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  1. Gunnhilda's sons sailed northward from Denmark, taking the outer way, nor came they to land oftener than for men to get knowledge of their goings, while they also got knowledge of the public banquets given to King Hacon.

  2. The banquets were served by the retainers of the respective houses, and the same forms of courtly etiquette were used as if the living monarch had presided, instead of his mummy.

  3. At these banquets food is put aside for the dead with the words "This is for thee.

  4. Pork is indeed a favourite viand, figuring largely in the banquets which are held at the circumcision festivals.

  5. She Had by the gods since time out of mind at their banquets been dreaded, Yelling with brassiest voice orders to great and to small.

  6. Banquets and game tables, operas, balls, promenades down the Corso?

  7. This is contrasted with Folly's banquet, and the consequences to those who participated in these rival banquets are clearly presented.

  8. Ben Sira refers to banquets with their accompaniments of music and wine.

  9. Blest be the banquets spread at Holland House, Where Scotchmen feed, and Critics may carouse!

  10. Transylvanian banquets generally ended with a wager on the part of the gentlemen to drink one another under the table.

  11. At such banquets John Kemeny has no equal.

  12. IX-58] Ome Acatl was the god of banquets and of guests; his name signified 'two canes.

  13. During the festival of the god of fire, the thirteenth of the movable feasts, various public officials were elected, and a great many grand banquets given.

  14. Past the despairing wail-- And the bright banquets of the Elysian vale Melt every care away!

  15. The gods their days forever spend In banquets bright that have no end, In one voluptuous morning-dream, And quaff the nectar's golden stream.

  16. In Westminster Hall used to be held the Coronation Banquets at which the hereditary champion rode into the Hall in full armour and threw down a glove.

  17. On one side was the hall in which the banquets took place and all affairs of importance were discussed.

  18. This is very pretty, drinking champagne from cups; it recalls the banquets of antiquity--those famous feasts that Lucullus gave in the hall of Apollo, or of Mars.

  19. The banquets are interspersed with singing, in which one or two sing and the others respond.

  20. They give banquets very frequently, for very slight causes; and everything resolves itself into eating, drinking, and great noise.

  21. Those who were killed in war were celebrated in their lamentations and in their funeral rites, and much time was spent in offering sacrifices to or for them, accompanied with many banquets and drunken revels.

  22. At their banquets they add venison, pork, or beef, which they like best when it has begun to spoil, and to smell bad.

  23. But we may try to make our dinner an enjoyment as well as a refreshment; and although our set banquets may be rare, taste and attention will impart to every meal something of the character of a feast.

  24. They had not been very long on their way, when they reached variegated sheds soaring high by the roadside, in which banquets were spread, feasts laid out, and music discoursed in unison.

  25. The banquets of the Salii were transferred to this temple, a circumstance which led to its identification, from the discovery of an inscription here recording the mansiones of these priests.

  26. Zoroaster, with its opening sentence, "The hall of the banquets was made ready for the feast in the palace of Babylon," appealed to an audience that had rated Ben Hur among the greatest of novels.

  27. Banquets were held four times a year on the special feast days, to which a man was expected to bring either his wife or his {138} sweetheart.

  28. The political banquets given in various important cities had been occasions for inflaming the public mind, and to the far-seeing, these banquets were interpreted as the sounds of the tocsin.

  29. Episodes of hunts or banquets occur,[2301] and also groups of figures in meaningless juxtaposition.

  30. Two banquets are made of this Bear, [94] as it is cooked in two kettles, although all at the same time.

  31. It is true that at the eat-all banquets this unmannerly trick is not practiced, for there are no bones.

  32. The dinner at the consulate was, one of the most successful banquets that was ever given, if to please your guests be the test of good fortune in such enterprises.

  33. Mr. Phoebus gave banquets every day on board his yacht, attended by the chief personages of the island, and the most agreeable officers of the garrison.

  34. At one of the numerous banquets at which he was present, he replied to the speech of the chairman by an impromptu in honour of those who had so splendidly entertained him.

  35. XXXV-30] The former constitute, among the Romans, a special body dubbed with the name of College, and they have the exclusive right to attend banquets and enliven the pomp of ceremonies.

  36. But the bill of fare of certain banquets will show us, by-and-by, whether the Roman gastronomics knew how to spend their gold profusely, when they wished to satisfy a caprice or enjoy some dainty curiosity.

  37. Banquets were proposed, and banquets took place, in honour of a prince who was about to connect all parts of the globe in the bands of commercial fraternity.

  38. William the Conqueror had himself crowned three times in the same year, and the banquets he gave on those occasions were such that they impoverished the kingdom.

  39. XXX-19] The genius of gluttony multiplied the banquets by prescribing luxurious gastronomic assemblages, sometimes in honour of the gods, and often for the gratification of simple mortals themselves.

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