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Example sentences for "gatherers"

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  1. In the morning Muhamed Isa reported that the dung-gatherers had discovered something which they described as ruins of stone houses.

  2. The lake ice, only a couple of yards distant, vanished completely from sight, and the dung-gatherers suddenly emerged from the mist when they were only a few steps from the fire.

  3. The army of clay-gatherers and modellers grew larger and larger, and the work-sheds stretched almost down to the river's edge.

  4. The farmers of the taxes were out in all parts of France endeavouring to extort those levies which the ordinary tax-gatherers had demanded and distrained for in vain.

  5. On such expeditions rubber gatherers usually go armed with rifles to protect themselves against wild animals, reptiles and savage Indians.

  6. The tax-gatherers will then be resisted, and it may well be doubted whether the soldiery and their officers will not divide, as the Tiers-Etat and Nobles.

  7. Here, the tax-gatherers might be resisted by the people.

  8. From every erdeb of dates the Wahaby tax-gatherers took their quota either in kind or in money, according to the market-price they then bore.

  9. The tax-gatherers had lately gone their rounds, and the agents of the Mouffetish had wielded the kourbash without mercy and to some purpose.

  10. Though it be till the Karadh-gatherers return, yet shall ye replace nor stone nor piece of wood, save in the gates thereof, till good days come once more, and the infidel and the Turk be driven from the land.

  11. Heavy as were the imposts which were laid upon the tributary peoples of Africa for the purposes of the state, enormous burdens were added by the tax gatherers to satisfy the cupidity of their patrons in the council.

  12. Down with the tax gatherers is a good cry," the old fisherman said.

  13. But the people should share in the advantages of a good government; they should not be taxed more than they could reasonably pay, and any tax gatherers who should extort a penny beyond the legal amount should be disgraced and punished.

  14. The authorities at La Paz attempted to assert their political control, but since it was well-nigh impossible to get troops into the country except by way of the Atlantic, the rubber gatherers defied them.

  15. The young radicals of Quito plotted the tyrant's assassination, while the villagers of the plateau arose in revolt against the gatherers of an obnoxious poll-tax.

  16. It is in such holes that the samphire gatherers find them.

  17. The tax-gatherers would listen to no remonstrances and insisted upon the payment.

  18. The tax-gatherers and sbirri now lost all patience.

  19. The news that Masaniello had headed a rising in Naples against the tax-gatherers helped to excite the mob, just as the victories of the English Parliament had encouraged the aspirations of the French Parliament.

  20. The tax-gatherers drove the people back; the people made use of the fruit as their weapons.

  21. Then Eliezer the son of Arak interrupted him and said, "Why eatest thou, contrary to the Traditions, with tax-gatherers and sinners?

  22. Upon this certain tax-gatherers (whom the Romans call publicans) took confidence, and they too went up.

  23. In fine, none were now on our side except a few of the lowest of the people, sinners and tax-gatherers and the like.

  24. Also methought we had need of some new kind of wisdom that should avail, not only for Scribes and lawyers but also for the people of the land, for ploughmen and fishermen, yea, perchance even for tax- gatherers and sinners.

  25. During the summer our bark-gatherers continued their labour without interruption, and on account of the great plenty of the cinchona-trees, and their proximity to the house, they were enabled to accumulate a very large store.

  26. All the rubber-gatherers take part of their dues in stores, as the aviador is general provider to the seringal.

  27. Now that you have seen how caucho is collected in South America, you will, I feel sure, be all the more interested to get a peep at some caucho-gatherers in Central America, who work in a different way.

  28. Now some of the upper tributaries of the river were exploited, and the glowing reports as to the wealth of Hevea in the inland forests led to a rush of rubber-gatherers into the interior.

  29. The merriest day of the week for everybody is Saturday, when all the rubber-gatherers have to make their way to the manager's quarters, to hand over the rubber they have collected and to buy stores for the coming week.

  30. At another herb store, I learned that the prices paid gatherers depend much on the kind of herb, the difficulty of obtaining it, and the season when it is gathered.

  31. The number of rag gatherers in New York is very great, and the majority of them are women.

  32. Rag gatherers have each their own province, and none of the rest dare intrude.

  33. Some bone gatherers give toys to children for collecting bones.

  34. Many are purchased fresh in market, but some of the gatherers dry them.

  35. The gatherers control their own time, and their earnings will vary from fifty cents to $1 each, per day.

  36. The children of rag gatherers begin very early to follow the pursuit of their parents.

  37. The life led by rag gatherers is very laborious, as they must spend all the hours of daylight on their feet, walking many miles.

  38. Laos, a province of Siam, taboos observed by rhinoceros hunters and gatherers of lac in, i.

  39. Heads of lac gatherers not to be washed, i.

  40. Just at that moment the tax-gatherers came and made heavier demands than the people could meet, whereupon Abraham interceded, and raised among his friends a sum sufficient to buy out the excisemen, and became surety for them also.

  41. And the island of Corsica is oppressed by the tax-gatherers to such an extent that the inhabitants can hardly satisfy these demands even by selling their own children.

  42. That the head-man of the kina gatherers gave orders that they were to be pastured here.

  43. The Wild-rice Gatherers of the Upper Lakes; a Study in American Primitive Economics, by Albert Ernest Jenks.

  44. But the gatherers never fail to stop and capture their particular reptile.

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