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commutations; commutative; commutator; commutators; commute; commuter; commuters; commuting; commyng; commytted
  1. A few years ago, I was the victim of medical skill; and being sentenced to death in my own country by three eminent physicians, was comparatively happy in having that sentence commuted to banishment.

  2. The sentence of one who had given evidence against the rest was commuted in that his hand was not cut off till after his death.

  3. Nevertheless he was in 1872 condemned along with the other members of the Commune to transportation; but on account of his broken health this sentence was commuted to one of imprisonment.

  4. Implicated in the armed outbreak of the Societe des Saisons, of which he was a leading spirit, he was in the following year, 1840, condemned to death, a sentence that was afterwards commuted to imprisonment for life.

  5. The Procurationes were the charges, commuted to money payments, which bishops and archdeacons were authorised to make for their personal expenses while on their tours of visitation throughout their dioceses.

  6. The ambassador of England made intercession for the prisoners, and their sentence was commuted into one of perpetual banishment from France.

  7. He was condemned to be broken alive on the wheel, and then strangled; whereas by special favour the sentence was commuted into strangulation first and the breaking of his bones afterwards.

  8. On the 22nd of February the sentence of death was read to Silvio Pellico in his Venetian prison, to be commuted to one of fifteen years' imprisonment at Spielberg, a fortress converted into a convict prison in a bleak position in Moravia.

  9. He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and a fine of £1,000, which was partly commuted on his release.

  10. Urgent efforts were made on behalf of the nobles by Josephine and "Madame Mère"; and Napoleon grudgingly commuted their sentence to imprisonment.

  11. His artillery command had been commuted to a corresponding rank in the infantry--a step that deeply incensed him.

  12. This led to the ruinous expedient of substituting convicts, whose regular punishments were commuted into transportation, for a limited period, to the Indies.

  13. One of his earliest acts was to receive the finding of the court-martial upon his old comrade in arms, Marshal Bazaine, whose death sentence he commuted to one of twenty years' imprisonment in a fortress.

  14. Full rights of dominion were not acquired till 1823, when the tribute was commuted for a lump payment.

  15. The constitution was originally a moderate aristocracy; but was commuted soon after the Persian war into a democracy, which was, however, curbed by prudent restrictions.

  16. If, however, an amnestied person committed another crime within three years, he would be confined for the unserved portion of his commuted sentence in addition to the new one.

  17. The death sentence is also authorized, but it may be commuted to life imprisonment.

  18. If from Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, when received by regular subscribers in Canada from the Office of publication, the ordinary commuted rates applicable to Canada Newspapers.

  19. Stephen Battiscombe, sentenced to death, punishment commuted to ten years' slavery in Jamaica.

  20. All these minor penalties could be commuted for payments in money in the same way as absolution from the crusader's vow, and the council of Vienna tried to put an end to these extortions.

  21. According to the commissary, the number of those who commuted their pensions was about twelve hundred.

  22. My father was one of the commuted pensioners, as they call them.

  23. Footnote 10: Of the commuted pensioners, and their fate in Canada, more will be said hereafter.

  24. From some particular circumstances the case of these commuted pensioners was frequently brought under my observation while I was in Canada, and excited my strongest interest and compassion.

  25. The colony was thought likely to afford a desirable home for Chelsea pensioners, who commuted their pensions for four years' payment.

  26. It became therefore the manifest interest of both parties that personal services should be commuted into pecuniary payments.

  27. The net pecuniary result of the change, then, was the same as though the services had been commuted for money at less than their value.

  28. They were excused of a part of their services in some cases, and in others all of the services were definitely commuted for small sums of money.

  29. A point which has not been dwelt upon is the favorable pecuniary terms upon which the villains commuted their services.

  30. The value of the customary services commuted was at least ten shillings six pence per acre, and they were commuted at six shillings eight pence.

  31. At Wargrave the services of thirty-two virgates were all commuted at three shillings each, and the same sum was paid by each of twenty-three virgates at Waltham.

  32. At Witney, for instance, the works and services of all the native tenants were commuted at fixed payments (ad certos denarios) by favour of the lord as long as the lord pleases, on account of the poverty of the homage.

  33. Frequently when services were commuted for money, the record of the fact is accompanied by the statement that the change was made on account of the poverty of the tenants.

  34. Friedrich Haberle and Johannes Schwan are reprieved from death, their sentence is commuted to flogging and banishment.

  35. The sentence was commuted to perpetual imprisonment and forfeiture of all lands, monies, and jewels.

  36. However, the law allowed the heretic to abjure even at the foot of the stake; in that case his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

  37. Life imprisonment was sometimes commuted into temporary imprisonment, and both into pilgrimages or wearing the cross.

  38. Calvin, however, wished the death penalty of fire to be commuted into some other kind of death.

  39. Murder, larceny, arson, rape--all offences against the person were commuted for a definite price.

  40. The young man was condemned to death, but the capital sentence was commuted to penal servitude for life.

  41. At the last moment there was a reprieve, and the death sentence was commuted to one of penal servitude for life.

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