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Example sentences for "gatekeepers"

Lexicographically close words:
gateau; gated; gatehouse; gatehouses; gatekeeper; gateman; gatepost; gateposts; gater; gates
  1. You see, I was a saying as them gatekeepers is big swells, and wants careful handling.

  2. I draws him on by degrees; for these gatekeepers is werry great swells in their way, as any one may see for hisself by getting a haporth o' curds and whey at one of the parks, and studying the inflooence of a gold band round a man's hat.

  3. Now it was quite clear that this searching of the outgoing labourers was in most cases merely formal; but when the gatekeepers saw this man hanging back, they naturally concluded he had been stealing.

  4. He saw that each man as he passed through the portal held up his arms while one of the gatekeepers passed his hands over his clothes.

  5. As for Ali, he made for Baghdad, where he arrived at sundown, as the gatekeepers were about to shut the gates, and said to them 'Let me in with you.

  6. As he drew near, he saw that one of the gatekeepers had the semblance of a lion and the other that of a bull; so he saluted them and they returned his salam and enquired who and whence he was and whither he was bound.

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