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Example sentences for "greediness"

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gree; greed; greedie; greedier; greedily; greeds; greedy; greefe; green; greenback
  1. He reached over, took the woman's hand and held it--not closely or with greediness but with a firm clasp that had something weary like appeal in it and something strong like a knowledge of rest.

  2. O man, know this, that the unrestrained are in a bad state; take care that greediness and vice do not bring thee to grief for a long time.

  3. O, man, know this, that the unrestrained are in a bad state; take care that greediness and vice do not bring thee to grief for a long time.

  4. I am so sadly sure that he will never come forward, that I have never taken the trouble to speculate as to whether, if he did, my greediness would make him retire again.

  5. On several occasions Carrington had betrayed greediness in the division of the spoils of their ventures.

  6. Amongst the Germans there was not less agitation, from hopes of victory, greediness of spoil, and the opposite counsels of their leaders.

  7. Our relief came from the greediness of the enemy, who ceased slaying to seize the spoil: hence the legions had respite to struggle into the fair field and firm ground.

  8. She received them with a quiet greediness so prettily concealed at first that nobody called it vulgar.

  9. As time went on this greediness grew to gluttony.

  10. But the greediness of its different nations, their desire for economic possession brought about the general war.

  11. An act (as the event plainly shews) fuller of greediness than good policy; an act as beneficial to France and Spain, as it has been destructive to England and Ireland.

  12. Yet the greediness was dying out of his face and a serene content taking its place.

  13. She had never seen just such a look on anybody's face, and though it expressed greediness it did not shock her, as she felt it ought to do.

  14. For since his penance was that, for greediness of his good, he should do nobody else any harm, he thought he might not eat one straw there lest, for lack of that straw, some of those pigs might hap to die for cold.

  15. And therefore he discreetly gave him in penance that he should never for greediness of his food do any other beast any harm or hindrance.

  16. It rarely allows itself to be surprised by man, except when its voracity and greediness lead it into danger; but still, notwithstanding its shyness, it is disposed to frequent public and private gardens, and the vicinity of habitations.

  17. Sometimes it shows so much audacity and greediness that it is impossible to entertain any doubt on the subject of its hunger, as it will pounce on the game shot by the sportsman, totally disregarding human presence.

  18. Thereupon they both went to bed, but she was not satisfied, and greediness let her have no sleep, for she was continually thinking what there was left for her to be.

  19. Greediness of appetite that can not be satisfied or appeased; insatiability.

  20. The insatiate greediness of his desires.

  21. The eyes of the guide sparkled with greediness and cupidity.

  22. Let us go," she said, "I repent of having wished for honey; my greediness has made too many unhappy.

  23. For in many meats there will be sickness, and greediness will turn to choler.

  24. Take from me the greediness of the belly, and let not the lusts of the flesh take hold of me, and give me not over to a shameless and foolish mind.

  25. Nevertheless, I read a great deal; for when I was fatigued by great corporal exercise, the craving of my mind for constant employment always returned, and I sat down with greediness to whatever was presented to me.

  26. We have heard of men, who, through greediness of gain, have brought infected goods into a nation; which bred a plague, whereof the owners and their families perished first.

  27. Why, then, it is as sir Gerontus said; you did more for the greediness of the money Than for any zeal or goodwill you bear to Turkey.

  28. When he is grown up greediness will be expelled by a host of stronger passions, while vanity will only be stimulated by them; for this latter passion feeds upon the rest till at length they are all swallowed up in it.

  29. It is a small mind that fears lest greediness should take root in the child who is fit for something better.

  30. With awakening feeling greediness ceases to be the ruling passion, both with men and women.

  31. Greediness is a better motive than vanity; for the former is a natural appetite directly dependent on the senses, while the latter is the outcome of convention, it is the slave of human caprice and liable to every kind of abuse.

  32. He was greedy after power with a greediness all his own.

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