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Example sentences for "gated"

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  1. She was now on Greenwood Lake Road, which passed around the west side, and there were numbers on several gated driveways as she passed along.

  2. Dusk was approaching by the time he pulled to a stop at the gated entrance of the Dorian Institute.

  3. Break into dance, ye ways, the polished bed O' the seven-gated city!

  4. On the contrary, they met always unobserved, she riding across the many-gated backroad from Berkeley to meet him halfway.

  5. Quest as he would through the Piedmont hills and along the many-gated back-road to Berkeley, Daylight saw nothing of Dede Mason and her chestnut sorrel.

  6. Thought you were gated when I saw Haviland go out alone," went on Smithson as they started.

  7. Practically gated until the end of the term--a matter of about seven weeks!

  8. Suspended, gated for the rest of the term, and four hundred lines to do for Williams into the bargain.

  9. And she, being subject in love to a god and to a man exceeding goodly, brought forth twin sons in seven-gated Thebe.

  10. The golden sun looks gladly down Upon the vari'gated earth; Encouraged by his genial rays, Her garner'd treasures have their birth.

  11. And she array'd in robes of green, Adorned with vari'gated flowers, Will welcome him with smiling mien, While soft winds sigh along the bowers.

  12. Several other men, including Dennison, were gated for a fortnight, and I had great difficulty in keeping Jack from going to the Subby, to ask him if he would not do something to him.

  13. But the fact of a donkey being in our quad had got on the Subby's nerves, and he gated me for a month without listening to what I had to say.

  14. Gated for three weeks," I answered; "I suppose I ought to consider myself lucky, he might have sent me down.

  15. If they had been gated for two years it wouldn't give me any satisfaction.

  16. Lambert and Webb are only gated for three weeks.

  17. I'm gated for a fortnight, and he talked a lot of tommy-rot.

  18. However, we got off lightly, for Jack was only gated for a week, while I was given a lecture by the Subby, and had a week added to my term of imprisonment.

  19. Others conjectured it as a city as beautiful as Venice, as great as Babylon, and as wonderful as hundred-gated Thebes.

  20. To say that it was like stepping back across the centuries to visit the Nineveh of Sennacherib or hundred-gated Thebes, is but inadequately to depict the situation, for it was a longer step than that.

  21. Still she flew on day after day, till early in January they reached the spot "where spreading Nile parts hundred-gated Thebes.

  22. And he and his army fought for ten years until the six-gated city was taken, and he brought his wife home once more.

  23. For owing to her subtle planning a Prince was promised for wife the fairest woman in the world, and he took the wife of the powerful King and carried her away to Asia to the six-gated city.

  24. You have been gated several times this term, and you have had frequent impositions.

  25. Whatever I do gets found out, and I’m writing lines and being gated the whole blooming time.

  26. You will consider yourself, however, gated until further notice, and so will your friends, Wilson and Lawrence.

  27. I gated Wilson and Deering for a month, but despite my warning at call-over, they deliberately ignored the gating and went to town this afternoon.

  28. As you both are gated for the month, it is impossible for me to acquiesce in your ingenuous proposal.

  29. The road was barred and gated about once in a mile, to keep cattle and sheep from wandering; there being no fences nor hedges running parallel with it.

  30. You are gated at eight for a fortnight, and don't let me hear of any such piece of folly again, or you won't get off so easily.

  31. Gated at eight for a fortnight," he said, as he joined his son in the ante-room, where Blathgowrie had also made his appearance.

  32. The Chorus If so, all's well: for look, the old man speeds Up from the city tow'rd this gated hill.

  33. But the great object of interest in this magnificent, brass-gated chapel is the elaborate and elegant tomb of its founder, Henry VII.

  34. Everybody had been gated at eight o'clock.

  35. We too have taken the citadel of seven-gated Thebes, leading fewer troops under the wall sacred to Mars, confiding in the portents of the gods, and in the aid of Jove: but they perished through their own infatuation.

  36. Then indeed the sons of the Greeks had taken lofty-gated Troy, had not Phoebus Apollo excited noble Agenor, a hero, the son of Antenor, both blameless and brave.

  37. For divine Achilles slew my father, and laid waste the well-inhabited city of the Cilicians, lofty-gated Thebes.

  38. We drove up over the Hen and Chickens Hill, the road running parallel with the old bitter-almond Hedge to the teak-gated enclosure on the 'Rhodes Road.

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