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  1. This great northern water system is geographically the Mediterranean of the North American continent, and Minnesota, the actual centre, is its omphalos.

  2. But as Italy is geographically one, it ought, we are told again, to be politically one.

  3. In one case, that of the Kalkadoon, this is sufficiently explained by the fact that the tribe is itself now remote geographically speaking from its fellows, owing to the interposition of Pitta-Pitta and allied tribes.

  4. The more remote geographically the mother's relatives, the less their influence.

  5. These causes of local mobility have been in operation, shifting somewhat from place to place, and defined geographically by the continental masses undergoing denudation, since the earliest times.

  6. The question has often been asked whether the division was meant geographically or ethnographically.

  7. Even without the early Jerusalem residence, Paul remains too near to Jesus both temporally and geographically to have formed a conception of Him entirely without reference to the historical person.

  8. The extent of the journey to Arabia, both geographically and temporally, is entirely unknown.

  9. For such a sequence, which is geographically the easiest, is also chronologically natural.

  10. There is nothing anomalous, then, in the fact that Thales, the father of Greek thought, was born and passed his life on soil that was not geographically a part of Greece; but the fact has an important significance of another kind.

  11. If we had beaten your Fleet, you could have still kept up the blockade with your submarines, because England geographically blockades Germany, and so we would have been no better off.

  12. Geographically he was right--strategically he was, in the author's opinion, very much wrong.

  13. Geographically it belonged rather to Philistia than to Phoenicia; but its possession of large stores of the purple fish caused its sudden seizure and rapid fortification at a very remote date, probably by the Phoenicians of Sidon.

  14. Pliosaccomys occurred geographically in the area that the Entoptychinae had occupied in the early Miocene.

  15. In 1880 he visited Makralla-land, and planted many trading stations, thus enlarging his territory geographically and politically.

  16. Geographically it had bounds, and these are they: A strip of land at the mouth of the Congo, 22 miles long, extending from Banana Point to Cabo Lombo.

  17. Mexico states that she looks towards Asia with equal favour as towards Europe, and geographically she may do so indeed.

  18. Here he seems to divide Persia geographically into eight provinces.

  19. The presence of two monuments so close together chronologically and yet so far apart geographically is difficult to explain.

  20. The myth itself, while it lived, was general, not bound by time or place, limited neither geographically or chronologically.

  21. She was geographically isolated from the rest of the world, and even if she were attacked by sea, it would be by a fleet operating far from its base and therefore at a disadvantage.

  22. Geographically the West Indies had closer connections with America than with Europe, and it was in that direction that the United States could develop their trade.

  23. Poona and Calcutta are separated geographically almost by the whole breadth of India between two seas; yet the historical antecedents of the Bengalees and Marathas are even further apart.

  24. But the Balkans have been geographically outside the influence of European industrial and commercial life.

  25. The term "Palestine" then is used geographically without any reference to its historical origin.

  26. There was only one period of history in which Canaan could be geographically described as a brother of Egypt, and that was the period of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties, when for a while it was a province of the Pharaohs.

  27. Geographically Canaan lay outside the southern zone to which Egypt and Ethiopia belonged, except during the epoch of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties, when all three were alike portions of a single empire.

  28. These specimens from eight miles west of Rosalia are intermediate structurally, and since they are intermediate geographically between G.

  29. The Andes are no playground, such as some of the mountains of Europe have become, nor are they the object or scene of climbing enterprise and exploration such as bring the Himalayas so frequently before the geographically interested public.

  30. Of his native land a Chilean poet sings that its bulwarks are the mighty Cordillera, its frontiers the sea--a romantically expressed conception of the position of Chile which is geographically correct.

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