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  1. Three citizens were also asphyxiated in trying to save him, two of whom died; "and the deaths of Sixdenier and Toulon will be for all another and a grand example to add to the history of the regiment.

  2. The introduction of gas excited much opposition, as late as 1830; the householders feared to be asphyxiated by sulphuretted hydrogen and adopted the new method with much hesitation.

  3. Peculiar thing, Mr. Forrester, how a man can be asphyxiated in the open air--yet this fellow shows every symptom of asphyxia.

  4. No wonder they're found asphyxiated when they don't pay.

  5. But," protested Forrester, "how could they be asphyxiated when the bodies are always found out in the open air?

  6. It seems likely that the child was born asphyxiated and was buried in this state, and only began to assume independent vitality when for the second time exposed to the air.

  7. A sudden convulsive effort of the fish enabled it to enter the fisherman's throat, and he was asphyxiated before his boat reached the shore.

  8. In a great number of these cases the infant was asphyxiated or dead in one minute.

  9. He was stung in the throat, followed by such intense inflammation that the man died asphyxiated in the presence of his friends, who could do nothing to relieve him.

  10. There was a case of a man brought into the Hopital Saint-Louis asphyxiated by strangulation, having been hung for some time.

  11. The third fainted, half asphyxiated by the smell of the sulphur.

  12. Fifty of these were found entirely carbonized, the thirty others were covered with sores, on the head, in the eyes, and on the back, and half asphyxiated by the fulminant fluid.

  13. Sometimes the victims are nearly asphyxiated by the fulminic effluvium, and only owe their preservation to the extreme care which is lavished on them.

  14. Some were asphyxiated in the cellars where they had taken refuge from the shooting, or were burnt alive as they attempted to escape from their homes.

  15. His house was burnt to the ground, and a servant asphyxiated in the cellar.

  16. The condition known as asynesia, or amnesia, sometimes follows the return to consciousness in persons asphyxiated and apparently dead from drowning.

  17. The authorities are that an individual who dies asphyxiated by submersion passes through three stages.

  18. Case 16; child, 6 months old, sitting on a high chair, fell between the chair guard and seat and was asphyxiated by compression of neck.

  19. The Duke looked extremely stern at luncheon and was punctiliously polite to everyone, but those in his immediate vicinity were conscious that a stiffness had fallen upon the atmosphere which asphyxiated conversation.

  20. The means of resuscitating persons asphyxiated from electricity, &c.

  21. To have the expired air as pure as possible, the person should quickly inflate his lungs, and instantly expel the air into those of the asphyxiated person.

  22. Persons asphyxiated by carbonic acid, water, strangling, or any noxious air, after resuscitation, are usually affected with coughs and other diseases of the lungs.

  23. The cattle suffer greatly, asphyxiated by the dust of ashes.

  24. Birds fell in their noiseless flight, smothered by the ash that surrounded them, or asphyxiated by poisonous vapors or gases that were being poured into the atmosphere.

  25. The asphyxiated speculation in his guardian's eyes had not been without significance.

  26. Several times during dinner he caught Gordy's eyes fixed on him, from under those puffy half-closed lids, with asphyxiated speculation.

  27. He worked on the child for forty minutes, using the ordinary methods for reviving asphyxiated children, but got no sign of life.

  28. I had to discontinue morphia and scopolamine because there were too many cases of post-partum hemorrhage, too many cases in which forceps had to be used, too many asphyxiated babies.

  29. Several of the women became so delirious and violent that ether had to be used to quiet them, with the result that the infants were born "narcotized and asphyxiated to a degree.

  30. They fall on their sides, are violently convulsed, and die in an asphyxiated condition; but with smaller doses the phenomena first observed are generally to be referred to the respiration.

  31. Our carriage was advancing slowly; the heat and dust almost asphyxiated us; our throats were parched with thirst, but none of us dared ask for a drop of water.

  32. Amelie, notwithstanding her exhaustion, resolutely moved on; but there came a moment when she tottered, for the lack of fresh air almost asphyxiated her.

  33. When we reached daylight, the air asphyxiated me like a powerful gas and when my guide opened a door, saying, "Here!

  34. With a view to certain experiments, I collected a heap of wasp grubs, asphyxiated in their underground nests.

  35. It was apparent that these animals, as well as the squirrels and insects, had not met their death by violence, but had been asphyxiated by the irrespirable gas given off in the gulch.

  36. In another, a woman, the victim's husband was asphyxiated by the smoke.

  37. How do you know absolutely that this poison which you discovered in my office last night in that black precipitate when you added the ether--how do you know that it asphyxiated the victims?

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