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Example sentences for "outer space"

  • The fact that the United Nations, late in 1959, agreed to set up a permanent Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space attests to the hopes and potential of such a development.

  • Introduction to Outer Space," a statement by the President, the White House, Mar.

  • With the approval of this Congress, we have undertaken in the past year a great new effort in outer space.

  • We must prevent that arms race from spreading to new nations, to new nuclear powers and to the reaches of outer space.

  • Our policy has been to push for enforceable programs of inspection against surprise attack, suspension of nuclear testing, arms reduction, and peaceful use of outer space.

  • We achieved, in 1967, a consular treaty with the Soviets, the first commercial air agreement between the two countries, and a treaty banning weapons in outer space.

  • We have reached an agreement at the United Nations on the peaceful uses of outer space.

  • Now and then alarm bells would suddenly ring a warning of the approach of a small planetesimal or some other vagrant wanderer of outer space, and the ship would change course to avoid a collision.

  • Probably from some far distant planet in outer space that we've never heard of," Gerry said.

  • It was headed out into the trackless bounds of outer space.

  • It was the dead black of outer space now, a black beyond conception, black with nothing in it to reflect.

  • He was in outer space, beyond Earth, never to return.

  • Could it be that he was already in outer space, heading for the void, never to return to Earth?

  • They knew all about the governor's achievements in establishing the first colony on Ganymede, and his success with the first exploratory expedition to outer space.

  • Blasting farther ahead through the unexplored region of outer space, the cadets, who had seen a great many space phenomena, were awed by the thickening groups of stars around them.

  • In one viewer, Burl glimpsed the black of outer space, and in another, the wide grayish-green bowl of the Earth spreading out below.

  • The effect was not very noticeable, for Callisto was already far from the Sun and the thin atmosphere could not diminish the dark sky of outer space.

  • He kicked out wildly, falling away into the emptiness of outer space--a space which had a moment ago been a sky and had suddenly turned into a bottomless pit.

  • When the orbits had been determined, the Magellan turned its massive wide nose away from the Sun toward a gleaming white disc that dominated the dark skies of outer space.

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