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  1. This had probably been gathered only a few weeks before the arrival of the party at the village, then deposited in the caches for future use.

  2. As the greater part of their possessions would be deposited in underground caches they made frequent trips between their villages to get what was desired--food, clothing, skins, and other supplies.

  3. In these caches the winter supply of food was stored; the shelled corn was put into skin bags, long strings of corn on the cob were made by braiding the outer husks, while the jerked meat was packed in parfleche cases.

  4. The bottom of the caches are rounded, and the walls are almost as hard as fired clay.

  5. Three caches were found in the first ruin.

  6. In all instances the caches were outside the lodge sites.

  7. Caches were encountered, and to quote from his account of the work: "The caches within the house sites are smaller in diameter near the top than at the bottom, the latter part flaring out somewhat in the manner of a large earthen pot.

  8. Corn that was allowed to ripen was usually stored in underground bottle-shaped caches or storage pits, the best ears being placed around the edges of the cache, while in the center were thrown loose corn and strings of dried squash.

  9. Wild beans are taken from caches where they have been stored by mice, the supplies thus removed always being replaced with corn.

  10. After ten days’ fair travelling, with some delays from wind storms and the trouble of cutting the meat caches out of the ice in which we had stored them, just as we had come to the end of our provisions two bands of musk ox were discovered.

  11. We then returned to our companions, and moved on to Willow Creek, where we were handy to the caches of our rendezvous at the Suck.

  12. If their surmises were true, the party was satisfied that the whereabouts of their caches were known, and determined that their contents should not fall into the hands of the savages.

  13. The City of Caches at the Summit of Chilcoot Pass.

  14. They have stored all their caches inside because of the water, and they haven't room to turn around.

  15. A heavy sleet was falling steadily, through which a few streaming caches showed in the gathering darkness.

  16. The lake was angry and white-capped, and though a hundred caches were waiting ferriage, no boats were plying back and forth.

  17. As it was not in the plan of the present hunting campaigns to go near the caches on Green River, and as the trappers were in want of traps to replace those they had lost, Captain Bonneville undertook to visit the caches, and procure a supply.

  18. They had been pinched by famine and almost starved, and had been forced to repair to the caches at Salmon River.

  19. All traces of the caches were then carefully obliterated.

  20. Having no established posts and magazines, they make these caches or deposits at certain points, whither they repair, occasionally, for supplies.

  21. The caches were again opened, supplies of various kinds taken out, and a liberal allowance of aqua vitae distributed throughout the camp, to celebrate with proper conviviality this merry meeting.

  22. The women dig it up in great quantities, steam it, and deposit it in caches for winter provisions.

  23. At length his horses having recovered strength sufficient for a journey, he prepared to return to the Nez Perces, or rather to visit his caches on Salmon River; that he might take thence goods and equipments for the opening season.

  24. I had just finished a note to be left at Cape Sabine, telling of our headquarters, our caches and our willingness to give assistance.

  25. For this assured, in addition to the caches left en route, a sure food supply for the return from our mission to the North.

  26. To the east were the low mountains and high valleys of Axel Heiberg Land, along the farther side of which was our prearranged line of retreat, with liberal caches of good things and with big game everywhere.

  27. Cook also had some of his caches in my camps, leaving supplies which he did not take along with his pack-trains.

  28. The bears had opened the caches and removed our hard-earned game, while the foxes and the ravens had cleared up the very fragments and destroyed even the skins.

  29. As we neared the caches we found to our dismay numerous bear and fox tracks.

  30. Although we had left caches of supplies with the object of returning along Nansen Sound, into Cannon Fiord and over Arthur Land, I entertained grave doubts of our ability to return this way.

  31. A survey of our caches proved that we were still rich in the coin of the land.

  32. About this time, the most important duty of our working force had been to uncover caches and dig up piles of frozen meat and blubber.

  33. Of the twenty-six dogs, we had at first figured on taking sixteen over the entire trip to the Pole and back to our caches on land, but in this last calculation only six were to be taken.

  34. Here caches of fur and fuel were left for the return.

  35. Scarcely enough food remained on the sledges to reach our caches unless we should average fifteen miles a day.

  36. At Stewart River they told me that someone was robbing caches by night between there and Dawson.

  37. Caches of venison were made and frequently visited until late in June (p.

  38. In August he found a few families on the island south of Cape Pembroke, who were living upon salmon which had been deposited in stone caches and who had tents made of sealskins.

  39. Sometimes the dried fish and venison are deposited in stone caches for later use, but most of it is eaten in summer, especially when the Eskimo go traveling.

  40. At one of these caches the camp-robbers had been at work industriously.

  41. The show-shoe trail we were following was made by a messenger despatched by the Minchúmina people to invite the Talida people to a potlatch; for the caches were filled with moose meat beyond local consumption.

  42. As we approached the Yukon we passed several meat caches where great quarters of beef sewn up in burlap were piled on the side of the trail.

  43. Without Juan, the peon, to leave them caches of food on the trail, they would have a difficult time getting provender, but both were trained jungle travelers and could find fruit and shoot enough game to keep them going.

  44. For food, they might hunt and also depend on the caches left by their friend, Juan the peon.

  45. Conceivably centuries from now, objects dropped from relief-expedition-balloons may be found in the Arctic, and conceivably there are still undiscovered caches left by Franklin, in the hope that relief expeditions would find them.

  46. Yes," said Geraldine; "those caches are important.

  47. Mr. Allinson believes he gave you orders to make the caches in certain places; you contend he told you somewhere else, and there was nobody about when you were talking to decide the thing.

  48. He made the caches at the places decided on.

  49. Geraldine spent some time over the explanation and concluded: "You must see that their safety depends on their finding the provisions, and Mappin has had the caches made at the wrong places.

  50. It would save some trouble if we made our caches among these boulders," Graham suggested.

  51. Your idea is to travel with light loads, and replenish your stores at the caches as you come back?

  52. That means they knew within a week or so when they must reach the provision caches that were to be made for them north of the mine.

  53. We made a few caches as we came along, and there ought to be three more of the boys on the trail behind us.

  54. I know they thought a good deal about the matter and had some caches made.

  55. At first, Carnally was in favor of trying to reach the factory, where they would find shelter, but yielded to the objection that it was farther off than the nearer of the caches which Mappin had been engaged to make.

  56. With a double door and provision caches in the house they awaited the action of the pack, still comfortable in the ship's cabins.

  57. Our men took all our ropes and remaining materials from the caches to his cabin, where they would be safe till our arrival.

  58. Then we made five caches near camp of goods not needed till next year, covering our traces by fires and other devices.

  59. Andy and Captain Dodds, who had gone to the mouth of the Paria to ascertain the condition of our boats, returned May 15th, reporting the boats all right, but the caches we had left torn up by wolves and prospectors.

  60. Bailey (1920) wrote of the caches of Microtus pennsylvanicus in North Dakota, where, in one locality, this vole was known as the bean mouse.

  61. Somewhere adjacent to the nest will be found one or more caches of food against the time when the snows are deep and famine stalks the land.

  62. However, the mink actually collects a considerable store of food during periods of good hunting and caches it away against time of need.

  63. Caches will often consist of larger animals, such as muskrats and ducks, laid neatly away under an overhanging bank.

  64. It stores food for the winter, but its caches are usually above ground in hollow trees and crevices rather than buried in the loam.

  65. This Relief had followed the example of its predecessor in leaving supplies at marked caches along the trail for the return trip.

  66. Worse still, the caches on which the party had relied for sustenance had been robbed by wild animals, and the severity of the storm had forced all into camp, with nothing more than a breastwork of brush to shelter them.

  67. Holcombe, who informs me that he went over the ground, including Blue Mound, Timbered Hill, and other places in the vicinity, and that some old caches in the sandstone may still be seen.

  68. The objects placed in the caches will keep for five or six years without deteriorating.

  69. Caches and Depots--Caches; hiding jewels; depositing letters; reconnoitring by help of porters.

  70. These articles the Snakes had procured from caches to which they were guided by some white men who resided among them, and who afterwards accompanied them across the Rocky Mountains.

  71. Up the southern side of the river they now bent their course, intending to visit the caches made by Mr. Hunt at the Caldron Linn.

  72. The latter, having heard the several stories of these wanderers, took them all into his party, and set out for the Caldron Linn, to clear out two or three of the caches which had not been revealed to the Indians.

  73. On reaching the spot, they found, to their astonishment, six of the caches open and rifled of their contents, excepting a few books which lay scattered about the vicinity.

  74. M'Kenzie arrived safely at his deserted post on the Shahaptan, but found, to his chagrin, that his caches had been discovered and rifled by the Indians.

  75. The three remaining caches had not been molested; they contained a few dry goods, some ammunition, and a number of beaver traps.

  76. There was no likelihood that the caches would escape the search of such keen eyes and experienced rummagers, and the idea was intolerable that any more booty should fall into their hands.

  77. Nine caches were required to contain the goods and baggage which Mr. Hunt found it necessary to leave at this place.

  78. These communicated the unwelcome intelligence that the caches had been robbed.

  79. The rifling of the caches effected a change in the fortunes and deportment of the whole party.

  80. They reached the portage of the Great Falls without difficulty, and eagerly examined the caches which they had left there.

  81. Pick up our caches above the three forks of the Missouri, and then cross over the mountains to the Yellowstone.

  82. But such as it is, it must last us back to St. Louis--or at least to our caches on the Missouri.

  83. She showed them another gap in the hills, as yet unknown; and so led them out by a short cut directly to the caches on the Jefferson!

  84. There is plenty of powder and lead left, and we can pick up more as we reach our caches going eastward.

  85. He had halted on an open hillside, and was busily digging up the caches of some rock gophers or squirrels.

  86. You saw them blindly groping for the caches they had made but yesterday and now fathoms deep under the snowdrift.

  87. A snowstorm was raging on the summit of the Chikoot and the snow was drifting, covering the thousands of caches to the depth of ten and fifteen feet.

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