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Example sentences for "lif"

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  1. Asia, races may have survived there; the negro may have dwelt in India at that time; some of the strange Hill-tribes of China and India may have had no connection with Lif and Lifthraser.

  2. Hence we find the loose material of the original surface gathered up and carried into the drift-material proper; hence the Drift is whirled about in the wildest confusion.

  3. Northern Asia down to a comparatively recent date,"[1] ages after they were crushed out of existence by the Drift of Europe and America.

  4. Fourth, possibly in the rear of all these, attenuated volumes of gas, prolonging the tail for great distances.

  5. Place a universal legend in the minds of a race, let them repeat it from generation to generation, and time ceases to be an element in the problem.

  6. It was not exterminated, therefore such ice-sheets could not have existed.

  7. Brittanja that was that land thera bannalinga, ther mith hulpe hjarar burchfam wei brith weron vmbe hira lif to bihaldana.

  8. Tha Minerva that land bisjan hede, that thrvch tha inhemar Attika is heten, sach hju that that folk al jeita hoder weron, hja hildon hjara lif mith flesk, krudum, wilde wotelum and hvning.

  9. Forth hef irtha hira lif ther vppa, sa hag that al et weter to there strete uthlip, and that alle wata and skorra lik en burchwal to fara hjam vp reson.

  10. So that povre pacient Is parfitest lif of alle, And alle parfit preestes To poverte sholde drawe.

  11. For me ys levere in this lif As a lorel beggen, Than in lysse to lyve, And lese lyf and soule.

  12. This is the lif of this lordis That lyven shulde with Do-bet, And wel awey wers, And I shulde al telle.

  13. Thus lered me a lettred man, For oure Lordes love of hevene; Seint Austyn a blessed lif Withouten bisynesse ladde For body and for soule, Absque sollicitudine felicitas.

  14. And Lif fleigh for feere To phisik after helpe, And bi-soughte hym of socour, And of his salve he hadde.

  15. E lif way in da swamp; 'e hab nes' in da holler tree.

  16. B'er Rabbit lif 'e two year up; 'e p'int um stret at da lil gal.

  17. I haf to lif it ees fery komfortable," said Schmucke.

  18. You haf a heart so honest, a soul so peautiful, dot gif der Zipod die, ve shall lif togedder," said the cunning Schmucke.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "lif" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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