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Example sentences for "brokenly"

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broiling; broils; broke; broken; brokenhearted; brokenness; broker; brokerage; brokered; brokering
  1. Silence everywhere, except in one room of the house whence came the sound as of a woman softly and brokenly weeping.

  2. The light in the farmhouse had gone out; but as he came quietly to the stoep he heard from a window that stood ajar a sound as of a woman softly and brokenly weeping.

  3. He had broken off the se'ance brusquely with a design of his own, and he rejoiced as Hugh Johnstone brokenly said: "Let me see you very soon again.

  4. The Pole buried his face in his thinned hands, and then brokenly resumed: "The old story--the only one you know.

  5. MacDonald had pitched forward over the table, and now he bowed his great shaggy head in his hands, and his gaunt shoulders shook as his voice came brokenly through his beard.

  6. She kissed her brown back, and from a snowy apron pocket gave her corn, and even while eating, this funny old hen brokenly hummed a tune.

  7. We had to go and bathe them finally, and then Bessie walked into the kitchen and brokenly told Bridget the news.

  8. Don Benito reviving, went on; but as this portion of the story was very brokenly delivered, the substance only will here be set down.

  9. The Spaniard proceeded, but brokenly and obscurely, as one in a dream.

  10. Better a fairly good plan faithfully followed, than the best plan if used brokenly or only occasionally.

  11. Words that come brokenly are often made burning and eloquent by the life behind them.

  12. The voice came brokenly from the veil of red hair.

  13. The awfulness--the loneliness of her despair made her whimper brokenly behind a tattered sleeve.

  14. Some fateful words, spoken almost brokenly by Robert Burney, had fallen upon my ears: "Tony Kinsella is missing.

  15. To Harry it seemed no sound was ever sweeter than Amalia's low voice as she coaxed him brokenly to set her down and allow her to walk.

  16. The true meaning of Amalia's faith, as she had brokenly tried to explain it to him, dawned on his understanding.

  17. Afterward the old man brokenly narrated what had passed, and then there was a heavy silence in the room, out of which the sunlight slowly faded, until, as Miss Carrington told me, the ticking of a nickeled clock grew maddening.

  18. A vague yet nasal and half-impatient voice murmured brokenly out of somewhere to some one: “You’re connected now—go ahead.

  19. He was speaking now, but brokenly and mumblingly.

  20. It's all over," he muttered brokenly as he tried to jam his car into first.

  21. Carrying it beneath her arm, she hobbled brokenly toward the shelter of the buildings.

  22. For the unpure is merely negative; it has no existence; it is but the cramped expression of what is true, stammering its way brokenly over false boundaries that seek to limit and confine.

  23. But the only thing I caught was the mother's voice, talking brokenly of the great wars.

  24. At last with a discernible quaver in his voice he broke the unendurable silence, and his words came brokenly and disjointed: "I didn't aim ter force no quarrel on ye, Bear Cat.

  25. As he edged his body through the rift he heard a rifle shot reverberating brokenly through the twisting tunnels, followed by a dogged spatter of response--or was it only echo?

  26. An agonized groan came brokenly from the twisted lips.

  27. Cordelia crept brokenly over to the window where Hartley stood, her shaking hands moving and feeling hesitatingly about his averted shoulders, as the hands of the blind do.

  28. I knelt beside her, raising her head with my right hand, and brokenly besought her to speak to me, when I would at once do anything she demanded.

  29. He brokenly admitted that he had not sufficiently appreciated his wife while she was with him.

  30. It grieves me to see how brokenly things are ordered.

  31. With a sigh he turned and walked brokenly back toward the glass partition that enclosed the yellowed accounts of many years as well as the mellowed, wrinkled Miss McCracken.

  32. He fell brokenly into his chair and lay against his desk.

  33. The Bishop walked brokenly from the courthouse and turned up the street toward the little church.

  34. For a few moments I strove to keep up with him, trotting by his side, and pleading brokenly with him that he would at least take time to think.

  35. I looked eagerly from one to the other; I told the man brokenly that I would do all he asked; I think I suggested that I would be his slave.

  36. And thus the heart will break, Yet brokenly live on.

  37. Brokenly and with many tears the story was told, and relief came to Marjory in the telling of it.

  38. For some moments she hung over the sufferer, kissing him, murmuring brokenly her happy, tender words, and now and then resorting to the old sense of touch.

  39. Stretching out her arms she fell on her knees, while a passionate, sobbing prayer struggled brokenly across her trembling lips: "O my God!

  40. He always loved that one," his wife whispered brokenly to Harvey.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brokenly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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