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gawn; gay; gayan; gaye; gayer; gayeties; gayety; gayly; gayn; gayne
  1. Boileau has joined both the Roman satirists with great success; but has too much of Juvenal in his very serious satire on woman, which should have been the gayest of all.

  2. The streets are thronged with people in the gayest of costumes, and with vehicles the gilt and paint and glitter of which equal the glittering wagons and chariots of a circus parade at home.

  3. A few miles down stream we overtake a fleet of some twenty war-junks, presenting a most novel and interesting sight, crowded as each one is with the gayest of flags and streaming pennants galore.

  4. The crew of these warlike vessels are uniformed in the gayest of red, and in the middle of their backs and breasts are displayed white "bull's eyes" about twelve inches in diameter.

  5. Some are uniformed in sky blue, and others in the gayest of scarlet gowns, blue aprons with little green pockets, and blue turbans or Tartar hats with red tassels.

  6. Of all pleasures, winter sleighing was still the gayest and most popular.

  7. Yet even the gayest of tempers succumbs at last to constant friction The old friend was rapidly fading.

  8. On the evening of the final vote, Senator Cameron came back from the Capitol with Senator Brice, Senator Jones, Senator Lodge, and Moreton Frewen, all in the gayest of humors as though they were rid of a heavy responsibility.

  9. Pintado is gayest on the water; but the P.

  10. When they walk out they wear either a cloak or mantle; this cloak is often of the gayest colours; shoes also, which are the mark of freedom, are to be seen of every hue, but black.

  11. Men and women are out in their gayest habits, and the military are running and riding in all directions, not a little pleased to have some to relieve them in their constant watch and ward.

  12. The grain showed only a tiny hint of its autumn harvest of gold, but the grass, the flowers, the new leaves on the bushes and trees were at their gayest and loveliest.

  13. Betty appeared in the gayest possible spirits and had never looked prettier.

  14. Then Polly laughed and her eyes changed from their former seriousness to a look of the gayest and most charming camaraderie.

  15. For not only was she looking handsomer than usual, but seemed to be in the gayest spirits.

  16. The other is the gayest of Romantics, happiest when by the way he produces a glittering effect, or dazzles the ear by a vain impertinence.

  17. He would have deserted the gayest masquerade, had he ever strayed into so light a frivolity, for the chance of lightening a pocket.

  18. Meanwhile Augusta was putting on her gayest and most becoming costume.

  19. The Asprays, whatever their faults, were the gayest of the gay, and very merry and witty.

  20. But the gayest of meals come to an end, and once again the little party went out and paced up and down on the moonlit lawn.

  21. I am Uncle Peter," he said in the gayest of voices.

  22. I have ever looked forward to the time that should enable thee to mix among the gayest and prettiest, and take thy station with the best.

  23. From liking the sedatest company she passed to liking the gayest society and the most fashionable method of getting rid of her time.

  24. The day was one of the gayest in the history of the Exposition.

  25. Congregationing," as she called this little function, was her delight; after listening devoutly to the sermon, there was always a reaction to her gayest mood.

  26. We'll have the gayest house in Rouen, ladybird!

  27. The window looked out into a square parterre, shut in with tall laurel hedges, and filled with the gayest and sweetest blossoms.

  28. It was a dashing, fashionable family, and Miss Charteris had been the gayest of the gay, till she had been impressed by Mr. Sandbrook's ministrations.

  29. She turned to Roy with her gayest expression.

  30. But she was the gayest of all the gay revellers that night, and told Gilbert unregretfully that her card was full when he came to ask her for a dance.

  31. In the absence of catalogues and advertisements, every man spread out his gayest wares in the sun, and commended them to the public with every resource of mother-wit or professional rhetoric.

  32. But if planted here and there with the Snowdrop, the blue Anemone, the Crocus, Scillas, and Winter Aconite, they would in spring surpass in attractiveness the gayest of spring gardens.

  33. Adown this bank in a rough and rocky course, came a little stream of water, bordered on both sides with streaks and patches of Blood–root in its gayest state.

  34. The privileged attendants, however, who were allowed entrance with their masters, and who stood in files behind them against the wall, were dressed in the brightest and gayest colours which could be devised.

  35. The latter, though exceedingly respectable and citizen-like, was of extremely sober hue compared to the former, in which flaunted all the gayest dresses of the gayest courtiers of the time.

  36. In another instant the house seemed filled to overflowing, and the dim old mirrors were flashing back from every side one of the gayest scenes the hospitable old mansion had ever known.

  37. It's going to be the gayest vacation that evah was.

  38. There they found the third royal welcome, and the gayest of entertainments.

  39. We ought to wear our gayest colors to-day.

  40. His wealth, his manner of living, his extraordinary personal beauty, have assisted also to make him the rage; besides, I have had the pleasure in introducing so eminent a person to our gayest cavaliers and our fairest ladies.

  41. Thus it began, but towards its close, the gayest visitors to Ranelagh went at midnight, just as the concerts were finishing, and remained there till three or four in the morning.

  42. Suddenly, in the midst of one of the gayest songs, a squall struck the vessel, and as she was carrying all sail, put her nearly on her beam-ends.

  43. The gayest and brightest flowers will be in bloom, and the musquitoes out in full force.

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