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Example sentences for "gatekeeper"

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  1. A gatekeeper interposed: "Of course he is a Galilean.

  2. The gatekeeper stopped him with the shaft of his spear.

  3. The gatekeeper lets it through, then he calls Gate Two and says he has let a car come north.

  4. Fortunately, they had to pass through only one gate, and the gatekeeper waved them right through.

  5. Then he lets the car to Baguio go through and calls the gatekeeper at Gate One and says a car is coming.

  6. He reaches Gate Two, and the gatekeeper makes him wait until the car from Gate One reaches him.

  7. The gatekeeper was standing on the threshold in his shirt-sleeves, smoking a pipe.

  8. He did not know her address, nor could the gatekeeper inform him; and in the afternoon he set out on his journey with many misgivings.

  9. It was surrounded by a great wall, and when Orion approached and asked the gatekeeper why it was so fortified, he was told that the king of that country who lived in it was in constant terror, day and night, of wild beasts.

  10. The gatekeeper looked at Orion's shaggy hair, his bare feet and his mantle, made of a lion's skin.

  11. He would give half of his kingdom to whoever could rid the forest of its ravening beasts," the gatekeeper told Orion.

  12. From my earliest youth, I am the son of the gatekeeper of the palace.

  13. And as the alchemist took up the weapon, and disappeared through the window, the gatekeeper lifted the wounded man by the shoulders, and conveyed him down a narrow, winding staircase to a lower chamber.

  14. Having discovered our relationship, and enjoined the gatekeeper to bring you hither, I returned to my old laboratory.

  15. As the gatekeeper essayed to comply, the wounded man groaned deeply, as if in great pain.

  16. Now that the countenance of the youth had regained its original expression, the gatekeeper could not help being struck by its extreme beauty.

  17. He then fell, and the gatekeeper would have repeated the blow, if the doctor had not called to him to desist.

  18. This was not true, as we know, for the gatekeeper had left the gate open while he went to buy some rice, and it was then that the children had slipped out.

  19. Remembering that Nelly had come out to meet him the day before, he at once went to question the gatekeeper as to whether the gate had been left open again.

  20. The large gates were open, because the gatekeeper had just been out and seen Mr. Grey coming, so Nelly ran out into the road without thinking what she was doing.

  21. A profane mind might make a jest of an Apostle "half seas over," and ridicule an apostolic gatekeeper who could not keep his head above water.

  22. And since he could not remain at the gate, but must go on to the city of all goodwill itself, our pilgrim set himself all his days to copy this gatekeeper when he met with any fellow-pilgrim who had any story that he wished to tell.

  23. Now, when we come up to the same gate we are disappointed and discouraged that the gatekeeper is not standing already upon his doorstep and his arms round our neck.

  24. The happy, heavenly, divine disposition of the gatekeeper was such, that it overflowed from the pilgrim who stood beside him and descended upon his wife and children who remained behind him in the doomed city.

  25. With all his goodwill the grave gatekeeper could not say that the way to the Celestial City was other than a narrow, a stringent, and a heart-searching way.

  26. And when any one so far forgot himself as to put on an untimely confidence and self-satisfaction, the gatekeeper would soon put him through such questions as quickly sobered him if he had anything at all of the root of the matter in him.

  27. The gravity of the gatekeeper was the first thing that struck the pilgrim.

  28. That is to say, he did not content himself with praying one or two seconds and then giving over, but he continued in prayer till the gatekeeper came.

  29. They all rose up black as hell before his eyes as the gatekeeper did not name them at all, but only said 'notwithstanding all that thou hast done.

  30. I have seen a gatekeeper at Jersey City take by the shoulders a poor German, whose ticket called for another train, and shove him roughly out of the way, without a word of explanation.

  31. To Christianity is due also the somewhat ribald mirth which has clung for centuries about Saint Peter as gatekeeper of Heaven.

  32. Misard was authorized to employ her as gatekeeper on the railway after the death of Flore.

  33. After illness rendered her mother unfit for work, Flore replaced her as gatekeeper at the railway crossing at Croix-de-Maufras.

  34. That, even as they dreamed, you stand Gatekeeper of a peace-filled land!

  35. The Gatekeeper THE sunlight falls on old Quebec, A city framed of rose and gold, An ancient gem more beautiful In that its beauty waxes old.

  36. And good luck to you on your way," the gatekeeper called after him.

  37. The gatekeeper on awaking had sought everywhere for the key in the utmost terror, but he had said nothing for fear of being punished, and as Donatus came in he started up angrily--"Who dared have done it?

  38. We stand by our first decision; till we release your wife you are banished as well as the gatekeeper who let you in.

  39. He has bribed the gatekeeper and has stolen in to see his wife.

  40. While he was speaking the gatekeeper had brought a letter for Cassiodorus.

  41. The gatekeeper came running from the dwelling-house.

  42. The gate is opened, and the Gatekeeper is seen with a lantern in his hand.

  43. The Gatekeeper opens the gate and hands out some clothes.

  44. The Mohammedan gatekeeper was standing at the gates which had been thrown wide-open; and already a large company of his neighbours had collected there.

  45. He marched straight down the street until he came to the gateway guarded by the self-same gatekeeper who had so angrily repudiated any knowledge of him.

  46. But is it not true that my gatekeeper was once a robber?

  47. For the steward having been informed by the gatekeeper that the others had left, had communicated the information to the master in the non-committal form that there was "trouble in the stables.

  48. At the Porte Saint Antoine he turned into the street which encircles the moat of the Bastille like a marsh, left the boulevard on his left and entered the Archery Garden, where the gatekeeper received him with every mark of respect.

  49. He threw himself upon a grassy bank within reach of a table on which the host of the establishment, who combined with his duties as gatekeeper the vocation of cook, at once placed a bottle of cordial.

  50. I thanked the gatekeeper and told him that I would not trouble him to let me through.

  51. I then asked the gatekeeper who those men were.

  52. The gatekeeper had orders to let the people in, in case the majority among them wished for admission.

  53. The careful gatekeeper wrote this answer in his notebook.

  54. When he was halfway to the gate, he heard behind him the foreman ordering the gatekeeper not to admit him in future.

  55. The gatekeeper at the wharves where he formerly had driven a winch had refused to admit him, and at the Russian foundry he had been curtly ordered away.

  56. All interest had apparently departed for the gatekeeper with the return of his knife.

  57. You'll find that gatekeeper worth asking, if you need advice.

  58. At breakfast, which she shared with her country people and their little daughter, Katterle would have liked to learn how Wolff reached the fortress, but the gatekeeper maintained absolute silence on this subject.

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