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conscyence; consecrate; consecrated; consecrates; consecrating; consecrations; consecution; consecutive; consecutively; consecutiveness
  1. With this the ceremony of consecration closed, and the whole concourse poured forth once more from the house of God.

  2. The sacred rite of consecration over, the monarch rose and turning was met by a herald of Charles V.

  3. On one occasion he expressed a fear that they were seeking to obtain their consecration with a view to transfer their allegiance from himself to Rome.

  4. It made life a conscious voluntary sacrifice to an ideal, and the reward was a touch of consecration once a week.

  5. His wife left town for a few days and when she returned the Reb took out a bottle of wine, poured some into the consecration cup and began to recite the blessing.

  6. How holy the stars seemed up there in the quiet sky, like so many Sabbath lights shedding visible consecration and blessing!

  7. The commonplace editorial chair seemed to have undergone consecration and poetic transformation.

  8. Even so, vows can be commuted now, if no consecration has intervened.

  9. This kind of solemnization regards not only men but also God in so far as it is accompanied by a spiritual consecration or blessing, of which God is the author, though man is the minister, according to Num.

  10. And since, as stated in the same article, the solemnization of a vow consists in a spiritual blessing and consecration bestowed through the ministry of the Church, it follows that it comes under the Church's dispensation.

  11. Because if not, the solemnity of the consecration can remain without the obligation of continency, but not if continency is essentially bound up with that for which the vow is solemnized.

  12. Now it is the custom in some places to give something in the consecration of bishops, blessings of abbots, ordinations of the clergy, in exchange for the chrism, holy oil, and so forth.

  13. Now the solemnity of a vow consists in a kind of consecration or blessing of the person who takes the vow, as stated above (A.

  14. Again, a certain solemnity of consecration is employed together with the aforesaid profession, according to 2 Tim.

  15. Sacred vessels also are annexed to spiritual things as to their end, wherefore their consecration cannot be sold.

  16. In many places there is no formal consecration of the elements.

  17. That there is no actual change in the bread and wine is perfectly plain from the single fact, that they are always called “bread” and “wine” in Scripture after their consecration in the sacrament.

  18. To ensure the continued unity of the bread, the Roman church ever leaves over from a preceding consecration half a holy wafer, called fermentum, which is added in the next celebration.

  19. The substance of the elements remain as well as their accidents, but like baptismal water they gain by consecration a hidden virtue benefiting soul and body.

  20. Oil was sometimes offered, as well as wine, but it would seem for consecration only, and not for consumption along with the sacrament.

  21. The bread and wine before consecration are "likenesses of his body and blood," this in virtue of the words pronounced over them by Jesus on the night of his betrayal.

  22. Here the bread and wine become by consecration tenements in which the Word is reincarnated, as he aforetime dwelled in flesh.

  23. Or the entire stock of bread may have been regarded as flesh of Jesus in virtue of the initial consecration of one single loaf.

  24. And now, may this affair at the Consecration be the last of my self-will and self-conceit; for indeed there is much that is fearfully wrong in me to be corrected, before I can dare to think of the Confirmation.

  25. Elizabeth was always fully employed on a Sunday, and on that which followed the Consecration she had perhaps more on her hands even than usual, so that she had little opportunity for speaking, or even for thinking, of her troubles.

  26. Elizabeth was busy numbering the Consecration tickets for the next day, and Anne in helping her, so that they sat quietly together in the inner drawing-room during the greater part of the evening.

  27. So you think the happiness of the Consecration day depends upon the party and the luncheon,' said Helen.

  28. This Consecration day will be a glorious time to look back to, when it is alone on the horizon, and we have lost sight of all that blemishes it now.

  29. I have been having a most delightful talk about the Consecration with the girls,' said she, 'hearing what they saw, and what they thought of it.

  30. The most important principle for the guidance of such an inquirer is this: Friendship can be carried, without adulteration or peril, to a degree proportioned to the nobleness and consecration of the parties.

  31. At the consecration of the wondrous fabric which she had reared in his honor, she offered a prize for the most eloquent eulogy on Mausolus.

  32. But it may be asked, When was this done to Christ, or what sacrifice of consecration had he precedent to the offering up of himself for our sins?

  33. For this ceremony was not to be observed until his garments were made and put upon him; also the blood of the ram of consecration was to be sprinkled upon him, his garments, &c.

  34. The consecration to Isis of the hero of Apuleius was the result of a call, of an appeal, by the goddess who wanted the neophyte to enlist in her sacred militia.

  35. Just as the ritual of consecration brought the statue to life (supra, n.

  36. In fulfilment of his request, Gregory ordered the consecration of the Dominican Ponsa as Bishop of Bosnia, and soon afterwards appointed Ponsa as legate for three years in order that he might exterminate the remnant of heresy.

  37. The one serious speculative error of Wickliff lay in his effort to reconcile the mystery of the Eucharist with the stubborn fact that after consecration the bread remained bread and the wine continued to be wine.

  38. Though they ridiculed the consecration of churches, they were very earnest in listening to the word of God, and if any one was too busy or too lazy to go to the wooden house where they assembled for preaching he was compelled by stripes.

  39. It is not the suppression, but the due control and consecration of our feelings to the purest ends that the Bible proposes; not the exclusion of what is human, but the admixture of what is divine.

  40. Saints offer nothing in their warmest prayers That he devotes not with a zeal like theirs; 'Tis consecration of his heart, soul, time, And every thought that wanders is a crime.

  41. All that now remains is to consider the consecration of these faculties to high and holy ends; and the influence of his writings on the literary, the moral, and religious character of the age.

  42. Her missions of mercy to the aged couple over, for a while the white taper of ideal consecration to the Church always burned in her bosom with clearer, steadier lustre, as though lit afresh from the Light eternal.

  43. Immediately after his consecration he prepared to take up his residence at Capua.

  44. Bishop Camus had already referred his scruples regarding his youth at the time of his consecration to his holy director.

  45. I have, you must know, been called to the consecration of other Bishops, but only as assistant.

  46. This experience was extended to the native Christians as well, and with deep repentance came a new feeling of peace and a greater zeal and consecration than ever before.

  47. The ceremonies of the coronation and consecration coming so soon after the election, it was naturally supposed that the great Cathedral of St. Mark's would be offered for that purpose.

  48. The solemn ceremony of his consecration and coronation as Emperor of the French took place in the great cathedral of Notre Dame in the midst of all the splendor which the united resources of Church and State could afford.

  49. The significance of this may be seen when we reflect that the ancient canons of the Church require that not less than three Bishops shall unite in the consecration of a Bishop.

  50. The words used by our Blessed Lord when He instituted the Sacrament of His Body and Blood, and which are incorporated in the Prayer of Consecration as set forth in the Communion Service.

  51. The ring is, also, frequently given at the consecration of a Bishop, to symbolize his espousal with the Church in his Diocese.

  52. Such is the meaning of the consecration of our churches, and when new articles are added it seems but fitting {35} that they also should be set apart for sacred use, and this is done by an office of Benediction.

  53. Repeated efforts were made to secure the consecration of a Bishop for the Church in America, but owing to political and ecclesiastical complications this was not possible until after the Revolutionary War.

  54. By the consecration of these four Bishops abroad the American Church secured the Episcopate from the ancient and Apostolic sources, and thus gained the power of perpetuating itself.

  55. These, together with the approbation of his testimonials by the House of Deputies in General Convention and its consent to his consecration are then presented to the House of Bishops.

  56. These words form the essential part of the Consecration and the rubric directs that they be accompanied by certain manual acts which are prescribed.

  57. The annual commemoration of the consecration of a Church building is so called.

  58. Thomas John Claggett, the first Bishop of Maryland, in whose consecration all four of the American Bishops united.

  59. As the representative of the Diocese, it gives its consent to the consecration of a Bishop elected by any other Diocese.

  60. The name given to the beautiful prayer offered in great humility just before the Consecration in the Holy Communion, beginning, "We do not presume," etc.

  61. The series properly begins with the consecration of the church on Ashington field in 1020.

  62. The title recalls the mode of consecration used for priests and kings by anointing them with oil (Lev.

  63. So the love of Italy is in its essence a love for that which is best and noblest in human nature--"the consecration of self to an object higher than self.

  64. The consecration was doubtless a blessing to her, for she was happy in her new home, and found a sphere of usefulness that employed her hours to the best advantage.

  65. It consists of two parts: the consecration of the Tabernacle and its vessels by the anointing oil which, when applied to inanimate objects, simply devoted them to sacred uses, and the consecration of Aaron and his sons.

  66. The central idea of this sacrifice, then, as gathered from its name and confirmed by its manner, is that of the yielding of the whole being in self-surrender, and borne up by the flame of intense consecration to God.

  67. How is that glad temper of spontaneous and cheerful consecration to be attained and maintained?

  68. They truly were many priests, because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death,' and provision for their brief tenure of office was embodied in the consecration of the sons by the side of the father.

  69. The feast of tabernacles was the consecration of joy.

  70. But a week had passed since the consecration of their father and themselves as priests.

  71. God delights in the consecration to Him of ourselves and our powers, no matter whether they be great or small, if only the consecration be thorough, and the whole being be wrapped in the transforming blaze.

  72. Again, this consecration of life's activities is to be carried out by treating their products, as well as themselves, as offerings to God.

  73. The secret of consecration is communion with Jesus Christ.

  74. The motive sanctifies the act, and the completeness of the consecration magnifies it.

  75. Work will have one law, one motive, its consecration and strength; and as in some solemn procession, all our steps and all our movements will keep time to the music of our praise to 'Him who loved us.

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