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Example sentences for "conscientiousness"

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consciences; conscientia; conscientiam; conscientious; conscientiously; conscionable; conscious; consciously; consciousness; consciousnesses
  1. Among these rationalistic men of Germany I found conscientiousness in work as much insisted on as it could be among theologians.

  2. Notwithstanding such conscientiousness and consistency the trial of faith and patience continued.

  3. The Jew Mendelssohn, whom he would not have trusted with a penny, appeared the incarnation of conscientiousness and wisdom.

  4. Forged letters and documents were the order of the day; conscientiousness and uprightness had utterly disappeared.

  5. Hence, there was little poverty, or such only as was endurable, for the love of one's neighbor had to be exercised with the greatest conscientiousness to keep the favor of God, the King.

  6. Wessely again resembled Mendelssohn in character, distinguished as he was by strict conscientiousness and elevated feelings of honor.

  7. He became at the same time a skilled physician, and practiced his art with conscientiousness and zeal.

  8. He is by no means a good boy, but his mother, by a kind of heroic conscientiousness and rationality, slowly conquers him and secures his attachment.

  9. The author had taken a plunge into the great dumb deep of the nethermost social strata, which he has explored with admirable conscientiousness and artistic perception.

  10. With the utmost conscientiousness he started out with his Thomasine, morning after morning, to study the Vatican and the Capitoline collections.

  11. The painters likewise caught the tendency, and with the same thorough-going conscientiousness as their brethren of the quill, disguised coarseness as strength, bluntness as honesty, churlishness as dignity.

  12. The average of conscientiousness is much higher than the average of intelligence.

  13. Sincerity and conscientiousness are sister entities, and are largely a measure of intellectual bias, whose other name is prejudice.

  14. He handed his principality over to the head of the Prussian branch of his house, and forthwith, as the first German subject, worked with great unselfishness and conscientiousness to help on the power and greatness of Germany.

  15. For thirty-one years he had gloriously fulfilled the duties of his difficult office, and accomplished the arduous task with true German conscientiousness and Christian piety.

  16. He had done this with a high sense of duty and the conscientiousness of a true German.

  17. But his conscientiousness compelled him to state briefly his opinion on the subject in the "Origin of Species" in 1859.

  18. But with his characteristic conscientiousness he guards himself thus: "I do not intend to assert that sexual selection will account for all the differences between the races.

  19. The Master said: Make conscientiousness and truth your guiding principles, and thus pass on to the cultivation of duty to your neighbour.

  20. Make conscientiousness and sincerity your grand object.

  21. The Master made four things the subject of his teaching: a knowledge of literature and the arts, conduct, conscientiousness and truthfulness.

  22. The earlier years of Mr. Gladstone's political life stand out all the more finely, and leave a more enduring impression, because of the absolute truthfulness and conscientiousness with which the record has been penned.

  23. The author has certainly gone about his work with conscientiousness and industry.

  24. An exceeding slowness of brain prevented him from rising to a more exalted position, a position to which his quite extraordinary conscientiousness and honesty would have entitled him.

  25. That same conscientiousness and honesty prevented him from being superseded by a more juvenile individual, when his age had passed the limit usually accorded to office boys.

  26. It was a just tribute to his integrity of purpose and conscientiousness that the purity of his motives in deciding upon the step were never questioned.

  27. Whereas, the cool brain had reckoned confidently upon the fidelity of the tutor and the conscientiousness of pupils accustomed to the discipline of a home where implicit obedience was the law.

  28. The conscientiousness of their work cries out for recognition when the threads they dyed are almost unaltered in colour after five hundred years of exposure to their enemies, light and air.

  29. An artistic conscientiousness which values truth and honesty in every detail, saves her from this too common snare.

  30. Unfortunately for Clarice, he had caught a glimpse of Piers, and, having no conscientiousness in his own composition, he could not imagine it in that of another.

  31. Industriousness and conscientiousness are often antagonists, owing to the fact that industriousness wants to pluck the fruit sour from the tree while conscientiousness wants to let it hang too long, until it falls and is bruised.

  32. This professional conscientiousness is highly creditable to you, but it places us in a very awkward position.

  33. It is a strange commentary on education when conscientiousness means particular care for little things, as it very often does among teachers.

  34. The main fault of half of the good teachers in the elementary schools to-day is over-conscientiousness about little things.

  35. It is by constant and conscientious attention to daily duties that thoroughness and conscientiousness and honorableness are imbedded in our beings.

  36. Hence the religion of a student demands that he be true to his work, and that he let his Christianity be shown to his fellow students and to his professors by the integrity and the conscientiousness of his academic life.

  37. He was one of the handsomest men in the army, fair, with a sunny smile and the proverbial Malzin conscientiousness in his earnest eyes, very fastidious in his pleasures, almost dandified in his dress; spoiled by women of fashion.

  38. I am convinced that your exaggerated conscientiousness is leading you to magnify some very commonplace affair;--an old love scrape is perhaps casting a shadow over your betrothal.

  39. Her conscientiousness in little things was remarkable.

  40. As an instance of her conscientiousness we mention a circumstance which took place somewhere about this time.

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