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Example sentences for "complainants"

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complacency; complacent; complacently; complain; complainant; complaine; complained; complaineth; complaining; complainings
  1. Complainants thus mildly and vaguely answered were very fortunate; others, in places where the firm was very powerful, were answered by imprisonment or false accusations, or by being pelted and even murdered by mobs.

  2. The complainants could show no property in the implications of the treaty, nor could they establish the fact alleged, namely, that horses and mules are munitions of war.

  3. An episode of the sort, where the complainants were envious poorer neighbors, was related with sarcasm and some philosophical moralizing by W.

  4. This countering of pleas of exemption with pronouncements of authority drove the complainants at length from proposals of reform to projects of revolution.

  5. The way has been made plain and easy for complainants against railways.

  6. The complainants now evidently felt that the time for definite action on their part had come, and the case was eventually carried before the 'Lord Cardinall, Chancellor of England,' but the account of the proceedings does not give his verdict.

  7. The position above stated and presented in brief, as above noted, was not controverted and was apparently fully conceded as a legal proposition, by counsel for the complainants in that suit.

  8. The complainants add that for their attempt to lay bare the misdoings of the Kahal before the administration, they had been arrested, imprisoned, and pilloried in the synagogue by order of the Kahal wardens.

  9. The third exception filed by the defendant, viz: that the two justices ordered the complainants to put up the fence, without requiring proof that the defendant had not complied with the order of the viewers, is destitute of foundation.

  10. The first and second objections may be comprised in one, and present a difficulty of a legal nature, that the complainants represent a corporate body, and are therefore not included in the law that relates to fences.

  11. To this order the complainants have returned to the justices that they have complied therewith and repaired the fence.

  12. The complainants were perfectly willing to assign to the weevils an uncultivated tract of ground, where they could feed upon such natural products of the soil as were not due to human toil and tillage.

  13. Few complainants have ever before appeared in a police court, and are filled with repugnance at the rough treatment of prisoners and the suffering which they observe upon every side.

  14. No wonder the complainants alleged "that somebody in the end must pay for that species of foolishness.

  15. Fort Worth and Oklahoma City now become complainants against the Missouri river points.

  16. This had been the contention of complainants against the railroads in the Spokane case, soon to be considered.

  17. And when men are in the situation of complainants against unbounded power, their abandoning their suit is far from a full and clear proof of their complaints being groundless.

  18. Ehrich and other cases, the complainants were not successful in obtaining an injunction against the use of the title Encyclopaedia Britannica on reprints of non-copyright material which did not mislead the public.

  19. These are the same complainants who for a generation blocked the imposition of a graduated income tax.

  20. They are the same complainants who would impose the type of flat sales tax which places the burden of government more on those least able to pay and less on those most able to pay.

  21. And if bitterness toward the Service betokened free speaking, the complainants held back nothing.

  22. Therefore he invited the complainants to come to Washington to see him.

  23. On the part of the prosecution, the complainants themselves were the witnesses--all three of them genuine sons of the Emerald Isle.

  24. A waggish spectator remarked that he could not see why it was brought in the Marine Court, unless it was because the complainants were "half seas over" when stopped at Albany.

  25. In all actions by or against a congregation the civil courts will not permit suits to be brought by complainants who have no interest either legal or equitable in the temporalities of the church.

  26. But where, on the other hand, there was anything like an agreement of dissatisfied voices, the complainants took courage to come forward, and the examination was proceeded with in earnest.

  27. The other complainants were now called to state the particulars of their grievances.

  28. In certain of the cases," the report further states, "in which an amicable settlement was not reached, it seemed clear to the Board of Trade that the complainants had no real ground for complaint.

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