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Example sentences for "consecrate"

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conscripting; conscription; conscriptions; conscripts; conscyence; consecrated; consecrates; consecrating; consecration; consecrations
  1. I am highly delighted with it; and if you should think it worthy of your attention, I have a fair dame in my eye to whom I would consecrate it.

  2. To the supremacy of these principles let us all consecrate our best purposes and strength.

  3. How can we think of such a Fountain-Being, but we must withal acknowledge ourselves to be shadows of his goodness, and that we owe to him what we are, and so consecrate and dedicate ourselves to his glory!

  4. And that is nothing but glory he seeks from us, that we offer and consecrate soul and body to him, to come under his yoke.

  5. All that ye have spent on the public will never be reckoned, since ye will not consecrate your lives to God, will not give your lusts up to him.

  6. For we are infinitely bound by creation, by many other bonds stronger than wedlock, to consecrate and devote ourselves wholly to God, but this is treacherously broken.

  7. Cardoville to attain this end, and the name of the pure and honorable person who was to consecrate their union, these were secrets which, not belonging exclusively to the young lady, could not yet be communicated to Djalma.

  8. It ends thus: "Dear mother, in half an hour I go to the chapel to consecrate my whole being for ever to God and His service.

  9. I look upon this settlement of our difficulties as the work of Divine Providence, and my prayer is that it may make me humble, modest, and renew my desire to consecrate myself wholly to God's designs.

  10. Oh that it were but eight minutes, nay, eight seconds, when I shall be permitted, with the favor and grace of God, to consecrate my whole being and life to His sole service!

  11. There are many good people, at the present day, who say to me, I am willing to consecrate my child to God in prayer, and bring him up for God; but I do not see the necessity of an ordinance.

  12. If Moses had said with himself, So long as I consecrate my child to God by prayer, the seal of the covenant cannot be essential, God taught him his mistake.

  13. Seeing this happy change in his disposition, Werburga revealed to her father the earnest desire of her heart, and earnestly entreated his permission to consecrate herself wholly to God.

  14. Tarasius, who had known him as a boy, gladly agreed to consecrate him.

  15. Thus she easily gained her father's consent that she should consecrate her virginity to God, and become a nun.

  16. Cuthbert went to see Elfleda in the neighbourhood of the great monastery of Whitby, to consecrate a church which she had built there, and to converse with her for the last time.

  17. Best gift of God, and man's true Friend, Into my inmost soul descend; The mind of Jesus Christ impart, And consecrate to Thee my heart.

  18. Then shall I tell in grateful song The praises that to Thee belong; And while I live, my joy shall be To consecrate myself to Thee.

  19. This, he said, was the custom of those of whom he had learned the rule of regular discipline, first to consecrate to the Lord, by prayer and fasting, the places which they had newly received for building a monastery or a church.

  20. It happened that the man of God was, at that time, called thither by the thegn to consecrate a church; and when that was done, the thegn desired him to come into his house and dine.

  21. The king and the people received him honourably, and asked Theodore, then Archbishop of Canterbury, to consecrate him as their bishop.

  22. It is better not to consecrate wine in the flagon (though the rubric permits it) except in the emergency of having only one chalice, and a very large number of communicants.

  23. If the consecrated Bread or Wine be all spent before all have communicated, the Priest is to consecrate more according to the Form before prescribed: beginning at [Our Saviour Christ in the same night, &c.

  24. It is desirable that the Priest should, as a general rule, consecrate all the Bread and Wine that he offers.

  25. But if he should afterwards find his computation excessive--as the offering the alms and elements together is not directly connected with consecration--he is not under obligation to consecrate all that he has offered.

  26. As his contribution to this great object, it is the inalienable birthright of every child of Adam, to consecrate whatever he may possess.

  27. As his contribution to this great object, it is the inalienable birth-right of every child of Adam, to consecrate whatever he may possess.

  28. It was, therefore, only fitting to consecrate to him a poem after the model of the hymns of the church, so many of which, as well as the Latin poem on S.

  29. He had been a distinguished Humanist, and in 1507 had resolved to consecrate his learning to a study of the Holy Scriptures.

  30. Who will this day consecrate his services to the Lord?

  31. I awoke a little after three, and arose at half-past four, with these words upon my mind, 'Who will consecrate his services this day unto the Lord?

  32. Throughout the day I have enjoyed a calm repose, and a fixed resolve to consecrate my services, so long as I am spared, to the Lord.

  33. The divine intoxication of that love where the delicacies and purities of affection consecrate the humanity of passion was to him a thing of which not even his youngest imagination had ever dreamed.

  34. Quercus be consecrate to Jupiter, because he gave his oracles in the same in Sylva Dodonea, and therefore called Jupiter Dodoneus; yet Antiqutye adorned and crowned Diana Heccate with the same crowne also.

  35. I sayed before) the sacryfycer sholde be adorned with garlandes of suche thinges, as were consecrate to the goddes to whome they sacryfyced.

  36. The bishops of the royal city claimed to consecrate the already-named patriarchs.

  37. The emperor with joy submitted himself to the Holy See, and worshipped Pope Agapetus; he expelled Anthimus from his communion and banished him, and besought the Pope to consecrate Mennas in his stead.

  38. Against all primitive order that bishop is found to consecrate his subordinate patriarchs at Alexandria and Antioch: to put down one and to raise another.

  39. Arnold was one of those who could separate them from their incongruous history and consecrate them over again.

  40. When captured, they requested of the victor Marius to consecrate them to the service of Vesta's sacred virgins, promising to keep themselves as pure and immaculate as the goddess and her servants.

  41. And it must have been hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven," said Arius, "only because he had to consecrate all earthly possessions to the common Church, and abdicate all human titles and prerogatives.

  42. By what right did you seek to consecrate a child unborn to a claustral life without thought of his character, without reck of the desires that should be his?

  43. Blame me not therefore, if I pick you out from the bunch of Booke-takers, to consecrate these fruits of my braine (which shall neuer die) onely to you.

  44. We used to desire greatly to consecrate that by our ministry; but since God has disposed otherwise, we wish that it be consecrated before we come thither on a future occasion.

  45. The rich young ruler consecrated a part, but was unwilling to consecrate the whole.

  46. I must not merely clap my hands when the King goes by, I must consecrate those hands in sacrificial service.

  47. Let us consecrate the cradle, and the good Lord will grow and nourish His saints.

  48. When I consecrate my weakness I put on strength and majesty like a robe.

  49. While to all the rest of the world, he seemed to consecrate himself to the memory of his ill-fated wife, to me alone he unveiled his straying heart.

  50. I consecrate on earth, what has already received the unction of Heaven!

  51. Thus we consecrate the day to thee, Power of Heaven!

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