feiser.

  22. Twelve boys acted as pallbearers to their late playfellows, and followed the little white hearses to Graceland cemetery.

  23. I am afraid a time is close at hand when, if hearses are to maintain that position in the funeral cortege to which convention has in the past assigned them, they will have to hold it by sheer force of superior horsepower!

  24. Will hearses go shooting through the streets at forty miles an hour?

  25. Enter the Queens, with the Hearses of their Knights, in a Funeral Solemnity, &c.

  26. Coaches, hearses and all kinds of funeral trappings were successively displayed, but the undertaker of the west could establish no superiority.

  27. The undertaker of the east turned out magnificent hearses and biers, and in this respect his superiority could not be contested.

  28. At half past ten o'clock the bodies were removed from the Council Hall and placed in hearses which were draped with the national colors, looped up with mourning emblems.

  29. A downcast guard of honor marches, with mourning colors, behind hearses trimmed with the badges of woe.

  30. The same hearses were used as on the arrival of the bodies from the South.

  31. Behind the hearses were led two horses fully caparisoned.

  32. These hearses were introduced about the fourteenth century, and they continued to be used until the civil wars of the seventeenth century.

  33. Until the Reformation, hearses were garnished with numerous lights as well as with pencils and escocheons, but with the change of faith the lights were discontinued.

  34. I said, 'Where, where are the hearses that carry your dead?

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