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Example sentences for "complainant"

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complacence; complacency; complacent; complacently; complain; complainants; complaine; complained; complaineth; complaining
  1. Having obtained the warrant, which was directed to him as coroner, the complainant called a constable, and together with four well-known residents of Canandaigua they hired a special stage and started for Batavia.

  2. The same complainant immediately produced a claim for two dollars which had been assigned to him.

  3. In the South the judge would dismiss the complainant or pay the fine himself; in the West he would be mobbed if he did not.

  4. Some time afterwards, however, a cover addressed to the complainant was picked up in the street, and on inquiry being made whether the letter to which it belonged had been delivered, the complainant stated that it had not.

  5. Will you have your butler act as complainant sir?

  6. The defendant Appleboy had maliciously procured a savage dog of the most vicious sort and loosed it upon the innocent complainant as he was on his way to work, with the result that the latter had nearly been torn to shreds.

  7. Secondly, moreover, it appears that the complainant deliberately put himself in the way of the dog Andrew, after full warning.

  8. If this complainant is going to be defrauded I will enjoin this contract pendente lite and appoint a receiver.

  9. Counsel for the complainant jumped to his feet.

  10. With one hand still grasping the consular clerk, counsel for the complainant turned to the commissioner.

  11. No divorce shall be granted for any cause arising prior to the residence of the complainant or defendant in this State, which was not ground for divorce in the State where the cause arose.

  12. And a still greater objection is that the complainant in such an action may commence a hundred concurrent suits and distribute them in every court in the United States, the Territories, Porto Rico, and the Philippines.

  13. Then you would favor the defendant rather than the complainant in such a case?

  14. And it would be a very dull complainant that could not keep the litigation going at least five years, and to that extent eliminate competition.

  15. They are only careful of the complainant where he recovers; but where his action fails there is no provision giving the defendant full costs.

  16. That is to say, where the complainant recovers he must get from the defendant, and the court must allow the complainant, full costs.

  17. The jury laughed, the court and district attorney and complainant all joined in, and the case was laughed out of court.

  18. The complainant had told a horrible story of the attack, which his appearance fully justified, when the district attorney handed the witness over to Mr. Lincoln for cross-examination.

  19. In former days, at a trial before a council, the legs of the complainant and accused were tied together.

  20. The complainant must prove a charge of murder, high treason, or manslaughter, by single combat with the accused.

  21. The court itself must be solemnly accused of falsehood; the complainant must fight with all the associate judges of the court, or have his tongue cut off as a calumniator.

  22. The complainant is accommodated with a blundering interpreter, and the case is tried according to the foreigner's code, which, on such occasions, is endowed with more than wonted elasticity.

  23. The complainant reported that the ground of objection was that when he gave his signature he appended the term Esq.

  24. The allegation was that, whereas complainant used always to get her letters early in the morning, she never received them now till late at night.

  25. Wherefore, the said complainant complains that the said Charles G.

  26. And furthermore the said complainant prays that Frederic D.

  27. In Massachusetts it has always been required that the complainant shall be first examined on his oath.

  28. But the complainant simply alleges upon oath, that a crime against his person or property has been threatened.

  29. The power to impeach is vested in the representatives because for the reason stated, they seem more immediately in fact as well as in name to represent the people, who it will be remembered are always the complainant in criminal cases.

  30. In the presence of the accused, the magistrate examines the complainant and witnesses in support of the prosecution, upon oath, "in relation to any matter connected with such charge which may be deemed pertinent.

  31. People shoved one another in the back, craning their heads to see what was doing in the distant corner where the complainant stood.

  32. That the complainant had already identified him at the police-station and at the Tombs seemed a matter of small importance.

  33. The complainant bowed, and the officer at the bridge slapped McAllister not unkindly upon the back.

  34. Hardly had the complainant opened his mouth before the defendant had objected to the answer, the objection had been sustained, and the reply stricken out.

  35. But the performance had a distinct dramatic value, and the jury could not be blamed for making the natural deduction that if the complainant was right as regards the one, ipso facto he must be as to the other.

  36. If your Honor pleases," announced Dockbridge, "the complainant does not answer.

  37. The two then sought out the clerk, who seemed to be holding a sort of little preliminary court of his own, and who, under the officer's instruction, drew up some formal document to which the complainant signed his name.

  38. Do you claim that you robbed the complainant in this case?

  39. A venerable complainant now resumed the story of how two young men, whose acquaintance he had made in a saloon the previous Sunday evening, had followed him into the street, assaulted him on his way home and robbed him of his ring.

  40. The prosecutor winked at the jury, and the Judge once more summoned the apostolic-looking complainant to the chair.

  41. The practice of the office was and is to send one of its servants to the spot to see the complainant and to inquire into the facts, when the complainant is sufficiently energetic or sufficiently big to make himself well heard.

  42. Asker, who appeared for the complainant Lacey, withdrew the summons issued on his information.

  43. The assault was admitted, and defendant pleaded, in mitigation, that he horsewhipped the complainant in consequence of certain statements published by him in a paper called "Daylight.

  44. The complainant was presiding at a Conservative meeting held in North Walsham, marketplace, when Lord Wodehouse seized him by the coat, dragged him from the chair, and using most foul language offered to fight him for 50.

  45. The defendants alleged in their paper that the complainant and his brother were "Jew money-lenders, who sold up the homes of hard-working men and the beds from under women and children, and extorted 150 per cent.

  46. Without any provocation, defendant struck the complainant a violent blow in the face, knocking him down, and then kicked him on the side of the head.

  47. In consequence of the injuries defendant inflicted, complainant had to consult a doctor.

  48. Several times when the complainant and her daughter have been conversing together, this girl had burst into laughter--whether at them or their conversation, complainant did not know.

  49. When the complainant has reproved the defendant for not doing her work well, she has replied, "Can't you let me alone to my work, and not worry my life out.

  50. After hearing the complaint, he would despatch an order to the special magistrate of the district in which the complainant lived, directing him to inquire into the case.

  51. The complainant granted that the work was done well, only it was not done in the way she desired.

  52. The complainant remonstrated, but, despite all she could say, the obstinate girl persisted, and did it as she chose.

  53. The girl did not wash a cloth clean which the complainant gave her, and the complainant was obliged to wash it herself.

  54. The complainant went up to her and asked her why she did not plait it as she ought, and not hold it in her hand as she did.

  55. The complainant said that the girl was exceedingly insolent--no one could imagine how insolent she had been--it was beyond endurance.

  56. The complainant came to me, and appealed to my recollection of the circumstance.

  57. There was a pause; the disappointed complainant seemed not to know what to do.

  58. He would again force his way in, but with empty hands, and the complainant was unable to do anything against such persecution, being without her papers.

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