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Example sentences for "douching"

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  1. While he is douching the patient the nurse will hold the bag.

  2. If these rules are not observed, the danger of causing serious trouble is very great, and as the physician is directly responsible for the conduct of the case, he should in justice to himself and his patient, do the douching himself.

  3. Douching the wound with hot sterilised water (about 110° F.

  4. When, at the end of three weeks, the danger of embolism is past, douching and gentle massage may be employed to disperse the œdema; and when the patient gets up he should wear a supporting elastic bandage.

  5. Constitutional measures, massage, and douching should be employed, and the tendon should be protected from strain.

  6. In all cases of vaginal hysterectomy for carcinoma, particular attention must be paid to the preliminary disinfection of the vagina by means of douching for two or three days before the operation.

  7. After the enema has acted, and after the final wash-out, the washing and douching should be repeated and a fresh compress applied.

  8. Local sepsis rarely follows if the precautions described be observed, and local douching is avoided.

  9. No vaginal douching should be administered until after the expiration of a week.

  10. In some cases, however, douches work better and the two best things for douching are: tincture of iodine and lactic acid.

  11. The insertion of a suppository or douching can be easily done by the patient herself.

  12. Douching of the uterus should be continued until the discharge ceases.

  13. Douching of the external genitals of the bull, a practice formerly regarded as highly important for preventing the spread of the disease, is now recognized as being of doubtful value.

  14. Now if the physical conformation of the reproductive organs of the husband and the wife render this event possible or probable, then soluble suppositories and contraceptive douching are alike unreliable, by themselves or in combination.

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