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Example sentences for "grumblings"

Lexicographically close words:
grumbler; grumblers; grumbles; grumbling; grumblingly; grumbly; grummets; grumous; grumpy; grunt
  1. Unexpected grumblings ran through the ranks; then suddenly the vanguard stopped, and declared that it would go no farther.

  2. The night was calm enough apparently, but low grumblings were heard now and then.

  3. The truth happens to have been exactly the other way, and Greville's notes are only the echo of the grumblings of the disappointed Whig placemen who talked to him.

  4. With the customary grumblings that he would be ruined by his own generosity, the Hebrew eventually complied.

  5. Always cool, he did not give vent, like Sliver, to inward grumblings as the file rose to him.

  6. There were grumblings among the councilmen, but they finally agreed to the wisdom of this.

  7. Criticisms and grumblings at his decision to sacrifice the horses grew swiftly.

  8. So he and Bran were dropped at the Metropole, not without many proprietary grumblings from Haidee and warnings from Rupert that he would be back to join them ere long.

  9. Indeed the girl was radiant, and her half-hearted grumblings were entirely contradicted by her eager air of enjoying life.

  10. He heard with a sort of incredulous surprise the first incipient grumblings in contravention of his authority; but when these had fairly shaped themselves into open defiance, he started agape with wonder.

  11. And little did I care for their grumblings and cursings.

  12. Not half so bad for me as for you; but somehow I felt it would be a relief to have a guest, who would oblige us to drop our grumblings and exert ourselves to talk of something besides our own personal worries.

  13. My Sheldon's interests went overboard; and I stayed by the white gate, talking to Charlotte, till it was quite too late to heed the reproachful grumblings of conscience about that dog-cart.

  14. In spite of those occasional grumblings to servants and female friends, Mrs. Sheldon did think herself happy.

  15. It was amusing to listen to the petty jealousies and the little grumblings of those not satisfied with their lot at table.

  16. In fact their grumblings are punctuated frequently by very bright hopes.

  17. They have done noble work for the Fatherland, but the grumblings of the lower third of the population are now such as have not been heard since 1848.

  18. Manchester and Cromwell, all the obloquies against the General, the grumblings against the proceedings of many members of their House.

  19. There had been grumblings in the Houses, indeed, at the too great indulgence shown to his Majesty in his choice of chaplains and other company.

  20. Hard to please in point of dinner, Flings he grumblings at his wife, Breaking her dear heart--the sinner!

  21. Often thus are grumblings marring Man's great duties in the world; Filling it with strife and jarring, Till God's judgments forth are hurled.

  22. Howard and Family Grumblings Verses on the Railroad Accident near Copetown A Tribute to the Memory of Rev.

  23. No wonder his poultry throve; no wonder there had been grumblings at Crabb Cot at the mysterious disappearance of the good grain.

  24. It might depend a little on what the grumblings were," returned Anna, as if fighting for the last word.

  25. At first great dissatisfaction was expressed; scowls and ominous grumblings were flung at him in passing, some of the men even going so far, among themselves, as to threaten to take his life, so soon as the old Sheik should be no more.

  26. A warm drizzle, which had set in early in the morning, developed by eleven o'clock into a steady downpour, accompanied by sullen grumblings of very distant thunder.

  27. Then I shouldn't care for the pryings and grumblings of Old Nosey, or the jealous watchings of the nasty, waspish set with which one is surrounded, for I should say my Anthony Thom will revenge and protect me, and make me comfortable at last.

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