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Example sentences for "fouled"

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foul; foulard; fould; foulds; foule; fouler; foules; foulest; fouling; foull
  1. But coming ye fouled My land, My heritage turned to loathing.

  2. The land thou hast fouled with thy whoredoms,(116) —spiritual and physical both; the one led to the other.

  3. For them by the roads thou hast sate, Like an Arab in desert, Thou hast fouled the land with thy whoredoms And with thy vices; With thy lovers so many 3 It has meant but thy snare.

  4. There was a certain stench, too, the smell of horse-fouled mud that mixed with that odor I later was able to classify as the smell of war.

  5. Alice Wentworth played too hard in her attempt to support Grace and fouled for roughness.

  6. Alice fouled three times for roughness and was put out of the game.

  7. Then came the not uncommon result of trying to net a big fish in an uncertain light; the rim of the net fouled the gut cast, and away went the fish.

  8. But there all resemblance to the typical hero ceased, for the line fouled his foot, and broke as it tripped him up; and before the fisherman knew where he was, he and the salmon were struggling together in deep water.

  9. Gedeon fouled to first for the| |third out.

  10. You're the worst man I ever met, and I'd rather die in the gutter than be fouled by the touch of a horrible old beast like you.

  11. The taste of the room in which she had passed the night still fouled her mouth; its stench clung to her clothes.

  12. Mistress Molly remained in the nursery, where were also Peter and Esk, inasmuch as they slobbered and fouled the cloth, and so fed in the play-room.

  13. And soon there'll be fighting enough to fill my stomach; mark me, the crocus that buds white this spring will wither red as blood ere its fouled petals fall!

  14. The next moment the coils went streaming away astern one after the other, and, almost before those who witnessed the accident could tell what had happened, the propeller had been fouled and the hawser snapped like a thread.

  15. Maybe you're fouled up on the basic concept.

  16. I think we spent over a hundred hours in the galley doing KP because Addy kept getting us fouled up.

  17. It fouled just as I tried to work the lever.

  18. The buffalo moved with surprising swiftness; but even at that Dig could have easily got in a second shot had the mechanism of his rifle not fouled for a second.

  19. When the fore-topmast staysail and jib were to be set, somebody had fouled the down-hauls, so that they could not be hoisted.

  20. It is fouled in the sheet, and he was pulling it through farther, so as to snarl it up still worse.

  21. Look, man, and see, if the foot of the worshippers of Baal be not there, and the water fouled thereby.

  22. What water is fouled is not the water of life, or at least not the water of life in its clearness.

  23. What water is fouled is not the water of life, or at least not in its clearness.

  24. Look, man, and see if the foot of the worshippers of Bel be not there, and if the waters be not fouled thereby.

  25. I read of some waters that are fouled with the feet of beasts, and with the feet of men, yea, and deep waters too.

  26. Sure, thou art ignorant how close at hand Death presses, or the cloud, which fouled so late Thy face, had deepened down not lightened off.

  27. Dogface Eruxis, the small satirist,-- What better would the manikin desire Than to strut forth on tiptoe, notable As who so far up fouled me in the flank?

  28. Unless she fancied that she'd fouled some of the wreckage of the cruiser we sank," said Dick.

  29. By the same means, by unscrewing the collar on the spindle, the rudder can be released and dropped into the water should the necessity arise for so doing, by reason of its becoming fouled or damaged.

  30. The crimes committed with the connivance of the supreme military authorities, authorized by their instructions to their officers, have fouled the name German for eternity: it will be coupled with Vandal, Tartar, Barbarian.

  31. Barclay's crippled flagship tried to avoid being raked and so fouled her consort, the Queen Charlotte.

  32. Almost unhurt, the Constitution moved ahead and fearfully raked the enemy's deck before the ships fouled each other.

  33. The right talon grasps a fluke of a fouled anchor, and the left talon holds the pike of a stand of colors.

  34. Nobody noticed in the noisy, flaring room that spool after spool on her frame fouled its thread and ceased turning, as the little figure left its post and hesitated like a scared, small animal toward the main exit.

  35. The next afternoon saw Shade Buckheath in the spooling room, watching the operation of Johnnie Consadine's simple device for notifying the frame-tender if a thread fouled or broke.

  36. Thereupon Raymond fouled balls and went through contortions at the plate till he was out on strikes.

  37. Reddy fouled the first ball over the grand-stand.

  38. Then he fouled the second ball, missed the next, and was out.

  39. Four batters had not so much as fouled Ken.

  40. Ken also essayed to bunt and fouled himself out on strikes.

  41. Weir fouled out upon the first ball pitched, and Blake, following him, forced Reddy out at second on an infield hit.

  42. Raymond fouled one, then another, making two strikes.

  43. At the bat he struck out, fouled out, never hit the ball square at all.

  44. He fouled the first two balls over the grand-stand.

  45. Ken put another in the same place, and Hill, attempting to bunt, fouled a little fly, which Dean caught.

  46. When the third batter fouled to Hickle, and Ken got up to go out to the field, he summoned courage to look at Arthurs.

  47. An article in the list of attempts upon England, fouled by the commissioners ar Berwick, in the year 1587, may relate to the subject of the foregoing ballad.

  48. But when I had fouled the trail so that I myself hardly knew it again, Mang, the Bat, came hawking between the trees, and hung up above me.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fouled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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