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Example sentences for "allotting"

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allotment; allotments; allotropic; allots; allotted; allow; allowable; allowably; allowance; allowances
  1. They promptly conceived the idea of allotting to her an important duty, and entrusted her with the custody of their fountains, converting her into a municipal goddess.

  2. He was constantly and inadvertently allotting to woman that which was proper to man, and to man the things pertaining to woman.

  3. The Branch of Grazing supervises the grazing of live stock upon the National Forests, allotting grazing privileges and dividing the ranges between different owners and classes of stock.

  4. There was the need of the services of some disinterested person to manage the difficult matter of dividing the tribal tracts and allotting to each Indian his own acres, and Miss Fletcher was asked by the President to undertake this work.

  5. The work which Miss Fletcher did in allotting the land to the Omahas was so successfully handled that she was appealed to by the Government to serve in the same capacity for the Winnebago and Nez Perce Indians.

  6. An allotting or an appointment to a particular person or use; or for a particular time, as of a cause or causes in court.

  7. In the first is stated the obligation of the governor in allotting the Indians; in the second, the obligations of the encomenderos toward their encomiendas.

  8. These four things I have mentioned he embraced in twelve books, allotting three to each.

  9. Part of the Division was halting there for the night, and the municipal authorities were extremely slow in allotting billets and keeping their civilian waggons in order.

  10. In practical mensuration--a daily necessity for men who were perpetually allotting lands or marking out camps--the Romans were experts.

  11. As it is, he will in the regular course of things receive preference over childless men, when it comes to candidature for a public office or to the allotting of a governorship.

  12. He accepted the challenge, and they thought to baffle him by allotting him the book of Ezekiel.

  13. In allotting their several functions to the sylphs, Ariel reserves Belinda's lap-dog for his own especial charge: Ariel himself shall be the guard of Shock.

  14. He looked round and caught sight of the manager with a plan of the restaurant in his hand, allotting tables and ushering parties through the narrow gangways.

  15. Burgess was allotting him rooms in the bachelor quarters, and there O'Rane's interest in the subject ceased.

  16. The prominent element in Justice as ordinarily conceived is a kind of Equality: that is, Impartiality in the observance or enforcement of certain general rules allotting good or evil to individuals.

  17. It will be seen that the problem of allotting seats to lists has been solved in several different ways.

  18. The process of allotting the seats to the respective parties then commenced.

  19. It has been shown that the method of allotting seats to different groups is identical in principle in both countries.

  20. The business of counting the votes and allotting the preferences was sure to be a slow one at the first time of asking, but there was no hesitation and no confusion.

  21. There is the Selective Editor, who may never pen a line, but shows his skill in gathering an able staff round him, and in allotting to each of them the work he can do best.

  22. But, in order to safeguard the rights of the poor, the choice of commissioners charged with the duty of re-allotting the soil would rest with the majority, reckoned both according to heads and value.

  23. Uncle Lance let Mrs. McLeod's foreman feel that in allotting her five hundred of the younger cattle, he was actuated by old-time friendship for the family.

  24. Out of our abundance we decided to use ten mounts, thus allotting each horse two dashes of a half mile with a rest between.

  25. The horse breaking was almost completed, except allotting them into remudas, assigning bell mares, and putting each band under herd for a week or ten days.

  26. He therefore took her into his palace, and gave her a private apartment to herself, allotting her every day what she required of food and drink and other supplies, and she continued a while in this state of enjoyment.

  27. Kings; and these he made chamberlains of his court, appointing them all that they required, and allotting them apartments in the palace of Baghdad.

  28. Under our system of allotting blocks here the farmers are particularly concerned in making a success of their farms financially, rather than socially.

  29. Further than this, I do not think the problem will come up under this system of allotting blocks, for the reason first stated above.

  30. We do not know enough of the circumstances to be sure of allotting censure in exact and rightful measure.

  31. Le Breton's capital was insufficient for a project of this magnitude, he invited three other booksellers to join him, retaining a half share for himself, and allotting the other moiety to them.

  32. The preliminary agreement was put in writing, much as in the former case, allotting each man his due share of the expected spoil.

  33. After the serving out of these commissions, and their due sealing, the captains were required to sign the customary articles, allotting the shares of the prospective plunder.

  34. For these services it seemed most expedient to pay them, either by allowing them a certain percentage on their collections, or by allotting them portions of land rent free.

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