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voylent; voyoit; voys; voz; vpone; vpoun; vppe; vpper; vppermost
  1. Dame Iris takes her pall wherein a thousand colours were, And bowing like a stringed bow vpon the cloudie sphere, Immediately descended to the drowzye house of Sleepe, Whose court the cloudes continually do closely ouerdreepe.

  2. Origines vpon the Maudeleyne' must have been a translation from a piece attributed to Origen.

  3. Behold, euen full vpon the waue a flake of water blacke Did breake, and vnderneathe the sea the head of Ceyx stracke.

  4. Possibly he knew no more than we do of 'Orygene vpon the Maudelayn,' and of the 'boke of the Lyon.

  5. He made also, goon ys a grete while, Origenes vpon the Maudeleyne.

  6. Thynne's 'Animaduersions vpon the Annotacions and Corrections of some imperfections of impressiones of Chaucer's Workes'; published for the Chaucer Society in 1875.

  7. At length he waking of himselfe, vpon his elbowe leande.

  8. For I am set so hy vpon your whele,' which disturbs the rimes.

  9. And all Paules reasons are grounded vpon the edifying of the cõgregacion / whiche aboue all thinges we ought to seeke in the holy meetinges and cõgregacions.

  10. And why dost thou then enforce this lawe vpon vs?

  11. There kneled he down vpon his knees thre times a daye / he made his petition and praised his Godd / and so opened he his confession to Godd.

  12. If ye be rayled vpon / for the name of Christe / happie are ye / for the glorie and the sprite of Godd restith vpon you.

  13. Israel / as if he wolde saie / not vpon all / not for euer.

  14. Paule doth forbidde the christians the vse of those tongues in the congregacions / which euen by miracle were bestowed vpon them / except they did interpretate and expoũde that which they shuld speake in them.

  15. But the scripture teacheth / that there is but one only propiciatorie sacrifice / able and auaylable to take awaie synnes / whiche Christe Iesus offered in his owne fleshe vpon the Crosse.

  16. They haue also another most pernicious and hurtefull doctryne / of the calling vpon the dead sainctes / and worshippe / and adoration / to be gyuen to theyr Images.

  17. And therfore (saith he) these are not to be called vpon / we must not truste in them / but in God onlye / and that vnto him wee muste flye.

  18. Wherfore Christian princes / whilest they do suffer them in their dominions / they owghte no otherwise to suffer them / then vpon suche condicyons as are aboue rehersed.

  19. The thirde was the paraphrase of the same Erasmus vpon the Epistle of S.

  20. Cicero the romaine were vsed in healping them: Who wolde compassion should be shewed vpon them, whome necessitie compelled to do or make a faute: & no compassion vpon them, in whome a faulte made necessitie.

  21. Who therfore lusteth to see more, let him loke vpon that boke.

  22. Sorel, & cast it vpon your meate as pepper, [Rx] seons citri.

  23. Vpon a nyghte as she was a bed with one of her louers, there came a nother to haue lyen with her.

  24. A poure begger, that was foule, blacke and lothlye to beholde, cam vpon a tyme vnto mayster Skelton the poete, and asked him his almes.

  25. A certayne frere there was whiche, vpon Our Lady day the Annuncyacion, made a sermon in the Whyte Freres in London, and began his antetexte thys wyse.

  26. Ther was a yonge lusty gentyll man vpon a tyme that was ryght amorous, and loued a certayne marchauntes wyfe oute of all measure, in so moch that he folowed her to the churche and other places, but he durste neuer speake.

  27. By this ye may se that euery wyse man ought to take hede, that he sende nat a folysshe seruaunte vpon a hasty message that is a matter of nede.

  28. So longe they stode chydinge, that the good man came vpon them, and asked them why they brauled so.

  29. There was in the countrey of Florence an husbande man, that vsed to carye corne to the market vpon many lytell asses.

  30. The seruaunt aunswered: Sir, your horse hath gyuen me suche a stroke vpon my thygh, that I can go no faster.

  31. There were certayne men vpon a tyme sent out of a village to London to bye a Crucifixe of wodde.

  32. A certayne man, whiche vpon a tyme in company betwene ernest and game was called cuckolde, went angerly home to his wife and sayde: wyfe, I was this day in company called kockolde; whether am I one or nat?

  33. By this ye may se, that it is no wysdome for a man to loue or to set his mynde to moche vpon any delycate or worldely pleasure, wherby he shall lose the celestyall and eternall ioye.

  34. Ralph Fitch, and sixe or seuen other honest marchants vpon Shroue munday 1583, and arriued in Tripolis of Syria the first day of May next insuing: at our landing we went on Maying vpon S.

  35. Of the amber they holde diuers opinions; but most men say it commeth out of the sea, and that they finde it vpon the shores side.

  36. This Abdoll vpon his returne to Iaua being demanded concerning the state of the Netherlands, made vnto the principall men of Bantam a full declaration thereof, with all the rarities and singularities which he had there seen and obserued.

  37. It standeth vpon a very great high rocke as the most part of their castles doe, and was of a very great circuite.

  38. When the king talketh with any man, he standeth vpon one legge, and setteth the other foot vpon his knee with his sword in his hand: it is not their order for the king to sit but to stand.

  39. They say that when they be vpon the mountaines, they see ships in the Sea sayling to and fro; but they know not from whence they come, nor whether they go.

  40. The eighth, wee doubled the same Cape, thence shaping our course for the Island of Saint Helena, where the twenty sixt we happily arriued, and departed from thence vpon the fourth of Maie.

  41. Furthermore, in all our trauailes which were most speciall and often in the time of winter, our lodging was in the open aire vpon the grounde.

  42. These kind of acorns they vse to drie vpon hurdles made of reeds with fire vnderneath almost after the maner as we dry malt in England.

  43. And yet I say for all this, there were but foure of our whole company (being one hundred and eight) that died all the yeere and that but at the latter ende thereof and vpon none of the aforesaide causes.

  44. Vpon inquirie wee heard that a little further vp into the Countrey were all sortes verie many, although of Quarries they are ignorant, neither haue they vse of any store whereupon they should haue occasion to seeke any.

  45. And thus haue I made relation of all sortes of victuall that we fed vpon for the time we were in 'Virginia', as also the inhabitants themselues, as farre foorth as I knowe and can remember or that are specially worthy to bee remembred.

  46. A sencelesse villaine: good Hortensio, I bad the rascall knocke vpon your gate, And could not get him for my heart to do it Gru.

  47. Sorrow on thee, and all the packe of you That triumph thus vpon my misery: Go get thee gone, I say.

  48. Why Belman is as good as he my Lord, He cried vpon it at the meerest losse, And twice to day pick'd out the dullest sent, Trust me, I take him for the better dogge Lord.

  49. But is this true, or is it else your pleasure, Like pleasant trauailors to breake a Iest Vpon the companie you ouertake?

  50. I must beleeue my master, else I promise you, I should be arguing still vpon that doubt, But let it rest, now Litio to you: Good master take it not vnkindly pray That I haue beene thus pleasant with you both Hort.

  51. Twentie crownes, Ile venture so much of my Hawke or Hound, But twentie times so much vpon my Wife Luc.

  52. A my word, and she knew him as wel as I do, she would thinke scolding would doe little good vpon him.

  53. Whereupon, by reason also that Winter was come vpon them, and foule weather increased with fogs and mists that so couered the land, as without danger of perishing they could not approch it: Sir Humfrey Gilbert and M.

  54. How far I proceeded and in what forme this discouery lieth, doth appeare vpon the Globe which M.

  55. Vpon Tewsday the 27 of August, toward the euening, our Generall caused them in his frigat to sound, who found white sande at 35.

  56. This Cape being named Queene Elizabeths Cape, standeth in the latitude of 62 degrees and a halfe to the Northwards of New found land, and vpon the same continent, for any thing that is yet knowen to the contrary.

  57. It was an image of wood like to a man, set vpon a stoole of the colour of azure, in a brankard or litter, at every corner was a piece of wood in forme of a Serpent's head.

  58. Vpon every rod were twentie sculles, and these ranckes of sculles continue from the foote to the toppe of the tree.

  59. Vpon the toppe of the temple were two stones or chappells, and in them were the two Idolls which I have spoken of, Vitziliputzli, and his companion Tlaloc.

  60. Robert Coles, for drunkenes by him comitted at Rocksbury, shalbe disfranchized, weare about his necke, & soe to hange vpon his outwd garment a D.

  61. Crowne vpon his head (an Ornament | more conspicuous and eminent than | [Note m: Eccles.

  62. Fourthly, that the passage is vpon the high sea, wherby you are not bound to the knowledge of dangers, on any other coast, more then of that Countrey, and of ours here at home.

  63. Our thirst well quenched by this meanes, and our men beeing sufficiently refreshed, the Paracoussy brought them to his fathers lodging, one of the oldest men that liued vpon the earth.

  64. M243) And surely the more I thinke of the Spanishe monarchie, the more me thinketh it is like the empire of Alexander the Greate, which grewe upp sooddenly, and sooddenly vpon his deathe was rente and dissolved for faulte of lawfull yssue.

  65. The agilitie of the women is so great, that they can swimme ouer the great Riuers bearing their children vpon one of their armes.

  66. They prayed me that I would succour them: neuerthelesse in the mean while they had one part of their troope in ambush, with intent to set vpon me if I had come on land, which was easie for me to discerne.

  67. They haue their priests to whom they giue great credit, because they are great magicians, great sooth-sayers, and callers vpon diuels.

  68. Your presence and the place, makes him presume Vpon my patience.

  69. Why let our executions That lye vpon the father, bee return'd Vpon the sonne, and we release the body.

  70. They laugh'd and vs'd their scuruy wits vpon mee.

  71. Heauen take mercy Vpon your soule then: it must leaue your body.

  72. Be gone, and quickly, or Ile leaue no roome Vpon your forhead for your hornes to sprowt on, Without a murmure, or I will vndoe you; For I will beate you honest.

  73. Can it be cal'd magnificence in a Prince, 75 To powre downe riches, with a liberall hand, Vpon a poore mans wants, if that must bind him To play the soothing parasite to his vices?

  74. Vpon the porte seint Hillare A Baner of the Trynyte.

  75. He sette vpon the Castelle to[AE] stonde The armys of Fr[a]unce and Englond.

  76. He rode vpon a browne stede, Of blak damaske was his wede.

  77. Vpon this South shore, somewhat within the Iland, standeth mount Edgecumb, a house builded and named by Sir Ric.

  78. Wrinckles, Limpets, Cockles, and Muscles, are gathered by hand, vpon the rockes and sands.

  79. But who it should bee, I cannot deuise, albeit my best pleasing coniecture, lighteth vpon Orgerius, because his daughter was married to Edgar.

  80. But the principall loue and knowledge of this language, liued in Doctor Kennall the Ciuilian, and with him lyeth buryed: for the English speach doth still encroche vpon it, and hath driuen the same into the vttermost skirts of the shire.

  81. The iurisdiction thereof is administred by a Maior and his brethren, and vpon warrant of their Charter, they claime authoritie, to take acknowledgment of statute bonds.

  82. Which often ventings notwithstanding, vpon the instance of Captaine Lower, and the sollicitation of his friends, there passed ouer this last yeere into Netherland, at one time, 100.

  83. George spred, set fiercelie vpon the earle, who vnder a standard of his owne armes incountered his aduersaries with great manhood.

  84. The cleargie granted to the king a tenth and a halfe, notwithstanding that the halfe of one tenth latelie granted was yet behind, and appointed to be paid vpon saint Martins daie now next comming.

  85. All which things they as procurers & protectors of the common-wealth, tooke vpon them to prooue against him, as they protested vnto the whole world.

  86. George vpon them, the aduersaries cried Esperance Persie, and so the two armies furiouslie ioined.

  87. Vpon the euen of the Natiuitie of our ladie, there chanced such flouds through abundance of raine, [Sidenote: An.

  88. For his head, full of siluer horie heares, being put vpon a stake, was openlie carried through London and set vpon the bridge of the same citie: in like maner was the lord Bardolfes.

  89. As he was vpon the sea, [Sidenote: The king in danger to be taken by French pirats.

  90. But Thomas Walsingham and diuerse other séeme somewhat to dissent from him in relation of this matter; for they write that the conspiratours ment vpon the sudden to haue set vpon the king in the castell of Windsore, [Sidenote: A maske.

  91. Deuided into two Tragicall Discourses, as they were sundrie times shewed vpon Stages in the Citie of London.

  92. The first part of the two Tragicall discourses, as they were sundrie times most stately shewed vpon Stages in the Citie of London.

  93. Dead Is my poore heart so for a kinsman vext: Madam, if you could find out but a man To beare a poyson, I would temper it; That Romeo should vpon receit thereof, Soone sleepe in quiet.

  94. Comfort me, counsaile me: Alacke, alacke, that heauen should practise stratagems Vpon so soft a subiect as my selfe.

  95. The Sun not yet thy sighes, from heauen cleares, Thy old grones yet ringing in my auncient eares: Lo here vpon thy cheeke the staine doth sit, Of an old teare that is not washt off yet.

  96. I beseech thee Youth, Put not an other sin vpon my head, By vrging me to furie.

  97. So smile the heauens vpon this holy act, That after houres, with sorrow chide vs not Rom.

  98. That in dyvers of those coppices there are many acres wch have noe manner of woodd standing vpon them at all.

  99. Dotards, and that almost generally vpon the borders of the same fforest.

  100. When God had made man after his owne image, in a perfect state, and would haue him to represent himselfe in authority, tranquillity and pleasure vpon the earth, he placed him in Paradise.

  101. Wyth thy iuge Mynos syttyng {with} the in fere ¶ Execute your fury vpon Colus soo.

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