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  1. You consider that the criteria as now furnished by you to the FBI and other investigative agencies would cover a case like Oswald's?

  2. In addition, we have established an interagency committee which has as one of its jobs the development of better criteria that will really result in getting the kind of information we want without swamping us.

  3. What criteria did you use for determining that you could see the chalk mark?

  4. It had a broad and general concept in the criteria of what it needed for Presidential protection in knowing what risks were about the country.

  5. Now, in December of last year, following the assassination, we expanded the criteria of what should be furnished to the Secret Service, and all defectors automatically go on the list to be furnished to the Secret Service.

  6. But the second point is that on the whole these criteria look to the future.

  7. Under the new criteria which we have now put into force and effect, it would have been furnished because we now include all defectors.

  8. We must depend on other sources in and out of the Government to supply us with the information which we must adjudicate under the criteria of the passport regulations.

  9. The criteria for the procedure were developed over several years by the Office of Finance in cooperation with the Passport Office.

  10. Has the expansion of your criteria led to any problem or difficulty for you or for individuals or do you anticipate any problem or difficulty under the expanded criteria?

  11. I think you have already seen a document with some criteria that were developed, which has been circulated in Washington.

  12. Furthermore, we must admit the reality of natural criteria of ethical values, established far below mankind in the scale of life.

  13. Intergradation, and the lack of it, are accepted as the criteria of subspecies and species, respectively.

  14. Criteria for the recognition of species and genera.

  15. These criteria suffice for animals, in this instance weasels, which have a continuous geographic distribution.

  16. In many cases the experience and judgment of the taxonomist may be the only criteria by which he can decide whether a bird is different enough to be considered as a distinct genus.

  17. Employing the criteria mentioned above, the birds of Micronesia can be tentatively divided into four groups as regards the relative time when they arrived at the islands: 1.

  18. In making these decisions, public libraries are generally free to adopt collection development criteria that reflect not simply patrons' demand for certain material, but also the library's evaluation of the material's quality.

  19. In drawing up the general programme of the Conference, it will also be necessary, as stated in paragraph 2 of Article 17, for the Council, apart from other criteria "to take into account the undertakings mentioned.

  20. Criteria by which mistaken and exaggerated facts may be distinguished from absolute falsehood and imposture.

  21. It seems to the present writer that, whatever criteria are selected for the determination of the nationhood of a given society, uniqueness certainly is not one of the qualities attributed to a "nation.

  22. These two agreements (among thinkers, and of thought with the being which is thought) are the criteria of knowledge--let us turn now to its factors.

  23. The advance of Reimarus beyond Wolff consists in the consistent application of the criteria for the divine character of revelation, which Wolff had set up without making a positive, not to speak of a negative, use of them.

  24. The criteria of science are utility and progress.

  25. If this is possible it can only be indirect knowledge--the mind knows things through its ideas, and possesses criteria which show that its ideas agree with things.

  26. This establishes the criteria by which genius may be recognized.

  27. The following seem sufficient criteria of their validity and truthworthiness.

  28. We have now stated what seems to us the general nature of the theistic intuition, and added one or two criteria by which all intuitions must be tested.

  29. In the matter of evidence in psychological questions, therefore, sense perceptions are only second-rate criteria and ought to be received with caution.

  30. Other and more prevalent errors will occur to the reader, these being due to the use of what is called "the evidence of the senses"; and of all criteria the evidence of sensation is perhaps the most faulty.

  31. One key economic priority is meeting the Maastricht criteria for entry into EMU, a goal complicated by record unemployment and stagnating growth.

  32. So, after all, it should be our aim to establish certain criteria by means of which we should be able to render a proper prognosis.

  33. That we possess no such criteria at present can be denied by no one.

  34. There are, however, certain criteria which may be applied to the determination of its origin, and I may state a few of these, which are the results of my own experience.

  35. Other criteria may be stated, but these are sufficient for our present purpose.

  36. It is fair to ask what are the criteria whereby the true spiritual gifts, the genuine revelations, are to be distinguished.

  37. The special criteria by which your momentary opinion is tested, at the time when you form that opinion, vary endlessly with your mood and your training and your feelings, and with the topics and tasks in which you happen to be interested.

  38. A celebrated writer undertook to include all criteria in that of human authority, resolutely affirming "common consent, sensus communis, to be to us the only seal of truth.

  39. The criteria do not conflict with, but mutually aid and confirm each other.

  40. True, the other criteria are, in exceptional circumstances, liable to error; in certain cases when a doubt arises an appeal is taken to the testimony of others: but why?

  41. There are, then, in man no criteria of truth absolutely isolated.

  42. This is the most complete essential notion of the criterion of immediate evidence, by which it is distinguished from the criteria of consciousness and common sense.

  43. If the criteria be in any respect unreasonable, let it be shown where they are erroneous or unfair.

  44. All the noblest criteria of moral and intellectual manhood ought to be vigorously and harmoniously developed in him.

  45. The four criteria mentioned in this paragraph and the relevant periods over which they are to be respected are developed further in a Protocol annexed to this Treaty.

  46. Protocol on the convergence criteria referred to in Article 109j of the Treaty establishing the European Community 7.

  47. The criteria for determining the date are chiefly three.

  48. The criteria for determining the date of a psalm are few and meagre.

  49. We may apply the results of our discussion to a consideration of the criteria involved in a correct establishing of aims.

  50. And while these considerations are not standards of value, they are useful criteria for survey, criticism, and better organization of existing methods and subject matter of instruction.

  51. Democratic society is peculiarly dependent for its maintenance upon the use in forming a course of study of criteria which are broadly human.

  52. Of course there are higher criteria by which the general consent and the opinion of experts can be criticized and modified; but such criticism is not obligatory on the many who have neither leisure nor competence for the task.

  53. Three of these more literary criteria occur to me at the moment, and I believe we shall understand them and the position which they represent better if we take them, at first, at all events, in a mass.

  54. To determine criteria to define these plays and their successors as a class is by no means easy.

  55. Out of temporary and varying theatrical conditions have arisen the permanent criteria for dramatic excellence.

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