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Example sentences for "hunchback"

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hums; humus; hun; hunc; hunch; hunchbacked; hunchbacks; hunched; hunches; hunching
  1. At that moment the little old hunchback joined them and stood on tiptoe, crying: "What are you looking at there?

  2. At sight of him many ladies could not control their desire to laugh, which they tried to dissemble behind their fans, while the little hunchback cried: "By Notre Dame!

  3. If the Hunchback can shriek and sob audibly, why is he ordinarily reduced to mere gesture?

  4. And what does it matter, after all, that a hunchback has dared to desire a shapely brown-haired woman?

  5. Being hale of person, she had managed to get the little hunchback to her home unaided.

  6. The hunchback hid part of his face behind thin fingers, coughed, and quickly moved on.

  7. He turned his face: the hunchback again stood next to him, still somewhat breathless from moving quickly.

  8. The hunchback Kohn idly leaned against a Catholic church, thinking about existence.

  9. I have taken the hunchback away, restored Villafana to his prisonward, and, in short, taken all means to seduce him into security.

  10. The hunchback hesitated for a moment, and then growled out a few words,--the first he had uttered for a week.

  11. From Najara he gained not a word of intelligence, the hunchback ever replying to his questions with scowls, or with pithy sarcasms in allusion to the crimes of treason and mutiny.

  12. The hunchback had reached the door, before Juan, in the confusion of the moment, thought of calling him back, to impart to him the secret of the treachery.

  13. With these hints, which the young man listened to with a disturbed aspect, and which the hunchback accompanied with sour and contemptuous looks, he turned away, and began to hobble after his companions.

  14. It was the hunchback Najara, whose quick eye detected the vanishing hair, and who now ran forward in pursuit, followed by a confused throng of soldiers, from among whom suddenly darted the cavalier Don Francisco de Guzman.

  15. So saying, the hunchback flung out of the room, and securing the thick door of plank, Juan was again left to his meditations.

  16. A hunchback is regarded by ball-players as the best luck in the world.

  17. If a man can just touch that hump on the way to the plate, he is sure to get a hit, and any observant spectator will notice the Athletics' hitters rubbing the hunchback boy before leaving the bench.

  18. They say when one sees a hunchback and touches him, it brings good luck, if the hunchback is neither too old nor too young.

  19. The slight sense of physical repugnance to the hunchback had vanished since his declaration.

  20. The salesman stepped up, glancing at the hunchback with the quick look of surprise which Clara had noticed in others.

  21. And he stood before the crowd, his eyes glittering with pride as he exhibited his own flesh and blood, the son whose shapely back and limbs proved that only an accident separated the hunchback from his fellows.

  22. For a moment he regretted the active part he had taken in the stoushing, as his hunchback made him conspicuous.

  23. Then, through the open door, he spied the familiar figure of the hunchback moving about the shop and placing things in order.

  24. Well, he would show them that only an accident separated the hunchback from his fellows.

  25. Already they saw their families brought to the gutter by this hunchback ruffian, who hit them below the belt in the most ungentlemanly fashion in preference to starving.

  26. Jonah the hunchback had found his vocation.

  27. She ran to the window and saw the hunchback and the boy stepping out.

  28. The others swept to and fro and round and round, but the little hunchback danced always on the violets, and through the other music there could be plainly heard, as it crept in and out, the mournful cadence of those tenderer flowers.

  29. It was the little hunchback that spake,--the little hunchback fairy who, with wistful eyes, had been watching the merry throng whirl round and round.

  30. Then the queen smiled sadly; she loved the little hunchback and she pitied her.

  31. Far daintier than the others did the little hunchback dance; now one tiny foot and now the other tinkled on the flowers, and the point of the little crutch fell here and there like a tear.

  32. And as the little hunchback danced, the others forgot her limp and felt only the heart-cry in the little hunchback's merriment and in the music of the voiceful violets.

  33. And as she danced, there crept into the fairy music a tenderer cadence, for (I know not why) the little hunchback danced ever on the violets, and their responses were full of the music of tears.

  34. You follow the hunchback if he moves away.

  35. Satrughna sorrowed like Bharata, and when he beheld the wicked hunchback Manthara he threw her down and dragged her across the floor, saying: “This hateful creature is the cause of our calamities.

  36. Then the hunchback reminded Bharata's mother that she had been promised two boons by her husband.

  37. A woman who was walking along the footpath across the Cliff Field saw only a twisted hunchback dressed in the Vicar of Siddermorton's cast-off clothes, sprawling foolishly at the edge of the cliff and with his forehead on his arm.

  38. She had been thinking before of the strange glory that had suddenly flashed out about the stooping hunchback when he spoke to her in the sunset; of that and of a dozen other glances, chance turns, even once the touching of her hand.

  39. The hunchback must be mad too," said the Curate.

  40. This hunchback is certainly one of the strangest creatures I've seen for a long time.

  41. A bearded hunchback reached his long arm to a sack that hung under our rifles, drew out a chuck of salt pork, and began slicing it with his jackknife.

  42. The hunchback turned to me with a grave face.

  43. But John and the hunchback had found "sign" in the opposite direction.

  44. The old man concerted with her a plan for the destruction of the hunchback and the restoration of the true king; then he secretly introduced the transformed Mukunda into the chamber, and summoned the false king.

  45. One day he saw a hunchback performing such comical actions that he invited him to become an inmate of his palace, and, as his court fool, to divert him in his hours of idleness and depression.

  46. The hunchback was in the room when the king learned his lesson.

  47. But first he asked the hunchback if he had given attention to the instruction of the Brahmin.

  48. I had him down on the lawn, punching him; but though at seventeen I was a reasonably husky lad, the hunchback with his thick, hairy gorilla arms proved much stronger.

  49. You liked your young assistant, the hunchback Polter.

  50. I acted;--the hunchback preferred your happiness to his own.

  51. The hunchback fixed glittering eyes on him.

  52. He turned about as if he were going, but, before he had taken three steps, the hunchback hailed him unceremoniously.

  53. The little old hunchback had also left, Garrett was informed.

  54. So curious was the incident, that Garrett determined to ascertain something regarding the queer, wizened-faced old hunchback who acted as chauffeur, but to his surprise when he returned to the hall, he found the car had already left.

  55. Though detectives searched high and low for the hunchback Greek, for Madame Sovoff, and for the fascinating Mademoiselle, none of them were ever found.

  56. He was admitted, looked at the prisoners, and picked out as the murderer a little hunchback (had the children described a hunchback?

  57. So far as we know, the hunchback of Lyons was the only victim of the 'twig' who ever suffered in civilised society.

  58. The hunchback was taken to Lyons, and he was recognised, on the way, by the people at all the stages where he had stopped.

  59. And immediately she thrust the hunchback into the chest, and went quickly to her good husband, whom she knew well would be back from Chinonceaux to supper.

  60. Nevertheless, he thought that the countess was very bold, but also, as even a hunchback would have done, he found a thousand reasons to justify her, and thought himself quite worthy to inspire such recklessness.

  61. Then the hunchback said aloud-- "How do you mean, it is not I?

  62. The old hunchback exclaimed, as she entered the chamber, "Now then, my children, what is the matter?

  63. The said hunchback left Tours and went to live in the town of Bruges, where certain merchants had sent for him to arrange the machinery for making hauberks.

  64. However, this great love of the hunchback was rebuffed by nothing, and became so irksome to the dyer's wife that she resolved to cure it by a thousand practical jokes.

  65. The hunchback who has robbed you has come back again.

  66. Next, the hunchback sat down upon a heap of straw, laying his crutch beside him, and with a quick movement, wriggled himself out of not only his jacket but his humpback too!

  67. After a passing gentleman on horseback had tossed a silver piece in his direction, the hunchback made off around the corner of the stables beyond Mr. Wicker's garden.

  68. We all agreed to keep our eyes peeled for a hunchback with a black beard.

  69. Ace was sure the hunchback was a witch[3] who had spirited off my folks; and looked upon the situation without much hope.

  70. If your stepfather had any money," said the captain, "you can bet that hunchback tried to bamboozle him into some land deal, and probably did.

  71. But Benead was not satisfied with having rendered this service to the Bretons; he was an inquisitive as well as an intelligent man, and as merry a hunchback as any in the four Breton bishoprics.

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