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Example sentences for "consciousnesses"

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  1. Either these consciousnesses would be united in a point in order to form a common consciousness, or they would not.

  2. To attribute this variety of consciousnesses to the same being, to take them as modifications of the same substance, as revelations of itself to its own eyes, is a gratuitous assertion; and not only gratuitous but absurd.

  3. The very idea of consciousness excludes this monstrous absurdity, which attempts to transform individual consciousnesses into modifications of one universal consciousness.

  4. Never at any time, in any country or phase of society, could men be persuaded that the consciousness of all their acts and impressions belonged to one and the same being in which individual consciousnesses were united.

  5. So much for the two consciousnesses when I can disentangle them; but there is a part of my thoughts that I have more difficulty in attributing.

  6. You remember my own intellectualist difficulties in the last lecture, about how a lot of separate consciousnesses can at the same time be one collective thing.

  7. How can many consciousnesses be at the same time one consciousness?

  8. For this reason, Christ has not two consciousnesses and two wills, but a single consciousness and a single will.

  9. The theory of two consciousnesses and two wills, first elaborated by John of Damascus, was an unwarranted addition to the orthodox doctrine propounded at Chalcedon.

  10. But we have provisionally rejected that hypothesis, and have maintained that the only consciousness of a crowd or other group is the consciousnesses of its constituent individuals.

  11. Has not even matter confessedly received from God the power of experiencing, in consequence of impressions from the earlier modifications of matter, certain consciousnesses called sensations of the same?

  12. This fact that there can be more than one consciousness in the same personality among men should make us slow to deny that there can be three consciousnesses in the one God.

  13. There are three eternal consciousnesses and three eternal wills in the divine nature.

  14. Then it is not incredible that there should be three consciousnesses in God.

  15. We do not maintain that any one of these fragmentary or collective consciousnesses attains personality in man, at least in the present life.

  16. In the hypnotic state, multiple consciousnesses may be induced in the same nervous organism.

  17. Can he whose universal consciousness includes and defines all finite consciousnesses be other than responsible for all finite actions and motives?

  18. The three hypostatical consciousnesses in their combination and unity constitute the one consciousness of God .

  19. He regards His work as finished when He has communicated His life, His piety, to a few poor consciousnesses that He found asleep and dead.

  20. The supreme revelation of God shines forth in the highest of all consciousnesses and the loveliest of human lives.

  21. Thus God reveals Himself in the great consciousnesses that His Spirit raises, fills, illumines one by one; they form a sacred theory through the ages and leave on history a track of light which brightens, broadens to the perfect day.

  22. Orthodoxy is a thousand times right as against rationalism or mysticism, when it proclaims the necessity for a Church of formulating its faith into a doctrine, without which religious consciousnesses remain confused and undiscernible.

  23. While pain prevails widely, it is undesirable that each should participate much in the consciousnesses of others; but with an increasing predominance of pleasure, participation in others' consciousnesses becomes a gain of pleasure to all.

  24. The differing consciousnesses of the two conditions can not be produced in evidence, or embodied in forms of the understanding.

  25. Hester would gaze till the tears came in her eyes; There are consciousnesses of lack which carry more bliss than any possession.

  26. Hardly thoughts were they, but strange other consciousnesses of life and being.

  27. And in like manner, in the heart of God consciousnesses are born and die--but do they die?

  28. Each consciousness seeks to be itself and to be all other consciousnesses without ceasing to be itself: it seeks to be God.

  29. God suffers in each and all of us, in each and all of the consciousnesses imprisoned in transitory matter, and we all suffer in Him.

  30. And then one day, after long years of growth in the under-consciousnesses of men, an idea came into full bloom in the world.

  31. The fever of madness was upon them, and numbed their wills so that they could not reach beneath the surface of their consciousnesses to find words for their emotions.

  32. In the under-consciousnesses of men, sown God only knows how and when and where, sown in the weakness of a thousand blind prophets, the seeds of righteous wrath at greed like John Barclay's were growing during all the years of his triumph.

  33. But the clan, like every other sort of society, can live only in and through the individual consciousnesses that compose it.

  34. In fact, if left to themselves, individual consciousnesses are closed to each other; they can communicate only by means of signs which express their internal states.

  35. By this very fact, the contents of their consciousnesses is changed.

  36. There is a psychological science because there are really consciousnesses which do not hold their right of existence from the psychologist.

  37. Just as there is no society without individuals, so those impersonal forces which are disengaged from the group cannot establish themselves without incarnating themselves in the individual consciousnesses where they individualize themselves.

  38. In order that the former may appear, a synthesis sui generis of particular consciousnesses is required.

  39. Religious force is only the sentiment inspired by the group in its members, but projected outside of the consciousnesses that experience them, and objectified.

  40. In fact, all are consciousnesses which express one and the same object, the world; and as the world itself is only a system of representations, each particular consciousness is really only the reflection of the universal consciousness.

  41. In a word, just as society exists only in and through individuals, the totemic principle exists only in and through the individual consciousnesses whose association forms the clan.

  42. Now this is not the possession of any one in particular: it is a part of the collective patrimony; in it and through it, all consciousnesses communicate.

  43. There is certainly no other being in the world of experience which is closer to the very source of all religious life; none participates in it more directly, for it is in human consciousnesses that it is elaborated.

  44. According to the reigning doctrines in physiology and experimental psychology, individual consciousness is, as we have said, a compound of the consciousnesses of all the cells that are united in the physical organism.

  45. And now let us consider consciousnesses in their relations to each other.

  46. Such an image might be regarded as a point of contact between the two consciousnesses involved.

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