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  1. By following closely my new receipt, I venture to say that any cook, with a little experience, will produce an aspic fit for the table of a crowned head.

  2. To obtain aspic of a fine gold colour, let your stock draw down to a pale yellowish glaze before filling it up, or add a spoonful of brown gravy (No.

  3. The aspic may be made from the stock the galantine is cooked in, by making an addition of two calf’s feet, and clarifying it as directed.

  4. Prepare a border of half hard-boiled eggs and half croutons of strong aspic (No.

  5. Should you require the aspic to partake of the flavour of fowl, twenty minutes before passing the stock, thrust a fowl just roasted into it, leaving it but a very short time.

  6. Fill the cases to the level of the cress leaves, and decorate with a Belgian flag made as follows: Make some aspic jelly with gelatine, tarragon vinegar, and a little sherry.

  7. If you make too much aspic it can decorate any cold dish or salad.

  8. Recipe for Tomato Aspic for salads and a well-seasoned Cream of Corn Soup.

  9. Illustration: Terrine of Chicken and Cooked Ham Garnished: Aspic Jelly and Lettuce Hearts] Seasonable Recipes By Janet M.

  10. The salad is an aspic with one sardine embedded in each small mould.

  11. The aspic is made by using a meat or vegetable stock to which is added enough soaked gelatine to make a jelly when cold.

  12. When set on ice turn out of the molds and serve on lettuce leaves with mustard, cress and chopped aspic jelly.

  13. In four evenly spaced places are placed two cold dishes such as an aspic of chicken, or ham mousse, or a terrine de foie gras, or other aspic.

  14. And a ring of aspic with salad in the center does not require accompanying crackers as immediately as plain lettuce.

  15. Or the chicken or squab may be the second course, and an aspic with the salad, the third.

  16. Or with fruit and soup, omit eggs, especially if there is to be an aspic with salad.

  17. Then small molds are lined with aspic and a fillet--ornamented with strips of beets and cucumbers--put in each; enough aspic to cover poured in and the molds set on ice.

  18. Tradition relates that there is an aspic that guards the Balm-tree, and will allow no one to approach.

  19. Spiced meats, as beef à la mode, may be served cold with cream horseradish sauce and aspic jelly.

  20. Serve with French or mayonnaise dressing; garnish with blocks of aspic jelly.

  21. Have one and a fourth quarts of aspic jelly in the liquid state.

  22. When cold, remove the skewers and strings, and garnish with aspic jelly, cooked beets and parsley.

  23. But then I woke, and by doing so felt done out of that aspic of larks, which would have been a pleasant change from the fare of those days.

  24. The ancients stated that the poison of the aspic did not occasion any pain, but that the person it had stung gradually sunk into a calm and languid state, which was followed by a sound sleep, the forerunner of dissolution.

  25. The coluber aspis of Linnaeus is not venomous, and we may therefore conclude that the aspic was of the same species as our viper.

  26. However, later observers have now clearly ascertained that the aspic of the ancients is the coluber haje, called by the Arabs nascher, and classed by Lacepede as the Egyptian viper.

  27. In the above description, and endeavour to ascertain the nature of the aspic of the ancients, there must be some error.

  28. Modern travellers assure us, on the contrary, that this venom is most active; and Hasselquist has observed an aspic in Cyprus, the bite of which brought on a rapid mortification, which generally proved fatal in a very few hours.

  29. This is an aspic's trail; and these fig-leaves Have slime upon them, such as th' aspic leaves Upon the caves of Nile.

  30. IRAS falls and dies] Have I the aspic in my lips?

  31. The French and Italian oils are the most common, the Spanish oil being a comparatively new article, of doubtful botanical origin, and more closely resembling aspic oil.

  32. Aspic oil, from the flowers of Lavandula spica, obtained from France and Spain, and extensively employed in perfuming household and cheap toilet soaps; also frequently found as an adulterant in lavender oil.

  33. Add hot water or tomato juice to make one cup; add gelatin; allow to cool; cut celery fine, place in mold; pour in the tomato aspic and allow to jelly in a cold place.

  34. And shall I be like unto the aspic and pass from life to hell .

  35. Then put in a basin and whisk in 1/2 pint of aspic jelly and a small teacupful of very thick cream.

  36. Put a little highly flavoured aspic jelly in the bottom of individual moulds.

  37. The aspic referred to is ordinary gelatin mixed with soup stock instead of plain water.

  38. Tomato Aspic In Tomato Aspic--Tomato jellies with sardines should be made in ample time to harden on ice.

  39. Cucumber Aspic Four large cucumbers, one small onion, half a box of gelatine soaked in half a cup of cold water, salt and white pepper to taste.

  40. Use one package of gelatine to each quart of the pulp, and proceed according to directions given for other aspic salads.

  41. Put in a very small quantity of aspic to keep this in place, then, when nearly set, sufficient to cover it.

  42. Aspic jelly, or meat jelly, may be made very good, and at a moderate cost, by boiling lean beef or veal in water with a little vegetable and spice.

  43. Arrange another layer, this time first of ham then of chicken, fix them in the same way, and fill up the mould with aspic jelly.

  44. If a stiff aspic is required, use rather less water.

  45. Run a little aspic jelly into a fancy border mould, allow it to set, and arrange a decoration of boiled carrot and white savoury custard cut crescent shape, dipping each piece in melted aspic.

  46. Garnish with aspic jelly cut lozenge shape and sprigs of chervil.

  47. When the dish is turned out fill the centre with cold green peas, nicely seasoned, and garnish round with chopped aspic and little stars of savoury custard.

  48. Were it not for the trouble of making Aspic Jelly, it would be more generally used than it is, for it gives not only elegance but value to a number of cold dishes.

  49. Still another plan is to put a tiny disk of bright-red beet on the top, using aspic to cement it there.

  50. If no aspic is ready, it is not worth while to make for the small quantity needed; a teaspoonful of glaze, two of gelatine, and half a wineglass of Sauterne may be dissolved together to take its place.

  51. Aspic mayonnaise is another form of the sauce, used in dressing cold dishes, and while more delicious than the usual sauce, will keep its form for hours after the dish is dressed.

  52. Stick a tiny lobster claw three quarters of an inch long at the narrow end of the cutlet, and place them in a silver dish round some aspic of a bright amber color, chopped.

  53. The cover of a pâte chaude case is often not used, and aspic jelly covers the top of the pie.

  54. While aspic jelly is certainly the handsomest of garnishes for cold dishes, it is generally part of the food itself, and should not be so lavishly used that when helped there is more jelly than meat served.

  55. I may here remind the reader that when aspic or béchamel is used for masking or for pouring into a mould as lining, etc.

  56. Turn the moulds out very carefully, and garnish with chopped aspic and watercress or parsley.

  57. When colored aspic is required for garnishing, pour off a little into separate vessels, and color each as required.

  58. Brown Chaudfroid Sauce is made by putting a pint of Spanish sauce, a gill of cream, half a pint of aspic jelly together, and boiling them until they are reduced one quarter.

  59. White Chaudfroid Sauce is simply béchamel and aspic treated in the same way.

  60. Chop the rest of the aspic, lay it round the dish, and the cutlets against it, with the croûtons of aspic to form the outer edge.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "aspic" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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