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Example sentences for "bandages"

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  1. Three weeks ago I got him to insure with us, and now he is the brightest, happiest spirit in this land--has a good steady income and a stylish suit of new bandages every day, and travels around on a shutter.

  2. The cowhides are under the table; weapons in the drawer--ammunition there in the corner--lint and bandages up there in the pigeonholes.

  3. Her neck is likewise secured to the post by cotton bandages and her feet fastened together with a cord, the end of which passes out of the cabinet and is held by one of the committee.

  4. The committee now proceed to tie the ends of the bandages firmly together, and, after this is accomplished, the dangling pieces of the bandages are clipped off.

  5. The medium permits a committee of two from the audience to tie her to this post, and seal the bandages about her wrists with court plaster.

  6. Cotton bandages are used, and the committee are invited to sew the knots through and through.

  7. And then if you don't write Urgent or Immediate on their bandages in blue pencil, they get overlooked in the rush into hospital when they are landed.

  8. Last night a stiff muddy figure, all bandages and straw, on the stretcher was brought in.

  9. The man who those bandages put on, that man knows what the best masters can teach.

  10. It is not under the bandages that I need to look to find out that.

  11. Blood was everywhere; and as I went my rounds as quickly as possible among the moaning sufferers, I had an attendant carrying my box of instruments, a basin of water, and a supply of bandages after me.

  12. Sometimes even now when I lie awake at night I see myself again dressed in a blood-stained shirt and pair of trousers, as I picked my way among the huddled forms with their ashen faces bound up in those fantastic bandages of coloured print.

  13. After this speech Zora found her litter put down, and the opening of the covering was untied; then she was taken out, and carried into a rude field hut and laid on the ground, but the bandages were not loosened.

  14. Across her forehead, covering the temples, two narrow bandages bound up her wound.

  15. They should be separated, and then separation maintained by means of bandages or by the insertion between them of a thin lead plate, which prevents their readhesion.

  16. Incision consists of cutting the veins at two or three places when they have been made prominent by means of tight bandages around the limb.

  17. It is especially important that the patient's nutrition should be cared for and that the bandages should be managed exactly as the surgeon directs.

  18. There were traces of blood and bloody bandages strewed about, and round the poor infant's white and delicate shoulder were the compresses and dressings of a fresh wound.

  19. A moment later the bandages were secured and Rockwell stood back from the bed.

  20. At last there came the day when, for an instant, the bandages could be removed.

  21. She could not see Ingolby's face; did not want to see it when the bandages were taken off; but at the critical moment she shut her eyes and her back held the door, as though a thousand were trying to force an entrance.

  22. The first words after the bandages were removed came from Ingolby.

  23. You can see it is," answered Rockwell with a chuckle in his voice, and then suddenly he put the bandages round Ingolby's eyes again.

  24. It was easy to get the bandages loose, but the knotted cord was a different matter, for the men who tied it knew something of the work, and the cord was not a new one and would not stretch.

  25. Then I thrust that free hand and forearm well among the bandages across my chest, so that either of my captors who thought of it might think that the other had bound it, for I dared not try to loosen myself more yet.

  26. After that they bandaged my right arm across my chest as if for a slipped shoulder, but under the bandages were cords that pinioned my elbows to one another across my back, so that I could only move my left forearm.

  27. They did not do more than loosen the cords that bound me just enough to suffer them to pass the bandages round until the splint was on, and the other men stood in a ring and gibed at me all the time.

  28. To protect their legs from thorns the men wore bandages of twisted straw wrapped round their trousers, or leather thongs cross-gartered to the knee.

  29. Bandages or garters crossed from the ankle to the knee to confine the loose trousers or ornament the tights.

  30. This may be done by tightly applying bandages above the wound and scarifying or sucking the parts.

  31. Then," said he, "If you wish it we will take the bandages off your broken leg and anoint it.

  32. A surgeon was called in, who set the broken bones, bound the limb up with bandages and splints and cautioned the patient to keep perfectly quiet until the fracture could have time to knit.

  33. The man consented, the bandages and splints were removed and his leg was anointed with consecrated oil.

  34. But his strength was unequal to the effort, and clutching at his bandages with both hands, as though his head were about to split in twain, he sank slowly and painfully back upon the couch.

  35. Most of his bandages were now gone, and he seemed himself again and sure that the errand on which he had come would end as he desired.

  36. The excruciated patient was having his wet bandages folded across his bruises, and could not bear a motion of the mind.

  37. He was fairly certain that if he loosened the bandages he would bleed and faint and die in a very short time.

  38. His hands found the bandages and began to tug at them, but a frightful crash up at the end of the ward, where the wardmaster had just walked, held his attention for a moment.

  39. Now Wardwell considered this thing, and his hands went slowly and craftily up to the bandages around his neck.

  40. The rest of him was a ball of white, with a harness of silver woven in with bandages for his lower face, and bandages over his eyes.

  41. This afternoon both Henriette and Helen were present when the bandages were removed.

  42. You sit down and draw for them and they forget their jaws ache," he told her, as he nodded to the figures with faces and jaws swathed in bandages in the courtyard of his kingdom.

  43. The sounds that he emitted through the bandages and silver harness must be like a stuttering idiot's lisp, as he expressed it, and he thought of himself as repulsive enough to her brave eyes without that.

  44. Just bandages over your nose for two weeks, then bandages off and everybody saying what a good-looking woman Helen is.

  45. The bandages off for another examination by Dr.

  46. The silver harness still clinched his jaw and the bandages were still over his eyes.

  47. And they bound up those wounds with such bandages as they had at hand and so brought all the ease and comfort they were able to the wounded man.

  48. Then the hermit searched Sir Launcelot's wound and bathed it and put unguents upon it and bound it about with bandages of linen and so Sir Launcelot was put at ease.

  49. Mrs. Sukkestad recommended hot turpentine bandages on the chest and barley water internally.

  50. And when at last he got to bed he would lie tossing and talking in his sleep, till Jantje had to get up and put cold water bandages on his head.

  51. In a word, we were out of everything, except ammunition, for our clothes literally consisted only of deer-hide, and we merely carried with us the remains of our linen to use as bandages in the case of a wound.

  52. I at once took him into the house, continually applied cold bandages and nursed him as well as I could during the four days he remained with me.

  53. The next morning, however, as the bandages had not been wetted during his sleep, his arm was very stiff, while the pain was greater, and hence I resolved to stop where we were at least for the day.

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