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Example sentences for "formulates"

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formularies; formulary; formulas; formulate; formulated; formulating; formulation; formulations; formule; forn
  1. He formulates a question that we have many times asked ourselves and that, in one way or other, comes into everybody's mind here.

  2. This idle curiosity formulates its response to stimulus, not in terms of an expedient line of conduct, nor even necessarily in a chain of motor activity, but in terms of the sequence of activities going on in the observed phenomena.

  3. In this book he transfers to similars what Euclid had said of equals, and he formulates this axiom: Si similibus addas similia, tota sunt similia.

  4. The word of God is not that of a poor human founder who formulates in abstract terms ideas which are but the pale shadows of things.

  5. The Church then chooses and formulates a definition of the point contested: it enacts it as the adequate expression of its faith, and sanctions it with all its objective authority: dogma is born.

  6. It outlines the future policy of the United States with regard to foreign nations; it formulates a peaceful ideal which has remained on the whole the ideal of America.

  7. The achievements of any period will be limited by two variables: the type of problem against which science formulates its methods, and the materials which analysis puts at the scientist's disposal in attacking the problems.

  8. But Buddhism, at any rate early Buddhism, formulates its theory in a polemical form.

  9. The moment he formulates a rule it is over-weighted by exceptions.

  10. Hence, the commander formulates these, also, and includes them in his list of operations for later assignment as logistics tasks.

  11. The political process, by which a society or social group formulates its wishes and enforces them, goes on within the limits of the mores and is carried on by public discussion, legislation, and the adjudication of the courts.

  12. The thought formulates a mood and finds a sensuous embodiment in musical language, and that suffices for beauty.

  13. Not satisfied with mere criticism, he formulates in these articles the principles of a "spiritual revival"[27] in the sense of a nationalization of Jewish culture.

  14. But at the same time, since the proof of causal connection depends upon satisfaction of those empirical tests which Mill formulates in his inductive methods, such special causal laws can be gathered only from experience.

  15. In the first edition Kant formulates this principle in the light of his extremely misleading distinction between mathematical and dynamical principles (cf.

  16. Herz; it formulates its problem in practically identical terms.

  17. A solution is rendered impossible by the very terms in which he formulates the problem.

  18. This is how Kant formulates his position from the extreme subjectivist point of view which omits to draw any distinction between representation and its object, between inner states of the self and appearances in space.

  19. A canon formulates positive principles through the application of which a faculty can be directed and disciplined.

  20. These common rights Kant formulates in a purely individualist manner.

  21. The chief interest of this section lies in its clear indication of the dual standpoint to which Kant is committing himself by the manner in which he formulates this distinction between rules and principles.

  22. He himself formulates a transcendental deduction of the Ideas, as principles regulative of experience.

  23. Nor is it to be understood that the learner always clearly formulates the problem in his own mind.

  24. He forms inferences, makes new discoveries, sets up new relationships, and formulates definitions and laws.

  25. From this digression, he unexpectedly reverts to the original problem which he now formulates as follows: the capitalists, then, consume the entire surplus value in luxuries.

  26. Struve formulates as a general doctrine: 'The vaster the territory, and the larger the population of a country, the less does that country require foreign markets for its capitalist development.

  27. Law must specify, and the lawyer interprets Acts of Parliament by their letter; he refuses to be guided by the motives of the Act, he is concerned with what the Act distinctly formulates in set terms.

  28. And so he formulates ten dogmas of Judaism.

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