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  1. Like this latter element, it is capable of assuming three allotropic forms--the amorphous, the vitreous, and the crystalline.

  2. Another element occurring in allotropic forms is sulphur, of which many forms have been described.

  3. However, Professor Schleiermacher was a specimen of that noble type of scientific men to whom gold was merely the rare metal Au, and diamonds merely the element C in the scarcest of its manifold allotropic embodiments.

  4. Is not this tantamount to saying that, in order to enter into combination with another body, carbon, like red phosphorus, must first change its allotropic condition?

  5. It is thus established that red phosphorus must first be changed from its allotropic condition before entering into combination with sulphur.

  6. Well it was for Triplanetary that day that its super-ship carried ample supplies of allotropic iron; well it was that her originally Gargantuan converters and generators had been doubled and quadrupled in power on the long Nevian way!

  7. Vast as that field was, it could not encompass the whole fleet, but half of the lip of the gigantic cone soon disappeared, its component vessels subsiding into a sluggishly flowing stream of allotropic iron.

  8. Soon there was a terrific explosion as the pent-up air of the planetoid broke through its weakening container, and the sluggish river of allotropic iron flowed in an ever larger stream, ever faster.

  9. With a sigh of relief he pulled his foot out of it, and from it carefully poured into the small power-tank of the craft fully thirty pounds of allotropic iron!

  10. No missile this, but a capsule containing a full ton of allotropic iron, which would be of more use to the Nevian defenders than millions of men.

  11. And now the Nevian defenders of the Third City had secured and were employing the vast store of allotropic iron so opportunely delivered by Nerado.

  12. That a gaseous element can exist in an allotropic condition was first clearly shown by a careful study of the properties of ozone.

  13. The possibility of the existence of allotropic modifications of oxygen having been thus established it is not surprising that attempts should have been made to find other forms in which this element might occur.

  14. It occurs likewise in several allotropic states as graphite, plumbago, charcoal, anthracite, etc.

  15. This oxide exists in two allotropic modifications.

  16. These various changes occur in electrolytic iron, and therefore cannot be attributed to any chemical reaction or solution; they are entirely due to the existence of "allotropic modifications" of the iron in its solid state.

  17. Allotropic means an element with another form to it--the diamond is simply an allotropic form of carbon.

  18. Only such forms, however, as have different energy contents are properly called allotropic forms.

  19. Like phosphorus it can be obtained in several allotropic forms.

  20. Name all the elements so far studied which possess allotropic forms.

  21. Are lampblack and bone black allotropic forms of carbon?

  22. In the free state carbon occurs in three allotropic forms, two of which are crystalline and one amorphous.

  23. These different forms of the same element are called allotropic states or forms of the element.

  24. How can you prove that the composition of the different allotropic forms of carbon is the same?

  25. Although there are many varieties of amorphous carbon known, they are not true allotropic modifications.

  26. It can be obtained in several allotropic forms, corresponding to those of carbon.

  27. The elements even have allotropic forms corresponding very closely to those of sulphur.

  28. It occurs in several allotropic forms, is very hard when crystallized, and is rather inactive toward reagents.

  29. Of the many forms of allotropic silver, two of the best marked are the blue and the yellow.

  30. These reactions afford the clearest proof that the silver is in an allotropic form.

  31. Moreover, he has overlooked the fact that allotropic silver can be obtained in the absence of any metal with which silver is capable of combining, as in the case of its formation by the action of soda and dextrine.

  32. Berthelot recently called the attention of the Academy (Paris) to the memoirs of Carey Lea on the allotropic states of silver, and exhibited specimens of the color of gold and others of a purple color sent him by the author.

  33. Mr. Prange repeated and confirmed this fact of the presence of iron (in this particular case), and my other observations generally, and was fully convinced of the existence of both soluble and insoluble allotropic silver.

  34. Sir: In a recently published lecture, Mr. Meldola seems to call in question the existence of allotropic silver.

  35. Gold-colored allotropic silver in thin films is converted by the slightest pressure to normal silver.

  36. Blue allotropic silver is formed in many reactions with the aid of many wholly different reagents.

  37. Thus S has at least three allotropic forms, and the gradations between these probably represent others.

  38. Two or three allotropic forms of P are known, the principal one being red.

  39. How many it has in the allotropic forms, as a solid, is beyond our knowledge; but it seems quite likely that allotropy is due to some change of molecular structure.

  40. The element Si resembles carbon in valence and in allotropic forms.

  41. Both carbon and silicon, as has been already shown, exist in several allotropic conditions; and, although the statements made by Dr.

  42. Schönbein himself does not appear disposed to regard ozone as being either peroxide of hydrogen, or an allotropic oxygen.

  43. It is, in a way, a slow allotropic transformation which takes place by means of a mechanism regarding which, in short, we have no more information than we have regarding other analogous transformations.

  44. Tamman has been led to certain very important observations, and has met with fresh allotropic modifications in nearly all substances, which singularly complicate the question.

  45. In short, these elements seem to impede the allotropic change of the iron itself.

  46. The variation of physical properties which attends iron on heating has led to the view that the metal exists in allotropic forms (see IRON AND STEEL, below).

  47. There are a few chemical processes also (allotropic and isomeric changes) in which a single substance without the co-agency of another substance can give off energy.

  48. In some cases the heat change accompanying the transformation of an element into an "allotropic modification" can be measured directly.

  49. It has been customary to refer to such substances as different forms or allotropic modifications of the same element, and not to regard them as being different elements.

  50. Hence there is an analogy between the allotropic states of certain solids and the different states of aggregation of matter.

  51. Pressure effects no permanent condensation of solid bodies, except they are capable of assuming an allotropic condition of greater density.

  52. It is what chemists call an allotropic form of oxygen, just as the diamond, graphite, and charcoal are all different forms of carbon, and yet the chemical differences are scarcely traceable.

  53. I have not seen the suggestion that some of them may serve rather as fuses in an electric system, to prevent short circuits, or in some variant or allotropic form.

  54. We have already said that iron consists in three allotropic modifications, the regions of stability of which are separated by definite transition points.

  55. For many years there existed considerable confusion both as to the conditions under which the transformation of white tin into its allotropic modification occurs, and to the reason of the change.

  56. It was early discovered that exposure to sunlight hastens the change of selenium from one allotropic form to another; an observation of significance in the light of recent discoveries.

  57. One of the most curious facts in connexion with phosphorus, is its assumption of the allotropic state in what is termed amorphous (shapeless) or red phosphorus.

  58. Whether the so-called chemical elements may not be, after all, mere allotropic conditions of purer universal essences?

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