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Example sentences for "addressing"

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addressed; addressee; addressees; addressers; addresses; addrest; adds; adduce; adduced; adduces
  1. A motion was made for addressing his majesty that this prelate might be dismissed from his employment, but rejected by a great majority.

  2. Then addressing the head he said: "Little brother, forgive us.

  3. I come before you as a philosophical inquirer addressing a general audience of thoughtful people.

  4. The repose he allowed himself after so much fatigue, was that of applying himself to the instruction of his disciples, and addressing discourses to them full of wisdom.

  5. Having penetrated a short distance into it, he heard him praying, with loud cries, for the salvation of men, and addressing the Blessed Virgin with moving sighs, humbly imploring her to show him her Son.

  6. You will not be able to please me more than by addressing yourselves to me, looking upon me as your servant; and even, if you will do me that favor, considering me as one of your brethren.

  7. Then, addressing himself to Bernard, he said: "If you will follow me, I will give you a place in which you may serve the Lord.

  8. These are the prayers and eulogiums he was in the habit of addressing to her:-- "Hail, Mary!

  9. For a moment Captain Ichabod glanced about him, and then, addressing the captain of the brig, he said: "This is all very well.

  10. And now, sir," addressing Dickory, "what of my daughter?

  11. Whenever he had an opportunity, and these came frequently, he talked to Mr. Delaplaine, addressing a word or two to Kate if he thought she looked gracious.

  12. But hesitating a little and addressing Lucilla: "You don't live here alone, do you?

  13. They might have got over a third of the distance between the Bayswater Road and the Serpentine, when he was aware of a small, thin voice addressing him.

  14. I know I can trust you," she added, addressing Balla.

  15. Then, addressing Nestor, he said: "I would fain ask thee more concerning the manner of Agamemnon's death.

  16. Presently a young noble came up to the group, and addressing Antinous, who was watching the sport, asked him if he had heard aught of Telemachus.

  17. Then addressing his father: "Will this hook do?

  18. Then, addressing his dog he added: "Dost remember Jovial?

  19. Agricola must not think of addressing himself directly or indirectly to me.

  20. You have the advantage," replied the eunuch, "of addressing a man who has seen something of the world.

  21. Sam Harper, addressing the canine; "come here, that I may give you another switching.

  22. So we don't waste any time," Jackson said, addressing himself to Saxon.

  23. It's little, but oh my," he said, addressing the imprisoned hand.

  24. Sam, in addressing his remarks to the others and in listening to their replies, was compelled to sweep his glance squarely across her, and occasionally in these sweeps he paused to let his gaze rest upon her.

  25. Bhagavan addressing them said: -- 'These my door-keepers are by name Jaya and Vijaya.

  26. Addressing Daksha He said: -- "Only ignorant people see the difference between Me and Siva.

  27. Chanura addressing the brothers said: -- "You are known as good wrestlers.

  28. The Kumaras were put out by this unforeseen obstruction and addressing the doorkeepers gave vent to their feelings thus: -- 'What mean you by making this distinction?

  29. She grew furious with rage and addressing her father said: -- "With Siva, all are equal.

  30. The Asura king then addressing his son said: -- "If you have not learned these things from your teachings, whence could you have such a vicious inclination.

  31. Addressing Chanur and Mushtika he said: -- "Rama and Krishna are to kill us.

  32. Addressing the Queen he said: -- "Who art thou?

  33. Addressing Krishna; Brahma said: -- "All that we prayed for has been done.

  34. But in Homer it is only banquets conducted with moderation which are applauded; and on one occasion, a man addressing Menelaus says-- I dare not in your presence speak, Whose voice we reverence as a voice divine.

  35. If, beyond these considerations, any apology is needed for thus directly addressing the Legislature, I may find it in the example of an illustrious predecessor, whose clear and venerable name will be a sufficient authority.

  36. In addressing the Legislature directly Mr. Sumner follows the precedent of John Quincy Adams, in 1808, resigning his seat in the Senate.

  37. Where is the child, I wonder," she continued, addressing her husband.

  38. There's something inside, sir," said the man, addressing the solicitor.

  39. You are free to go;" and addressing a man in uniform, he added, "Bring in the chauffeur.

  40. He was proud of these men, and all whom he was addressing must be proud of them also.

  41. You can inform Miss Monroe of the step which I have thus taken to ensure the surgeon's secrecy," said Greenwood, addressing himself to Marian.

  42. You have conducted yourself in a manner calculated to involve us all in a most serious difficulty," said the king, addressing this individual; "and we are compelled to rid ourselves of your presence without delay.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "addressing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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