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  1. It was a feast of lanterns, and not without the accompaniment of guitars and castanets, and rich, soft voices.

  2. I have given my impression of the songlessness of Spain in Madrid as elsewhere, but if there was no street singing there was often street playing by pathetic bands of blind minstrels with guitars and mandolins.

  3. We were followed into the Moorish palace by the music of three blind minstrels who began to tune their guitars as soon as they felt us: see us they could not.

  4. Their bugles, with the rhythmical note which the tram-cars sound, and the guitars and mandolins of the blind minstrels, made the only street music I remember in Madrid.

  5. And now, to the music of the guitars and the clatter of the castanets, the two couples of dancers began a performance, of which the most vivid pen would fail to portray the graceful and fascinating voluptuousness.

  6. They were followed by four negroes, two of whom bore guitars of Moorish make and appearance, the third the East Indian tomtom or drum, and the fourth the Persian flute.

  7. And from dark windows high up came the tinkle of guitars and the sound of song pouring from throats of silver.

  8. They frisk, and dance, and tinkle their guitars from sunset to sunrise.

  9. A circle was soon formed, a host of guitars put in immediate requisition, and never did I hear such wild, extravagant, passionate modulations.

  10. There he peeped into two or three restaurants without making up his mind to sample their cooking, and presently was attracted by a sound of guitars giving forth with almost Neapolitan fervour the well-known tune, "O Sole Mio!

  11. And the guitars had spoken to her of days and nights which her will told her not to think of any more.

  12. Never mind what the cooking was like; he would eat to the sound of those guitars which he knew were being thrummed by Italian fingers.

  13. For a moment Craven felt hot with a sort of intimate anger; but the guitars began "Santa Lucia," and took him away again to Naples.

  14. From the tea-houses and other nocturnal resorts, the sound of guitars reached our ears, seeming in the distance the sweetest of music.

  15. Sound of guitars and voices in a neighboring street.

  16. Sound of guitars heard at a distance, approaching during the dialogue which follows.

  17. Other Spanish guitars of the same period had four, five or seven strings or courses of strings in pairs of unisons.

  18. In Spain six-stringed guitars and vihuelas were known in the 16th century; they are described by Juan Bermudo[3] and others.

  19. On the following Sunday, Eugène Sue and Desmares decided to give the poor devil a serenade on a grand scale: they entered the courtyard on horseback, with guitars in their hands, and began singing the persecuting air.

  20. Clown and chorus of ladies with mandolins and guitars sing to wild applause.

  21. It is possible for one in deep trance to rise and manipulate horns, bells, and guitars at the suggestion of another precisely as a somnambulist walks without intention of wrong-doing, without conscious knowledge of what is being done.

  22. Lights dance about, guitars are played, chairs nose about your knees, hands are laid on your cheek, and so on.

  23. Austin had swung through a waltz with Jacinta, though the guitars were still twinging softly when they climbed the ladder to the bridge-deck, where canvas chairs were laid out.

  24. With songs and with sounding guitars the young people returned that evening from the tavern, through the narrow streets; the two glowing carnations, daughters of the Campagna, went with them.

  25. Once, but long years had intervened since then, guitars and Eolian harps had been hung on his boughs by merry travellers; now they seemed to hang there again, and he could hear their marvellous tones.

  26. With cannons at our gates and shells driving us into cellars, guitars were tinkling, pianos were not dumb, tripping feet were not stayed by fear and sorrow.

  27. The great mass of Southern women had, however, to drop books for broomsticks; to turn from pianos and guitars and make music with kettles and pans.

  28. To our surprise, not one but three guitars were handed out, and the songs and melodies were very delightful to listen to.

  29. After supper music commenced, only on this special and auspicious occasion the guitars did not have it all their own way, having to give place every now and then to the inspiring strains of the Highland bagpipes.

  30. We all joined in each second verse, while the guitars gave excellent accompaniment.

  31. I like well enough the guitars and banjos that they're playing now.

  32. The guitars and banjos were playing some wailing tune, with a note of sadness in the core of it so keen and penetrating that it made the water come to Harry's eyes.

  33. Several guitars were being plucked vigorously also, and the sound of the instruments joined with that of the singing voices was very musical and pleasant.

  34. Not so many men were lounging about and the tinkling of the guitars ceased.

  35. Ranged in a row, with guitars slung Before them thus, they played and sung: Their instruments and choral voice Bid each glad guest still more rejoice; And each guest wish'd again to hear Their wild guitars and voices clear.

  36. The air was cool on the Plaza, where a patrol of cavalry rode round and round without penetrating into the streets, which resounded with shouts and the strumming of guitars issuing from the open doors of pulperias.

  37. The twanging of guitars and the tinkling of pianos was heard from every house.

  38. The muffled sounds of voices and guitars from the far-away interiors seemed to mock his footsteps as he passed the wine-shops; and all the other houses were silent and asleep.

  39. Several of the soldiers carried gamecocks under their arms and others had guitars and mandolins slung over their shoulders; one man even carried a bird in a wooden cage.

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