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Example sentences for "conscripting"

Lexicographically close words:
consciously; consciousness; consciousnesses; conscript; conscripted; conscription; conscriptions; conscripts; conscyence; consecrate
  1. If it went too far in conscripting incomes and earnings, the country would likewise be crippled.

  2. If it went too far in conscripting men, the country would be crippled.

  3. In the late war it was no great trouble to pass laws conscripting life; it was impossible to pass laws conscripting wealth.

  4. I went across the country till I had passed the last of their picket fires, of which there appeared to be several lines, these being formed by Morgan's men, who was conscripting every man he could find.

  5. The Confederate authorities then sought to strengthen the army by conscripting all able-bodied negroes, free and slave, between the age of eighteen and fifty.

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