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Example sentences for "grumbler"

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gruffly; gruffness; grum; grumble; grumbled; grumblers; grumbles; grumbling; grumblingly; grumblings
  1. The grumbler who= 40 =insists upon having everything in mathematical order, and who has not the smallest drop of the milk of human kindness about him, whenever it is a question of duty or efficiency.

  2. The grumbler and the man of discipline, who will have things as they ought to be, even though he lose every sailor serving under him by his severity.

  3. The grumbler can be pacified by a word or chastened by a rebuke; but a man burning under a sense of real injustice and wrong will never be efficient again until his injuries are redressed.

  4. When a master or boy comes to him with a grievance he knows whether he is dealing with a chronic grumbler or a wronged man.

  5. One grumbler in a family is as pestilent a thing as a diseased animal in a herd: if he be not shut up or killed, the herd is lost.

  6. In argument, therefore, the grumbler has the best of it.

  7. Father Grumbler Once upon a time there lived a man who had nearly as many children as there were sparrows in the garden.

  8. Father Grumbler felt quite frightened at the torrent, but at last he remembered what the Holy Man had told him, and cried at the top of his voice: 'Enough!

  9. So they began by inviting Father Grumbler to sit down to the table, and brought out the best wine in the cellar, hoping it might loosen his tongue.

  10. But Father Grumbler was wiser than they gave him credit for, and though they tried in all manner of ways to find out who had given him the basket, he put them off, and kept his secret to himself.

  11. And though Father Grumbler DID look, it was quite true that none was to be seen.

  12. And, smiling to himself, the Holy Man pushed Father Grumbler out of the cave.

  13. Father Grumbler into the bargain, that they all jumped as high as feathers when a mattress is shaken.

  14. Father Grumbler entered his house feeling more dismal than when he left it, for he knew that he had wasted both his time and his money.

  15. Father Grumbler stared in silence for an instant, and then he began to swear so loudly that even his family, accustomed as they were to his language, wondered at him.

  16. Father Grumbler sighed with relief and happiness as he looked around him, and sitting down on a heap of stones, he ate till he could eat no more.

  17. Ballad: The Baffled Grumbler Whene'er I poke Sarcastic joke Replete with malice spiteful, The people vile Politely smile And vote me quite delightful!

  18. The Grumbler had brought his camera along.

  19. And with cut-throat plumbers thrown in," suggested the Grumbler with a malicious grin.

  20. Some of the schoolboys had fine, intelligent faces; of others, the Grumbler subsequently observed that "they were the kind that grow up and scalp white settlers.

  21. Evidently, the Grumbler had met his fate at Alamo Ranch.

  22. As the Grumbler rose to open the door for the two, all present might see the courteous air of protection and kindly sympathy which accompanied this simple bit of courtesy.

  23. A grumbler spoils every one's pleasure, and gets none herself; and the worst of it is, it is a disease that grows on one terribly.

  24. The boaster soon exhausts his subject; the grumbler has matter that lasts for ever.

  25. In forty-nine instances out of fifty in which the grumbler has been taken as a substitute for the one against whom he has complained, there has been failure, through his want of competency for the place.

  26. The Grumbler is a talker who may frequently be known by his countenance as well as by his tongue.

  27. The grumbler is always on hand to receive the gift of a friend.

  28. Were Providence to suspend or change the law which protracts the grumbler's existence beyond the length of better men, I am sure no one would complain of it except the grumbler himself.

  29. The grumbler in Lucian indignantly complains of the fashion in which the ancient gods of Olympus are being overshadowed by the divine parvenus of every clime.

  30. But the most interesting person for the modern student is the grumbler about the management of town affairs, and here a page or two of the Satiricon is worth a dissertation.

  31. The grumbler grows to be a pessimist; he says disagreeable things; he makes his friends feel ill at ease.

  32. The grumbler gradually loses his acquaintances and even his close friends.

  33. I can be quite a creditable grumbler on Fridays.

  34. In her brighter modes there was much that was attractive in her personality, but to live with a chronic grumbler sapped one's own powers of resistance.

  35. The old grandfather was a fine prosy old grumbler about the year '98 and the terrible doings of the "Orangemen.

  36. Now, lest I should seem to be a character of all others I detest, a grumbler without cause, let me ask the reader to sit beside me for a few seconds on this bench, and look with me at the prospect around him.

  37. He was a grumbler of the first water, and his loud thoughts so amused me that I had no inclination to sleep.

  38. We were charged a quarter each for the privilege of warming a cold bed, which made the deaf grumbler swear like a pirate.

  39. He was a grumbler by nature; yet he never evinced discontent in the discharge of his duties as a soldier.

  40. He is a grumbler by nature; and you know, my dear Duroc, I do not like men of that sort.

  41. You call me Grunidor, and grumbler I am," said he of the sweet eyes, with a laugh.

  42. And though Father Grumbler did look, it was quite true that none was to be seen.

  43. Father Grumbler entered his house feeling more dismal than when he left it, for he knew that he had wasted both his time and money.

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