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Example sentences for "goat"

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  1. Illustration: THE HOG THE GOAT AND THE SHEEP.

  2. At another stage of our journey, when the coaching tour was nearly ended, we were stopping at the Royal Goat at Beddgelert.

  3. THE FOX AND THE GOAT By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he could not get out.

  4. A Goat passed by shortly afterward, and asked the Fox what he was doing down there.

  5. THE LION AND THE GOAT By Ramaswami Raju A LION was eating up one after another the animals of a certain country.

  6. The old Goat laid himself down in a cave on the roadside, with his flowing beard and long curved horns.

  7. One day an old Goat said, "We must put a stop to this.

  8. The Goat rose up, and, advancing to the mouth of the cave, said, "Will you come back tomorrow?

  9. The Goat thought well of this advice, and jumped down into the well.

  10. The food of the peasant is grain, rice, goat when he can get it, a skinny fowl as a great delicacy, milk, and strong cheese.

  11. A bacchio e Capretto alla Cacciatora is very young lamb and sucking-goat cut into small pieces, and cooked in a sauce to which anchovies and chillies give the dominant taste.

  12. They stared at him with their shining round eyes; but he just clasped his little goat tighter and closer, and sailed on nearer and nearer to the land.

  13. Then the tall aunt will look at them both and kiss them; and she will kiss the poor little goat too, wondering if it is possible to buy him a new tail.

  14. One afternoon, clasping his goat as usual, he sat down by the pond.

  15. Then he, knowing that she wanted to be alone, would pick up his goat and hurry away.

  16. Two beaux and a belle, a goat and a carriage, They all set off to the tinker's marriage.

  17. Every morning he went down the street with his little goat under his arm, and the village folk looked after him and said, "There goes Master Willie.

  18. The average production of a good milk goat is about 2 quarts of milk daily, sufficient for many a family.

  19. As an economical source of easily digested milk, the goat is recommended, especially to those families with rather small acreage.

  20. Determine the possibilities of securing from the goat an adequate milk supply for a small family.

  21. Although they consume only about one-seventh as much feed as the cow, the common impression that the goat can produce milk on practically no feed is erroneous.

  22. The milk goat is especially useful to those who desire a smaller quantity of milk than that produced by a cow and where the space is inadequate for keeping a larger milk-producing animal.

  23. Many wild species of the sheep and goat tribe are to be found in the Himalayan ranges.

  24. Noteworthy also are the slate-sculpture of the Haida, and the work in bone, ivory and deer and mountain goat horn of the British Columbian Indians.

  25. The goat is a climber and affects the heights, while the sheep also prefers short grass to the richer pastures suited to kine.

  26. The ox, the horse, the sheep, the goat and the pig were domesticated as well as the dog and the farmyard fowls, but it was in oxen that their chief wealth consisted.

  27. But if I am not mistaken, I saw you playing very nearly the same game on Goat Island and at the Cataract.

  28. It's mighty soon when the editor discovers it an' lays for the goat permiscus; he goes to chunkin' of him up a whole lot.

  29. We give notice as we depart, that under no circumstances will we return until this goat is extinct.

  30. The goat hits that author in the tail of his coat, an' over he goes; but he keeps on slammin' away with the '45 jest the same.

  31. I'll say right yere, son, Colonel Sterett an' his fellow editor an' the goat wages the awfullest battle which I ever beholds.

  32. Each of 'em lets go every load he's got, but the goat don't get hit onct.

  33. The Lion said, "There is a poor lame Goat has thrown himself on my mercy, and I have thought of a plan by which he can be fed.

  34. The Goat next went to a flower-shop, and asked the man who sold the flowers to make some wreaths, and cover him up with them, horns and all.

  35. Now, this Goat was very old, and goats are not like men, for the older they grow the wiser they become.

  36. Then the Goat popped out a sovereign from his mouth, to pay the man, and very glad the man was to get so much for his roses.

  37. With anxious trepidation another light was struck, and then it was discovered that a recently purchased goat had, under a wrong impression, taken possession of the family bed.

  38. It was amusing to see some villager whose pet goat or valued calf had been carried off, now coming up, striking the dead body of the leopard, and abusing it in the most unmeasured terms.

  39. The most commonly practised mode of leopard shooting, is to tie a goat up to a tree.

  40. In the meantime an unhappy goat was pounced on and the three young-tigers took to her teats as if 'to the manner born.

  41. The Angora goat is a most beautifully fleeced animal with twisted horns and snow-white curly locks of fleece.

  42. In the afternoon we followed a track fringed by deep precipices crossed only by goat tracks.

  43. Great Day of Atonement was not yet recognised, and that the pagan element of sending the scape-goat to Azazel, the demon of the wilderness, proves the late date of the ceremony.

  44. Through all the rest of Scripture the scape-goat is unmentioned, and Azazel is ignored.

  45. Some man (goat or man) came bounding towards her down the cliff.

  46. Another Satyr drags to execution a goat that he has caught cropping the vine; and in his slanted eyes one can see thirst for the blood of his poor cousin.

  47. The child also slept, so Samuel released the goat and returned to his seat.

  48. The goat struggled and withheld its milk, but Samuel held it down and kneaded the udder until the draught came, and the child drank long and deeply.

  49. The old goat was walking up and down inside the kraal gate, tinkling his bell and wondering why he and his flock had not been let out at the usual time.

  50. Besides, who listens to the bleating of a goat when an angry bull bellows?

  51. On reaching the new hut, the bride holds a goat or sheep in the doorway, while the bridegroom cuts its throat in the orthodox manner with his jambia (long knife).

  52. Goat sacrificed: at threshold for guest, 4; in Central Africa, 27 f.

  53. Cashmere Wool= is the fine, woolly, extremely soft, white or gray fur of the Cashmere goat which is bred in Thibet.

  54. The fiber of this goat is commercially known as mohair.

  55. Wool is the soft, curly covering which forms the fleecy coat of the sheep and similar animals, such as the goat and alpaca.

  56. The Angora goat of Asia Minor furnishes the mohair.

  57. It is made from the long, silky hair of the Angora goat of Asia Minor, a species which is being introduced into the United States.

  58. This goat is being raised in the western states of the United States now.

  59. Anya and Katya laughed in their shrill voices, clumsy Bear danced with little Broom, Gray Billy Goat strutted about with Waddling Duck, Clown tumbled about, showing off his tricks, and Dr.

  60. With the wolf in a trap, what has the goat to dread?

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