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Example sentences for "gargling"

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  1. Plating was always done immediately after gargling so that no growth could occur in the salt solution.

  2. The gargling in a series of experiments was begun not less than two hours after a meal.

  3. Gargling frequently with very hot water is splendid.

  4. A cloth wet with kerosene oil applied to the throat is very good; also gargling with kerosene oil.

  5. The decoction of the herb, with honey of roses put therein, is very effectual to help the inveterate tumours and swellings of the almonds and throat, by often gargling the mouth therewith.

  6. The first item on the day's programme was the "gargling parade.

  7. We became friends again, but although we slept and messed together, I always took care never to be nearer than number ten from him at "gargling parade.

  8. The throat may be cleansed by gargling with a solution of a teaspoonful of baking soda or common salt in a glass of warm water.

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