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Example sentences for "bandaging"

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  1. If the physician has been sent for, make firm pressure over the wound by bandaging tightly with a dressing of sterile gauze dipped in boracic acid solution.

  2. Toward the end of pregnancy ofttimes the feet swell, in which instance larger shoes should be worn in connection with the bandaging of the ankles and legs.

  3. And if you go into the forest of primeval days you will find another mother bandaging her baby to a board, head and all, and he seems to live and thrive in his little woven nest strapped on the back of his Indian mother.

  4. The bandaging should be perfect, and it might be well to extend it round the foot.

  5. Mac Donalbain was standing by her in silent despair, and the clergyman of the mines was bandaging the bleeding hands of the suffering woman, from which the cord had torn the flesh as it slipped through them.

  6. Arwed was sitting in his quarters, and his regimental surgeon had just finished bandaging the wound in his arm, when old Brodin entered in great perplexity.

  7. I'm going to carry him up as soon as I've finished bandaging your leg.

  8. The only legitimate uses for sticking or adhesive plaster are to hold dressings in place where bandaging is difficult, or in case of a cut to keep edges closed without sewing the skin.

  9. Pad the arm from the armpit to the elbow with cotton, towels, or newspapers wrapped in cloth, and, after bandaging on the splints, put the forearm in a sling and bind the arm to the body.

  10. Put a similar pad on the back of the hand, and, after bandaging in a splint, put the arm in a sling.

  11. It is probably owing to deformities that were at first accidentally caused by this bandaging process, that the fashions arose which demand that the shape of the skull in certain races shall be intentionally and artificially altered.

  12. The sense of Weight should be a strong one, for the muscular sense is dependent upon its power in order to gauge the amount of force to be used in handling instruments and in bandaging wounds, limbs, etc.

  13. The merchant from Neuchatel perseveres for two days, bandaging wounds and writing for the dying letters of farewell to their families.

  14. Bandaging or adhesive straps properly applied has been used with success.

  15. Bandaging a limb tight, beginning at the end, often stops bleeding.

  16. Illustration: Most efficient way of Bandaging Eyes showing how Bandage may be lifted from one eye.

  17. With Jeb bandaging Mort's wound while Vince barked instructions, there had been countless last rites that had to be performed for Becky.

  18. Tonto must have found him then, though he could recollect nothing of the Indian's bandaging his shoulder.

  19. With simple bandaging and care the boy would get well, and Ned's relief was so great that he was almost happy.

  20. When the bandaging was over, Dick said: "We ought to have a yellow flag to fly over this hospital.

  21. She was now aware that they were Christian virgins consecrated to God by a vow of perpetual continence.

  22. A year later the correspondence on Indian trails in Saratoga County at the time of Kateri Tekakwitha was resumed as follows:-- "Since my return from Saratoga, I have given all my leisure to the study of Indian trails in your vicinity.

  23. Many of these directions are enlarged upon in other surgical works of the collection, among which we find especially full instructions for bandaging and for the diagnosis and treatment of fractures and dislocations.

  24. The left upper arm of Patroclus is injured, and Achilles is bandaging it with a two-rolled bandage, which he is trying to bring down to extend over the elbow.

  25. There are also several beautiful representations on vases of the actual processes of bandaging (fig.

  26. How I got hit, I was bandaging his head up.

  27. What was it you said when the doctor was bandaging your shattered knee?

  28. Rod Rockwell, glancing up from the bandaging of Lanpher's arm.

  29. He knelt down again and swiftly completed the bandaging of the cut on the pony's near fore.

  30. Racey, his back against the bar, looked on with interest at the bandaging of Luke Tweezy by the proprietor.

  31. If the soft parts are so severely contused as to jeopardize the nutrition, both bandaging and ice should be withheld, and in some instances even warm applications are advised.

  32. Tight bandaging is extremely well borne if performed in a complete and methodical way, beginning at the lowest portion of the foot around the first joints of the toes and ending just below the knee.

  33. Evaporating lotions or elastic pressure by bandaging over absorbent cotton, may assist.

  34. McGuire, "how many yards of bandaging I had, and when I replied that I did not know the exact number, but that I had enough for another fight, he seemed a little worried at my lack of information and showed his annoyance.

  35. I then asked him: "Why do you want to know how much bandaging I have?

  36. He said: "I want a yard of bandaging to put on the arm of every soldier in this night's attack, so that the men may know each other from the enemy.

  37. Quietly he finished his bandaging before he spoke again.

  38. She sat in silence, accepting his ministrations, till Rivington proceeded to tear his handkerchief into strips for bandaging purposes; then she put out a protesting hand.

  39. As a rule, as soon as the guns are loaded and ready for action we have to go below, and to stop there bandaging and dressing wounds, with not a chance of seeing what is going on.

  40. For the next half-hour the two surgeons were at work picking out the fragments of bone, getting the ends together, and bandaging the arm and shoulder.

  41. He knelt in the open by the side of his officer, and while bandaging him was struck first by a fragment of a bomb, then by a bullet which found its billet.

  42. When last seen, he was kneeling beside the officer bandaging his wounds, quite regardless of the heavy fire.

  43. The surgeon, who was bandaging his burns, told him, in answer to the boy's questions, that the rescued man would probably recover.

  44. We question the miners swiftly on accidents and they have to know bandaging and everything else.

  45. Wally and Alex would practice straight bandaging at night after Alex had finished his labors at the Union grocery store.

  46. We're going to get bandaging points sure," cried Andy.

  47. I am sure that bandaging the cook’s arm is no better work than helping a ragged school; I don’t think that it is really as good, for aunt’s poor little pupils are taught to love God and read the Bible.

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