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Example sentences for "ensuring"

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ensuing; ensuite; ensure; ensured; ensures; enta; entablature; entablatures; entail; entailed
  1. Since the danger of secularisation could not be removed, it was at least reduced to a minimum, by ensuring that only very young boys and only girls, who had not yet attained a marriageable age, should be received.

  2. The use of foul language on this occasion suggests that the ceremony is here, as elsewhere, observed for the purpose of ensuring fertility.

  3. Again, the Kayans of Central Borneo perform masked dances for the purpose of ensuring abundant crops of rice.

  4. Every nine years a Mongol celebrates a memorial festival of his birth for the purpose of ensuring the continuance of his life and welfare.

  5. M136) In Morocco, however, the Tug of War is apparently used also for the purpose of ensuring prosperity in general without any special reference to the weather.

  6. Various approaches to the problem over a period of years have not succeeded in accomplishing the basic task of ensuring a dependable supply of material resources to industrial producers.

  7. The bank is also responsible for exercising close control over the economic units that it finances, with a view to ensuring the fulfillment of all national economic plans and the scrupulous adherence to existing laws and regulations.

  8. The Ministry of Finance is also responsible for ensuring the scrupulous implementation of the budget.

  9. Its advantage is the saving of time and the ensuring that by a given date final action upon a measure shall have been taken.

  10. The admirable mechanical adaptations in this genus for favouring or ensuring cross-fertilisation, have been fully described by Sprengel, Hildebrand, Delpino, H.

  11. As soon as I received the necessary tidings, I hurried away to make all needful arrangements on the spot for ensuring a magnificent success in the coming Magdeburg operatic season.

  12. With the view of ensuring all my future successes, I was now confronted with the exceptional difficulty of making the opera singers understand how to interpret their parts precisely in the way I desired.

  13. He succeeded in demonstrating a number of beautiful adaptations in flowers for ensuring pollination; but his work exercised but little influence on his contemporaries and indeed for a long time after his death.

  14. The characters of the fruit and seed and the means for ensuring the dispersal of the seeds are also very varied (see FRUIT).

  15. These elaborate arrangements for ensuring a maintenance of efficiency along the whole line of communication from the interior to the front equally apply to transport of all kinds from the theatre of war to the interior.

  16. Measures to be taken for ensuring the supervision and protection of railways and their approaches.

  17. Frazer's hypothesis that the human victim who is killed for the purpose of ensuring good crops is regarded as a representative of the corn-spirit and is slain as such, pp.

  18. Frazer, that the human victim who is killed for the purpose of ensuring good crops is regarded as a representative of the corn-spirit and is slain as such.

  19. In the cases which we have hitherto considered the offering of human sacrifices is mostly a matter of public concern, a method of ensuring the lives of many by the death of one or a few.

  20. Yet by so doing, would he not have been ensuring his own happiness, bringing back the joy of life to his own heart, at the expense of the two whom he had given to be each other's in the Name of the Divine Trinity?

  21. And the first step to ensuring this precision will be by carefully pencilling everything, indicating only where shading is to come.

  22. It will, however, sometimes be found desirable to economise labour by using a photogram to paint on, thus saving time in re-drawing and ensuring accuracy of elaborate details.

  23. He also gives an account of the remarkable arrangement for ensuring cross-fertilisation.

  24. What a joke it would be if the stigma is always exterior, and this by far the greatest difficulty in my crossing notions should turn out a case eminently requiring insect aid, and consequently almost inevitably ensuring crossing.

  25. Must we look with our own eyes upon English vessels employed in ensuring the success of the champions of slavery?

  26. Their success, by ensuring the breaking of the blockade, would alone have been worth more to them than the winning of several battles.

  27. In the matter of the Emperor’s feud with Jülich, he pledged himself to neutrality, thus ensuring the Emperor’s success.

  28. So much, indeed, is this the case, that do not we daily see that many a shrewd man of real talent feels obliged to mix a little charlatanism with his other qualities for the sake of ensuring success?

  29. What a quantity of calculations, and of dividing by compasses, does this little instrument save the carpenter, besides ensuring a much greater degree of accuracy in all his operations!

  30. It will be for us to show that the applications of science to the manufacturing arts have the effect of ensuring cheap production and increased employment.

  31. We mention this curious machine, to show how far science may go in diminishing mental labour, and ensuring accuracy.

  32. Some time after the revolt of Cairo the necessity of ensuring our own safety forced the commission of a terrible act of cruelty.

  33. M32) Further, I have conjectured that as representatives of Jupiter and Juno respectively the Flamen and Flaminica at Rome may have annually celebrated a Sacred Marriage for the purpose of ensuring the fertility of the powers of nature.

  34. M184) Gardens of Adonis are cultivated also by the Hindoos, with the intention apparently of ensuring the fertility both of the earth and of mankind.

  35. This employment of the skins of divine animals for the purpose of ensuring the revival of the slaughtered divinity might be illustrated by other examples.

  36. People leap across the fires to protect themselves against fever, and in eastern Flanders women perform similar leaps for the purpose of ensuring an easy delivery.

  37. As soon as matters are safely over, leave parent and offspring to themselves, ensuring for them the utmost quietude, as well as perfect freedom from even the very slightest noise.

  38. A thin, light shoe is in every respect preferable, the lightness of the metal ensuring a firm foothold, while it likewise brings the foot-proper in closer proximity to the ground.

  39. In all other governments, when there is a question of ensuring the greatest good of the State, nothing gets beyond projects and ideas, or at best bare possibilities.

  40. He also cared for the comfort of his soldiers by establishing a market within the camp, thus ensuring a constant supply of provisions.

  41. Bedford and Gloucester both appended their signatures to this declaration,[823] but there was a prevalent opinion that there was a still better method of ensuring peace and quietness in the kingdom.

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