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alloted; allotment; allotments; allotropic; allots; allotting; allow; allowable; allowably; allowance
  1. Each of the fifteen armies on foot had been allotted certain departments as supply areas, Jourdan's being of course far away in Lorraine.

  2. A few days later the pages of writers purveying the prevalent "Infidelity, Scurrility, and Indecency" are ingeniously allotted to various uses.

  3. The piercing notes of the new groom's mother mingled with the refined accents of Wilhelmine de Naarboveck, who, in the absence of her companion, was about to show the new groom the room allotted to him.

  4. These animals have so many enemies, that they escape them only by chance, and are seldom allowed to enjoy that short life which Nature has allotted to them.

  5. S] The space allotted for the provision of eight or ten beavers is from 25 to 30 feet in length, and eight or ten feet broad and deep.

  6. The most constant and invariable thing in Nature is the image or model allotted to each particular species, both in animals and vegetables; what is most variable is the substance of which they are composed.

  7. She was in that wretched state of mind which leads a woman to move mechanically onward in what she conceives to be her allotted path.

  8. Here she was allotted a room of her own on the second floor, and went and came as she chose, without contact with the family.

  9. Dyuers Princes and Noblemen (quod he) that dwel far of, be come according to the appointment, and he which first allotted the day, is not present.

  10. The years allotted to him on earth were even to a day.

  11. I doubt if one in a thousand of the farm laborers of Great Britain lays out more than the sum we have allotted for one week's food, rent, and fuel and clothes.

  12. As they went around the field, they were followed or rather met by men and women, each with an allotted beat, who rushed in behind and gathered up the fallen from the standing grain so as to make a clear path for the next round.

  13. The position allotted to the Printer’s Mark may not be of very great importance, but it offers some points of interest.

  14. The skies have their allotted term like you, yet do not distress themselves.

  15. I know of one interior town, not in Old Calabar, where the principal chief had given a warm welcome to a white man and allotted him a piece of ground to build a factory on, which he was to return and build the following dry season.

  16. The shore work was generally allotted to the Kroo boys we engaged up the coast, with one of the white men in charge, while the white crew with three or four natives would work the ship.

  17. Well, these Protectorate districts should be divided up among sub-commissioners, who should each reside in his allotted district.

  18. Though Durham himself appears to have intended representation to be in strict accordance with population, the Union Act, passed in 1840, allotted an equal number of representatives in the Joint Assembly to each of the old Provinces.

  19. The narrow cell expands under such magic, the barred casement is a free portal to the glorious sun and the free air; the captive himself is but the student bending over his allotted task.

  20. Smith was not the sort of fellow to undertake what he did not mean to carry through, and I was astonished to see how carefully his plans were laid, and how precisely he had allotted to every one of us our respective duties.

  21. It was a curious indication of the power that was in my friend Smith, that Rathbone--though the words of mutiny were even then on his lips-- quietly got up and went off to his allotted duties without saying a word.

  22. So she slipped over to that corner of the big kitchen which was allotted to the Wishart family and possessed herself of a piece of a loaf which was hidden away there.

  23. And let there be allotted to them severally every month the various districts, in order that they may all acquire knowledge and experience of the whole country.

  24. At the same time thousands of additional soldiers, with numerous field-pieces and cannon, marched into the town to their allotted positions.

  25. At length a village called Iron was reached, and their various billets were allotted to each Company.

  26. The life of animals quietly runs through its allotted space; and the current of nature flows within prescribed limits, manageably and moderately.

  27. He obtained also the distinction of sainthood, in having a festival allotted to him, and solemn games instituted in honour of his memory; a short account of which will be found in The Mirror, No.

  28. The portion of these merits thus allotted to the king is determined by arithmetical calculations.

  29. Peithon is said to have received the satrapy of upper India, while the lower region of the Indus and the city of Pattala were allotted to Porus, whose kingdom was thus largely extended.

  30. No one must go beyond the limits allotted to him, but lead a quiet and peaceful life within them.

  31. If Vishnu is celebrated in the passages quoted from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, the same honour is allotted in other parts of the same poems to Civa, who is now called Mahadeva, i.

  32. He divides the quotas among the villagers, according to the measure and productiveness of the land; he also divides the uncultivated land and fixes the share in water allotted to each.

  33. In their battle the Tritsus were aided by the priest Vasishtha, to whom in the poem of Rama the same place is allotted which in the Mahabharata is first allotted to Vicvamitra and then to Vyasa.

  34. We can easily see that the rank, allotted by the law to the so-called mixed castes, is taken from the degree of impurity assigned by the Brahmans to the mode of life followed by them.

  35. The same position in respect to the ancient deities and the personal Brahman was allotted to Buddha.

  36. As this title was like the Egyptian Pharaoh, and belonged to whole lines of kings, it will explain the enormous diversity of time allotted by different writers to “Prester John.

  37. He takes her to the cottage allotted him by his father, and introduces her to his mother and sisters.

  38. Still man is born to die, Mr Wilmot, and your uncle has already lived beyond the threescore years and ten allotted to the average age of man.

  39. This was a great disappointment, as they had no wish to return oh board and reoccupy the confined space which had been allotted to them.

  40. The different animals have each their allotted troughs.

  41. A soldier-servant is allotted to each officer upon application, and regimental officers who pick handy men from their own companies, and who live three in a tent, have their three soldier-servants between them as usual.

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