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Example sentences for "dimming"

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dimly; dimme; dimmed; dimmer; dimmest; dimmycratic; dimness; dimora; dimorphic; dimorphism
  1. Spring is many-coloured as Autumn; but now Joy scatters the hues daily brightening into greener life, then Melancholy dropt them daily dimming into yellower death.

  2. Suddenly, in the dimming light, he saw a few black dots moving against the crest of the opposite mountain.

  3. His teeth chattered together and waves of nausea seemed to run over his whole body, dimming his eyes and making his head swim He just managed to reach the rest of the party when he staggered and fell.

  4. Already their white crests were gleaming crimson in the dimming light.

  5. Jack, looking behind, saw the people still standing upon the shore as it rapidly fell away astern, dimming in the gray of the misty rain.

  6. He wore loose cotton trousers and was smoking a leaf of tobacco rolled into a cigarro, the lighted tip of which alternately glowed and faded in the dimming light.

  7. I would not linger in the twilight of life, with all of time dimming out, and nothing of eternity dawning upon my vision.

  8. The sand hung in fog-like clouds shrouding the sun, dimming the usual brilliance.

  9. Nor was there any weakening of resolution in him, any dimming of the new dawn within his heart.

  10. Discover what earthly clouds are dimming the spiritual firmament, and hiding the shinings of the Divine countenance.

  11. The mists of death are dimming my eyes to the things below, but they are opening on the magnificent vistas of eternity.

  12. The great white morning star, wonderful as Helen had never seen it, lost its brilliance and life and seemed to retreat into the dimming blue.

  13. In the dimming twilight Helen saw that the cowboy was pale, somber, grim.

  14. The afterglow flashed or changed, like a dimming northern light, and then failed.

  15. Carved in the azure air white peacocks fly, Their fanning wings stir not the crystal trees, Bright parrots fade through dimming turquoise days, And music scrolls its lightning calm and bright On the pale sky where thunder cannot come.

  16. Phebe, too, was silent, the tears dimming her blue eyes and blotting out the scene before her.

  17. And he saw the sunlight stealing from one point to another, chased by the shadows of the clouds, that gathered and dispersed, dimming the blue sky for a little time, and then leaving it brighter and deeper than before.

  18. It tells you that by its goodly old-time ampleness, its high panelled walls with their dimming portraits, its great chimneypiece flanked by tall cupboards, and its massive overshadowing stairway.

  19. The windows of the cottage were open, and through them poured the light of the full moon, dimming the flickering light of the candles upon the table.

  20. The moon had not yet climbed the distant mountain range to look down on the humbler lands when I started for War Eagle's lodge; and dimming the stars in its course, the milky-way stretched across the jewelled sky.

  21. It would take us a month, but the weather was at its best, hazy blue days, continuous daylight, only a little dimming of the sun's light when it disappeared behind the mountains.

  22. And he had seen the dimming of those shining eyes and the tightening of her lips.

  23. Her life's blood was pouring out of the hole in her side, but with the dimming vision of death she made a last effort to help Mispoon.

  24. Meanwhile on Diana's mind there had descended a sudden cloud of thought, dimming the ecstasy of her joy.

  25. The speaker became silent, his memory dwelling in scenes of the dimming past, while Donald's thoughts were busy with the story which he had just heard.

  26. There was a car waiting; the last I saw was its winking tail-light dimming into the darkness.

  27. Her arms were outstretched to the dimming form of Harry and the incandescence.

  28. Peace, her eyes dimming a little, "how strange it all has been.

  29. The light was dimming fast; it was nearly dark now, and the crickets were chirping in the distant meadows.

  30. This man and this woman, not old, indeed, entered and stood within its door, where the light was dimming through the little window high in the thick wall.

  31. Bones of deserted houses, skeletons of men's hopes sketched in the dimming furrows which the grasses were reclaiming for their own.

  32. And then a mighty and merciful hand shivers the painted glass into fragments, because it has been dimming 'the white radiance of Eternity.

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