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Example sentences for "greed"

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grecque; grecques; gredge; gredy; gree; greedie; greedier; greedily; greediness; greeds
  1. After this story we no longer wondered at the greed and depravity of the modern villagers, the descendants of these ruffians.

  2. It is most distressing to see from year to year how greed of immediate gain is leading the peasantry to treat their mountains like convicts.

  3. It also retains and transmits the greed of its handlers.

  4. Atlantis was destroyed by the greed of its inhabitants.

  5. Those who concluded that he was greedy were, therefore, guilty of greed themselves.

  6. Far different would have been the result if impatience, ungenerousness, and love of greed had marred his life and work.

  7. Nor were land hunger and revenge the only motives that stirred them to aggression; meaner feelings were mixed with the greed for untilled prairie and unfelled forest, and the fierce longing for blood.

  8. The look of famished greed in her eyes was more than Elnora could endure.

  9. Occasionally greed overcame him, and he used his left hand to pop a bite into his mouth with his fingers.

  10. Two pounds of rice is the daily allowance of each prisoner, but this is reduced to about one by the greed of the jailer.

  11. The United States alone could upset Spanish colonial rule without exciting an uncontrollable outburst of envy and greed in Europe, and occasion a general scramble for the spoils of the New World.

  12. The antennae are pointed forwards, enquiringly; the hind-legs are drawn up with a little quiver of greed in the tarsi; the head turns to right and left and follows the evolutions of the Bees against the glass.

  13. She gives no sign of greed when confronted with the burrow, though I can see the Tarantula's diamond eyes glittering at the bottom.

  14. How can she reach these wretched people who are the victims of the ruthless individualism and greed of those who control her?

  15. Ezra Cohen was not clad in the sublime pathos of the martyr, and his taste for money-getting seemed to be favored with that success which has been the most exasperating difference in the greed of Jews during all the ages of their dispersion.

  16. They scorn our people's ignorant observance; but the most accursed ignorance is that which has no observance--sunk to the cunning greed of the fox, to which all law is no more than a trap or the cry of the worrying hound.

  17. I never let 'em know I was hearkening, or they'd have 'greed in a moment for to give me a hiding.

  18. Hatred and greed have been alike stirred up.

  19. As good workmen we would realise that greed and competition pulls upon, and tortures into activity, all that is insane within us.

  20. What massacres were needed to discipline those rapacious wanderers, to quell the greed and licentiousness of the race!

  21. On the other hand, the influence of man upon the domestic animals may be seen in the greed of the dog, who, as capable of instruction, takes on himself all the evil qualities of his master.

  22. From motives pure he tried to cure All greed and vanity; So if he found--the country round A slave to gold inclined, He would take it away, and bid him pray For a more contented mind.

  23. He'd lost in that great big gamble, In that cursed greed for gold.

  24. In fact, the number of large estates referred to in these transactions would seem to indicate that few escaped whose sacrifice would supply needful funds to the Inquisition, while ministering to the greed of the courtiers.

  25. It continued and, when the property of the New Christians came pouring in, Ferdinand yielded to the greed of his courtiers and nobles with a profuseness which explains where much of the products of confiscation disappeared.

  26. He had won a notable victory against greed and craft and highly trained intelligence.

  27. On the east side, a figure of Greed looks back on the earth, the mass in his hands suggesting the futility of worldly possessions.

  28. Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney's Fountain of El Dorado is a dramatic representation of the Aztec myth of The Gilded One, which the followers of Cortez, in their greed for gold, mistook for a fact instead of a fable.

  29. Her wardrobe needed no replenishing, and she could spare this sum to the rapacity of the old people; but she felt that no sooner would this be yielded to their greed than they would demand more.

  30. Her greed was as great as her husband's; but she had a fair modicum of caution and common sense.

  31. The industrial corporations with all their greed are less exacting than the Catholic church, for instance, which keeps heaven itself under lock and key.

  32. Anyone motivated by greed for mere money (as opposed to the greed for power, knowledge and status) is swiftly written-off as a narrow-minded breadhead whose interests can only be corrupt and contemptible.

  33. The essence of my idea then is that waste and greed block the delivery of true service.

  34. Greed is merely a species of nearsightedness.

  35. Even greed will some day hesitate before the overwhelming unpopularity and opposition which will meet the war profiteer.

  36. The motive may be the personal greed of the speculators or they may want to change the policy of a business because its example is embarrassing to other employers who do not want to do what is right.

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