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  1. Commending itself as it does to the scientifically trained mind, the antiseptic system has struck deep root in Germany.

  2. Prior to the introduction of the antiseptic system, the thoughtful surgeon could not have failed to learn empirically that there was something in the air which often defeated the most consummate operative skill.

  3. Professor Lister there expressly thanks Pasteur for having given him the only principle which could have conducted the antiseptic system to a successful issue.

  4. All bactericidal media are therefore antiseptic and disinfecting.

  5. Hops, it may be remarked, act to some extent as an antiseptic to beer.

  6. Upon it the antiseptic system of Professor Lister of Edinburgh is founded.

  7. With this in view he showers upon his exposed surfaces the spray of dilute carbolic acid, which is particularly deadly to the germs, and he surrounds the wound in the most careful manner with antiseptic bandages.

  8. That something the antiseptic treatment destroys or renders innocuous.

  9. The antiseptic system, at which I have already glanced, illustrates the manner in which beneficent results of the gravest moment follow in the wake of clear theoretic insight.

  10. It had a choking, antiseptic odor; it stung Mryna's face and inflamed her eyes.

  11. Five freshly laundered uniforms, identical to the one she had lost in the antiseptic wash, hung on a rack behind the door.

  12. This was due partly to improved antiseptic methods of treatment, and partly to the nature of the wound made by the Mauser bullet.

  13. In most cases this wound was a small, clean perforation, with very little shattering or mangling, and required only antiseptic bandaging and care.

  14. R] To have given the creosote a fair trial it should have been injected undiluted with water; no one who has tried this curious product will deny that it possesses the most powerful antiseptic properties.

  15. An author has recommended, under the name of antiseptic powder, the following composition: ℞.

  16. Their antiseptic properties are founded on their chemical action, which modifies animal substances either by depriving them of their water of composition, which determines their putrefaction, or in opposing themselves to its immediate action.

  17. Antiseptic gargles may be used locally, but as a rule the pain is so great that inhalations of soothing vapors, as before recommended, will answer a better purpose.

  18. In all cases of pronounced prostration stimulants are to be freely used, and of all stimulants alcohol is the best, as it has also nutritive and {813} antiseptic properties.

  19. As such a complication will increase all the difficulties of a case, it is very desirable to prevent it by careful application of the antiseptic method and sealing of the punctured orifice to prevent the entrance of germs.

  20. Bismuth has a peculiar sedative and antiseptic effect in the milder forms of inflammatory action of mucous membranes.

  21. After cauterization the parts are dressed with antiseptic lotions, and antiseptic injections or douches are to be used frequently during day and night to wash out the mouth and keep it as clear as possible from detritus.

  22. With the present improved aspirator and the antiseptic method the fluid may be withdrawn with ease and safety.

  23. Adhesion taking place after four days, the cyst was opened, a liter of fluid evacuated, a tent inserted, and an antiseptic dressing applied.

  24. The salicylate of bismuth is specially indicated when we want to add to the antiseptic qualities of bismuth.

  25. In severer cases an antiseptic wash may be substituted, as the sodium sulphite or hyposulphite, thirty grains to the ounce, creasote-water, or the like.

  26. The theory of the germ origin of diarrhoea has naturally brought into notice antiseptic remedies.

  27. When fetor exists, as during the detachment of patches of exudation, antiseptic and detergent sprays may be employed.

  28. The wound was washed with carbolic acid and covered with a layer of antiseptic cotton.

  29. Perhaps also some of the recent antiseptic medicines introduced into our Pharmacopoeia, as the benzoate of sodium, may be found useful for the vomiting.

  30. The true antiseptic of the soul is not ignorance, but a touch of the heroic in the heart and in the imagination.

  31. It is not that the stuff is knowledge, but that it is knowledge in the basest and vulgarest colourings, knowledge without the antiseptic quality of heroic interpretation, debased, suggestive, diseased and contagious knowledge.

  32. The cavity should be syringed out with an antiseptic solution.

  33. After the removal of the calf and its membranes the danger of putrid poisoning may be obviated by injecting the antiseptic solution advised in the paragraph above.

  34. Local treatment consists in the application of antiseptic to the surface and their injection into the vein.

  35. Treatment in the slight cases of simple inflammation does not differ much from that adopted for vaginitis, only care must be taken that the astringent and antiseptic injections are made to penetrate into the womb.

  36. It may be cut into and the mass turned out with the fingers, after which it should be washed frequently with an antiseptic lotion (carbolic acid 1 dram in 1 quart of water).

  37. Every wound should be protected by a sterile or antiseptic dressing whenever it is possible to retain a dressing in place.

  38. Although one of the most valuable antiseptic remedies, carbolic acid in a concentrated form, when taken internally or used over a large surface externally, is likely to produce poisonous effects.

  39. Antiseptic tonics (tincture of chlorid of iron, 4 drams) may also be given four times daily in a quart of water.

  40. In bad cases extensive sloughs of dead skin, of the whole wall of the sheath, and even of the penis, may take place, which will require careful antiseptic treatment.

  41. Prevention is sought by applying a lotion of carbolic acid or iodin solution to the navel string at birth, or it may be smeared with common wood tar, which is at once antiseptic and a protective covering against germs.

  42. The secretion and exudation should be washed off and a mild antiseptic applied, such as a 1 per cent solution of carbolic acid (1 ounce to 3 quarts of water) or 2 per cent solution of cresol compound in water.

  43. How many more such cases will develop if this treatment becomes a popular domestic resort, applied by the dairyman himself in all sorts of surroundings and with little or no antiseptic precautions?

  44. In doing this he little suspected that he was anticipating modern antiseptic surgery by a century and three-quarters, and to be attempting what antiseptic surgery is now able to accomplish.

  45. While the traders were busy telling their narrow experiences with the cannibals and about the different fellows who had gone to the roasting pot, I had backed out of the group and was anointing my foot with the antiseptic wash.

  46. The usual precaution, after being with lepers, is the washing with antiseptic soap, and the changing of clothing.

  47. But if they were willing to take the risk--and antiseptic surgery had made such huge strides in these days that the risk was a mere nothing.

  48. Thanks to Antiseptic Surgery, that younger daughter of Science and Genius, as some smart fellow puts it in the National Review.

  49. It is best, however, not to rely solely upon absolute cleanliness, which is almost unattainable, but to secure further protection by the use of heat and antiseptic solutions.

  50. There is, unfortunately, a good deal of abominable work done under the names of antiseptic and aseptic surgery, because the simplest facts of bacteriology are not known to the operator.

  51. After the blood from the wound has been sponged away, they should be put in another basin containing the antiseptic solution, and cleansed anew before being used again.

  52. The antiseptic solutions mentioned here are too irritating for use in operations within the abdomen and pelvis.

  53. The antiseptic sutures and ligatures should be similarly soaked in beta-naphthol solution during the progress of the operation.

  54. From the antiseptic properties of this wood, it was used for presses for books, which were also dressed with the oil expressed from the tree.

  55. But if she will rigidly abstain from all alcoholic remedies, and take only the most bland, unirritating nourishment, aided by mildly soothing and antiseptic remedies, and fresh air, she will slowly recover.

  56. Sunlight is the best antiseptic in the world for either men or horses.

  57. We carefully gave antiseptic dressing and bound up gashed heads and limbs, and tenderly conveyed the unfortunates to the proper hospitals or to their homes or ships.

  58. Phew, smell the antiseptic worked into it.

  59. Why should the hospital monopolize the materials for antiseptic work?

  60. He put some of the antiseptic on her scalp bruise and she squeaked, pulling back.

  61. Lift your chin," Lea said, brandishing the antiseptic applier she had found in the medicine kit.

  62. If this is impossible, the stick should be dipped in an antiseptic such as boric acid or listerine.

  63. Next to corrosive sublimate in antiseptic value stand the salts of copper and zinc.

  64. The antiseptic power of corrosive sublimate may be easily tested by mixing a little of it with flour paste, the decay of which, and the appearance of fungi, are quite prevented by it.

  65. It is advertised as the “greatest antiseptic and germicide known to science,” and possesses (?

  66. I think it an ideal antiseptic for every trouble in nose and throat.

  67. Not one of the eulogistic reporters and exploiters seems to have considered it worth while to determine by the simplest control experiments whether the drug possesses any bactericidal or antiseptic powers whatever.

  68. The antiseptic properties of the Emulsion particularly adapt it to the treatment of diseases of septic or bacterial origin.

  69. It deals not so much with the danger of corrosive sublimate as with the marvelous--alleged--properties of Tyree’s Antiseptic Powder.

  70. As the flow of bile is stimulated so antiseptic action ensues, calculi softened and the concretion and mucous eliminated.

  71. But, not to be distracted from the main issue by subsidiary falsehoods: “In Glyco-Thymoline we have an antiseptic which, while mild and soothing .

  72. Discrepancies Between Facts and Claims--Unfortunate Attempts of Mr. Tyree at Explanation A report from the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry on Tyree’s Antiseptic Powder appeared in The Journal, Oct.

  73. On April 4 Mr. Tyree was notified by the Council that the composition of Tyree’s Antiseptic Powder did not correspond to the formula published by him.

  74. It is used in medicine as a healing and antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores.

  75. It is a strong oxidizer, is the chief constituent of gunpowder, and is also used as an antiseptic in curing meat, and in medicine as a diuretic, diaphoretic, and refrigerant.

  76. Wood-tar oil; an oily antiseptic liquid, of a burning smoky taste, colorless when pure, but usually colored yellow or brown by impurity or exposure.

  77. It is remarkable as an antiseptic and deodorizer in the preservation of wood, flesh, etc.

  78. Faith is the antiseptic of the soul--it pervades the common people and preserves them--they never give up believing and expecting and trusting.

  79. If it contains any added poisonous ingredient or any ingredient which may render such article injurious to health; or if it contains any antiseptic or preservative not evident or not known to the purchaser or consumer.

  80. A disinfectant is therefore an antiseptic, but an antiseptic may not be a disinfectant.

  81. On the other hand there is a peculiar aspect of the tissues as though a very powerful antiseptic solution had been applied to them.

  82. They were working under a Heckscher Foundation grant studying just how antiseptic solutions destroy bacteria.

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