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  1. Hence, the producers of star anise and star anise oil are now under French control and, as it seems, are obliged to sell all the oil produced to the above-mentioned firm.

  2. Admixtures of star anise oil can, therefore, be generally recognized by the odor.

  3. Star anise oil differs from the ordinary oil in containing a much smaller quantity of anethol, and hence congealing only at a temperature of from 41° to 50° F.

  4. Freshly prepared anise-seed oil is colorless or straw-yellow, has the odor of anise and a sweetish taste, leaving a burning sensation upon the tongue.

  5. Besides the odor of the terpene contained in star anise oil differs from that of the ordinary oil.

  6. It was enough for them that the sun shone, that they had habanero and anise to drink, and that there were girls to dance with and make love to.

  7. But we never did; and the somnolent effects of the last "bumpers" of anise they had drunk were so complete that we were left to eat our lunch in peace.

  8. Combined with carminatives like anise and onion, they use it with some success in virulent small-pox of children.

  9. The essential oil is (almost) identical with that of anise from which it is impossible to distinguish it chemically.

  10. It is employed chiefly as a condiment in the preparation of food, and its essential oil is used to prepare the native "anise cordial" by mixing it with alcohol obtained from the palm or from sugar cane.

  11. Star anise has an aromatic taste, slightly bitter and acrid, and a very marked perfume of anise which with its star-like form gives the plant one of its names.

  12. The tender leaves have an agreeable aroma similar to that of anise and are used internally in decoction as a stomachic and carminative.

  13. The anise (Pimpinella anisum) is largely cultivated in Spain, where it is known as anis.

  14. At last, in place of anise water, they brought Monsieur Glumeau some anisette; he drank two small glasses of it and consented that the play should begin.

  15. Monsieur Glumeau; "before we begin, I want to drink a glass of anise water; someone has gone to fetch it for me.

  16. Skunk cabbage is said to be an excellent bait for the bear; and in all cases a free use of the Oil of Anise page 152, sprinkling it about the traps, is also advisable.

  17. Another method is to set the trap near the coon tracks, spreading a few drops of anise on the pan and covering the whole with leaves.

  18. Bait with a rat, mouse, or with whatever else the animal is especially fond, and scent with Oil of Anise or Musk.

  19. Sweet cicily and anise are also used for the same purpose.

  20. I asked the boy if the hounds would trail a white man without hurting him, and he said if you put anise seed on their shoes the hounds will trail 'em all right, so we put up a job to have some fun.

  21. The old planter asked his boy how the dogs had happened to get loose, and that fool boy told the whole thing, how I had asked him to let the pack run, and how I had put anise seed in the shoes of pa, the giant and the fat lady.

  22. I told the fat woman about the dust on her telescope valises, and I rubbed it off, and gave her feet a dose of anise seed that ought to have paralyzed a pack of hounds.

  23. Then I put a handful of anise seed around the sole, and in his shoes.

  24. Then I went to the giant, and brushed the dust off his shoes, and put two handfuls of anise seed in them, and he said I was a nice boy.

  25. Realizing how strong is the tendency in human nature to impute to itself righteousness on account of its "tithes of mint and anise and cummin," He carried His condemnation of ceremonies into the smallest details.

  26. Biting on anise seed and rosmarine.

  27. Various similar anise combinations are largely used in perfuming soaps, pomatums and other toilet articles.

  28. Anise oil is extensively employed for flavoring many beverages both alcoholic and non-spirituous and for disguising the unpleasant flavors of various drugs.

  29. Illustration: Anise in Flower and in Fruit] From their days to the present it seems to have enjoyed general popularity.

  30. ANISE SEED RUSK One tablespoonful of anise seed, One-half cupful finely shredded citron.

  31. One of the best scents for 'coon is made as follows: To a pint of fish oil, add twenty or thirty drops of oil of anise and two ounces of strained honey.

  32. Pure fish oil is used by some trappers and beaver castor, muskrat musk and oil of anise are also good.

  33. There are a number of scents that are attractive to the bear, such as fish oil, oil of anise and beaver castor.

  34. A cup of water from a spring, with some laurel leaves and anise floating in it, is all that she needs.

  35. So Fotis ran out to draw the water from the spring, while Apuleius opened some boxes with his teeth, and soon found the anise and laurels.

  36. Géromé is a standard French type of it, with a little longer season, beginning in April, and a somewhat different flavor from anise seed.

  37. A masterpiece in the line of filled stalks: Cut the leafy tops off an entire head of celery, endive, anise or anything similarly suitable.

  38. The chief constituent of oil of anise and oil of fennel.

  39. A volatile oil from anise and from star anise.

  40. But here again the hypocrite will give us the slip by betaking himself to exterior matters, as to his 'mint and anise and cummin.

  41. Sift flour and add to the egg mixture together with the anise seed.

  42. Both of these conclusions as to the causative agency at work were wrong, because it was suggestion and not the operation in most cases, nor the anise in any case, which caused the improvement.

  43. It is, therefore, not surprising that Pythagoras saw, as he thought, the strong scent of the anise seed act favorably.

  44. Pythagoras declared that anise seed held in the hand was an excellent remedy for epilepsy.

  45. Then, too, the hounds have nothing to worry and kill at the end of the hunt; nor can the brush be cut off for a trophy, for an anise bag hasn't any brush.

  46. ANISE TEA CAKES Four eggs; one pound of fine granulated sugar; one pound of sifted pastry flour; one teaspoonful of fine anise seed.

  47. Now brush flat tins with melted wax, strew anise seed over and place the cakes half an inch apart.

  48. One-half pound of sugar, five eggs, one-half pound of flour, and one teaspoonful of anise seed.

  49. Beat the sugar with the eggs until light, then add the flour and anise seeds.

  50. Then add the sifted flour and anise seed.

  51. C milk (or more) 1/2 C chopped walnuts peel of one orange cut up fine dash of cinnamon, cloves, anise Heat sugar and honey.

  52. They have a fine rose, fennel, or anise flavor.

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