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Example sentences for "dandies"

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dandelion; dandelions; dander; dandi; dandiacal; dandiest; dandified; dandle; dandled; dandling
  1. Coronado was dressed, on this spring morning, precisely as American dandies then dressed for summer promenades on Broadway.

  2. At the time the expression came into use, dandies sported tight or horsey-looking clothes, which imparted to the wearer some vague resemblance with a boudin, or large sausage.

  3. At the present day dandies of this stamp have almost entirely disappeared, but the new school of muscular Christians is not altogether faultless.

  4. Dandies wore stays, studied a feminine style, and tried to undo their manhood by all manner of affectations which were not actually immoral.

  5. From the stiff plastron, or shirt-front, sported by dandies when in “full fig.

  6. Dandies used to apply the epithet to a cad, a “rank outsider.

  7. Young dandies used to canter round her phaeton in the park, and might be seen haunting her doors in the mornings.

  8. Time was he would have envied the dandies their fine horses in Rotten Row, but he was contented now to walk in the Park and look at them.

  9. The fashion of calling dandies after the name of perfumes is not rare in France.

  10. His coat was the most coquettish and fascinating garment in the world, of a dainty, fanciful cut, all decked out with knots and ribbons, very much in the style reflected by the dandies of the court of Louis XIII.

  11. My horse is a hundred times handsomer, and I could kiss him with less repugnance than some dandies who deem themselves extremely fascinating.

  12. For instance, the rustics and dandies say, "Loor!

  13. There is one little matter in breeding Dandies that is generally a surprise to the novice, and that is the very great difference in the appearance of the young pups and the adult dog.

  14. Dandies and fops are like a body without soul, powder without ball, lightning without thunderbolt, paint on sand.

  15. There were spectators in the boxes, the orchestra moved their bows across their fiddles by machinery, the conductor waved his baton, and in the stalls officers and dandies clapped their hands.

  16. Our dandies gazed at him with envy, and were completely eclipsed by him.

  17. It's my private opinion that Peter must have been an awful boozer and scamp in his time.

  18. I've known what it is to have a thirst on me.

  19. I'd try to cure them, too, with good wholesome food and plenty of physical exercise.

  20. Now I'm allers very careful with matches an' fire when I'm on the track.

  21. He wouldn't have hit you so hard if you hadn't tried to parry," reflected Mitchell.

  22. Immediately opposite to me sat two dandies of the first water, dressed in white greatcoats and Belcher handkerchiefs, and each with a cigar in his mouth, which he puffed away with marvellous self-complacency.

  23. The dandies regarded him with blank amazement.

  24. The elegance of this equipage made the dandies spring to their feet.

  25. The dandies talked of horses and dogs, and fowling-pieces and percussion-caps, every now and then mentioning the names of Lord John and Sir Harry, as if their acquaintance lay among the great ones of the land.

  26. Dandies could fix themselves all sorts of streaked and all sorts of colors.

  27. From that moment his house, Louis Quinze, was more crowded than ever by the high-born dandies whose society he had long so eagerly courted.

  28. Never let the dandies call you a prig," said the statesman.

  29. In a word, he is the most illustrious, and was, in his time, the most puissant of dandies London ever knew.

  30. His air was that of good society; simple and natural, and marked by more urbanity than the dandies of the present race are capable of.

  31. The dandies patronised her, and selected her for their Muse.

  32. Therefore we will have an eye upon his party; because, to dine with dandies should be a prominent feature in your career, and must not be omitted in this sketch of the 'Life and Times' of our young hero.

  33. But she conquered the cabal that was formed against her, for the dandies were her friends, and gallantly supported her through a trial under which some women would have sunk.

  34. Here were no lounging dandies and no exclusive belles, who kept their bowers until hunger, which also drives down wolves from the Pyrenees, brought them from their mystical chambers to luncheon and to life.

  35. She was the distinguished beauty, and the dandies all agreed that his dinner was worthy of his daughter.

  36. Billy Bagshot told the story that night, after the Lushai dandies had carried off the wounded and the sands of the desert had taken in the dead.

  37. The correctness of that definition would appear to be generally allowed, for the name is most liberally bestowed on dandies and blockheads, wealthy tradesmen and sporting men.

  38. Among the travellers in Europe, who are daily multiplying in numbers and increasing in splendor, the United States' dandies must not be omitted.

  39. As we passed by one of the libraries, a whole mob of the dandies of the last night were lounging about the benches placed before the shop windows.

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