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Example sentences for "grumbled"

Lexicographically close words:
gruffer; gruffly; gruffness; grum; grumble; grumbler; grumblers; grumbles; grumbling; grumblingly
  1. He grumbled something inarticulate as he passed by her and out of the door into the garden.

  2. They girded at him for not trying every conceivable experiment; he grumbled back that he did not want to risk explosion on a large scale.

  3. Most likely hit'll be not at all," grumbled Uncle Billie as he went stamping away.

  4. Shure I call it shtarving," grumbled Dinny.

  5. Shure an' the master must be aff his head to give them boys such things," grumbled Dinny to Peter and Dirk, who were quite content with the presents they had received in clothes additional to their pay.

  6. Sure an' it is rough indade," grumbled Dinny.

  7. Mrs. Mynors, who was having the time of her life in London, though she grumbled incessantly at the need to keep her expenditure so rigorously within bounds, was not anxious for the move.

  8. I should say I did," grumbled the old man, "I've something to tell you.

  9. I wish you'd say things so a plain man can understand 'em," grumbled the other.

  10. Take that back," he ordered with a look of menace, and the rough man grumbled an apology.

  11. The driver grumbled and cracked his whip, and a moment later, peering back through the front window, he saw his eccentric fare absorbed in examining a white leather bag.

  12. Paul this tough old veteran would have allowed himself to be cut into small pieces, but he would have spluttered and grumbled throughout the operation.

  13. We two might have grumbled at the world until we grumbled at each other.

  14. Tired men had slept; tidy men had washed their clothes; restless men had wandered at ease about the countryside, careless of the guns which grumbled everlastingly a few miles away.

  15. What's more to the point, my horses will die of cold in Russia," grumbled Uncle Pista.

  16. I don't know what he'd have said if you'd shot me," grumbled Cyril.

  17. Trampling on a fellow like that," grumbled Cyril, rehoisting his load.

  18. No, no, sir; not so bad as that," grumbled the man.

  19. And one can't see down in this dark gash," grumbled the man.

  20. Till we were starved, or burned out," grumbled John Manning.

  21. The locking-dogs grumbled for half a second, sealing the door tightly.

  22. Wellgood grumbled about women's vapours, but in his caution asked no questions and showed no concern.

  23. You might have gathered that much from what Andy said," Harry grumbled in an injured tone.

  24. That's not my business," grumbled the coachman; "you must ring for the butler.

  25. How often you have said that," grumbled the boy.

  26. He won't have the chance," grumbled the Bear King.

  27. It won't do for me, either," grumbled the Sawhorse, prancing to the rear.

  28. They're the prickliest thistles I ever felt," grumbled the Lion.

  29. No one but a crazy Patchwork Girl would consider that a joke," grumbled Button-Bright.

  30. They grumbled a good deal at having to cut away the thorns to make the path for the Frogman and the Cookie Cook, for their own clothing suffered many tears, while Cayke and the Frogman traveled safely and in comfort.

  31. St. John ought to take care of the place himself," grumbled Darcy.

  32. It's a good mile and a half," grumbled St. John.

  33. While others grumbled and cursed the Turks beneath their breath, Constantine would sit with a quiet smile on his lips, looking half amused, half indulgent.

  34. I wish they would leave us alone," grumbled Mitsos; "that little monkey-faced Charalambes is doing a peck of harm.

  35. He grumbled at it, when he was in the midst of it; he grumbled in England; and how he grumbled in Rome!

  36. He was busy with his spade at a strip of garden, and grumbled that the hares would not let it alone, with all that stretch of grass to feed on.

  37. His opinion, too, had more weight with Hugo on this account, and though he grumbled he consented to do what the doctor advised.

  38. Rupert grumbled at the short time, but, resolved to make the most of it, he walked with her into the cloisters.

  39. The Major grumbled a little, but finally agreed that Ainsleigh was right.

  40. I wonder what I am here for, if people have secrets that I am not to know,' grumbled the spoilt youth.

  41. Some rascal bit a piece out of my leg, and I tumbled down,' grumbled Smid.

  42. Oh," grumbled the master tailor, "sleeping out in the fields and going without supper and breakfast has done you good, has it?

  43. Oh, I don't care about that," he grumbled in reply.

  44. That's not my business," grumbled the coachman; "ring the bell in the hall for Sebastian.

  45. You have said the same thing for days now," grumbled Peter.

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