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Example sentences for "banqueting"

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  1. The last thing he heard on quitting the precincts of the banqueting chamber was the violent sound of the mallet.

  2. Great was the wreckage in the old Banqueting Hall (Fig.

  3. The huge banqueting hall has been roofed and recalls in a rather pathetic way the rude magnificence of its feudal state.

  4. In its muniment room is a collection of eleven thousand books and manuscripts of great value, and many rare old paintings grace the walls of the banqueting hall, which has an unrivaled open-timber roof.

  5. When you have taken your seat downstairs in the Banqueting Hall you inspect your plan, from which you find that you can tell who everybody is.

  6. This is the banqueting night of the Royal Academy.

  7. To-day, what were once banqueting halls are covered with moss, and on the ground grass grows, over which sheep graze and children play; while rooks and crows nest or roost in the tall towers.

  8. After dinner, when the telling of stories in the banqueting hall was over, the time had come for them to retire.

  9. A few evenings later, in the large banqueting hall, Powell and Rhiannon were married.

  10. At the banqueting hall, the king of the country would sit with his feet in the lap of a high officer.

  11. The table in the great banqueting hall was spread with the most delicious viands, the lights were magnificent, and the music gay.

  12. Now, waters lap to and fro among the reeds and rushes that grow in the banqueting hall, which is now sunk deep below the earth.

  13. Lucius settled down on his elbow, readjusted the cushions on the banqueting couch, and then began, interrupted by many a hiccough because of his potations.

  14. The banqueting room disclosed within was not so much a room as a garden.

  15. And quietly leaving the table on the dais, the three found themselves outside the banqueting hall, while the provincials, unconscious that their host had departed, continued their noisy revelry.

  16. His great banqueting hall contained indeed no army officers, but there were an abundance of the provincial gentry.

  17. Below is a scene in a banqueting hall, where a king, seated at table, takes a goblet of wine from the hand of a slave boy.

  18. Lazar-houses stood at the gates of the city while sumptuous feasts were spread in the banqueting halls of palaces.

  19. If the second concerto is a trifle too soft and elegiac and sweet, a little too much like a mournful banqueting on jam and honey, it is still most deftly and ingratiatingly made.

  20. Dances, dances and banqueting To Thebes, the sacred city through, Are a care!

  21. The fourth side of the sarcophagus presents us with a banqueting scene.

  22. They are represented as banqueting in the company of men, sometimes sitting with them on the same couch, sometimes reclining with them at the same table.

  23. On the longer sides are a hunting scene, and a banqueting scene.

  24. After the ceremony had been completed, each dish was covered, no matter if hot or cold, and these were taken by servitors to the banqueting hall, a marshal with wand of office preceding the procession.

  25. Charles paused, as the Duke spoke, beside a window which looked full on Whitehall, and his eye was involuntarily attracted by the fatal window of the Banqueting House out of which his unhappy father was conducted to execution.

  26. The famous Banqueting Hall measures two hundred feet in length by one hundred in breadth.

  27. Messengers were speedily hurried to summon the magicians and wise men into the presence of the monarch, and within a short period the whole "college" stood before the agitated sovereign in the midst of the banqueting hall.

  28. Scholæ (memorial or banqueting halls in public cemeteries), transformed into places of worship.

  29. Once a year the Mayor and Corporation visited the head of their conduits, and afterwards held a banquet in the Banqueting House in Stratford Place.

  30. Some three or four years ago she went into the great banqueting hall in the evening, and there saw the figure of a man.

  31. At the further end of the gallery is the great banqueting hall.

  32. It still rained, the wind swept furiously through the decaying arches of the banqueting hall and waved the long grass on the desolate battlements.

  33. It seemed like a banqueting hall of the olden time, where the knights had left their seats for a moment vacant.

  34. The principal banqueting room was a rotunda, so constructed that it turned round night and day, in imitation of the motion of the earth.

  35. Then into the Great Garden up to the Banqueting House; and there by his glass we drew in the species very pretty.

  36. There was nothing but music and dancing, banqueting and revels, all along the shore.

  37. Not first to the banqueting house--that will come in due season; but first to be alone with Himself.

  38. He brought me to the banqueting house, And His banner over me was love.

  39. We must not forget to mention the banqueting hall of the palace; nothing finer of this character exists in modern architecture.

  40. Do you think," she asked as she joined Ninian in the hall, "that you could carry Madam down the one flight from her room to the banqueting hall?

  41. Taking her candle, she went down to the banqueting hall, in which each day since her arrival there had been a fire and lights in the evening.

  42. This great apartment had evidently been the refectory or banqueting hall.

  43. Standing there, Olwen raised her eyes to the oriel in the banqueting hall.

  44. He said the banqueting hall was the only really airy room in the house, and that she ought to spend the greater part of her time in it.

  45. She had flung herself out of the big oriel in the banqueting hall, intending to commit suicide, and had stuck in the branches of an ash.

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