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dei; deid; deide; deidly; deific; deified; deifies; deify; deifying; deign
  1. He called it the doctrine of the "Deification of the Flesh of Christ.

  2. A compromise of the principles of Justice, is the deification of crime.

  3. To their thinking gods and men were akin, for many families traced their descent from a divinity, and the deification of a man probably seemed as little extraordinary to them as the canonization of a saint seems to a modern Catholic.

  4. But the deification of the murdered father from whom the tribe now derived its origin, was a much more serious attempt at expiation than the former covenant with the totem.

  5. With them also perished Thrasea, who had added to his crime of disbelieving in the deification of Poppaea that of neglecting to sacrifice for the preservation of Nero's beautiful voice!

  6. This is the usual mark of the deification of an empress as Ceres.

  7. With his remarks on our heresy regarding the deification of ancestors I have above attempted to deal, owning he is quite right--we do not believe in deified ancestors.

  8. After having had my attention drawn to the strangeness of this non-deification of ancestors, I did my best to work the subject out in order to see if by any chance I had badly observed it.

  9. The deification of Julius Caesar was the beginning of this servile form of worship; and the apotheosis of Diocletian was the fifty-third of these solemn canonizations.

  10. The extreme of the Roman divinity-making process was the deification of mere negative ideas.

  11. Of the deification of the Nerbudda river Sir W.

  12. In some instances at least he seems to be a very shadowy deification of the forces of nature.

  13. The Vedic deification {592} of the drink soma was due to its exhilarating and invigorating effects.

  14. The king whose omnipotence led to his deification repelled the ruler of heaven, and the ruler of heaven and earth, on his part, refused to tolerate any rival of earthly origin.

  15. Sanctification here becomes deification for every participant in the sacrifice.

  16. In this work therefore would have been represented the deification of Antinous as we know that figures so honoured were placed upon cars to signify their translation to the gods.

  17. Greater love hath no man than this," and Hadrian's ostentatious lamentation, and even his deification of his friend, seems puerile in comparison with the devotion of Antinous.

  18. The Christian congregations were thus forced to take another step in the deification of Jesus.

  19. I am certain that the deification of Jesus will be given up step by step.

  20. There is no adequate motive for the retention of the ritualism and worship of Comtism, nor is there any good reason for the deification of humanity.

  21. But I should say, if you pressed me, that it represents to me the deification of beauty to the exclusion of all else.

  22. It is a bad thing for a nation to raise and to admire a false standard of success; and there can be no falser standard than that set by the deification of material well-being in and for itself.

  23. Many of your intellectuals, and particularly many of the teachers of your youth, had come to preach the deification of sheer might.

  24. The mystery of the Incarnation, or the deification of human nature, put an end to slavery through all the year, as well as on this single day.

  25. If we accept the latter, Hadrian's sorrow itself becomes inexplicable; and we must attribute the foundation of Antinoë and the deification of Antinous to remorse.

  26. We may remember the Ithyphallic hymn with which the Athenians welcomed Demetrius Poliorkêtes, the marriage of Anthony as Dionysus to Athenè, and the deification of Mithridates as Bacchus.

  27. A strange religious feature pointing to a remote antiquity is the occasional deification and worship even of objects fashioned by the hand of man, when regarded as useful to him.

  28. In the opinion of the present writer, however, he is only an indirect deification of the sacrificial activity of Agni, a god with whom he has undoubtedly much in common.

  29. His demand for the acknowledgment of his deification by all inhabitants of the empire brought Caius into conflict with the Jews, who had been exempted from this formal expression of loyalty.

  30. The spontaneous deification or the damnatio memoriae of a deceased princeps was not without weight, for it expressed the opinion of the most influential class in the state.

  31. Not content with claiming deification for himself and his sisters, he built a lofty bridge connecting the Palatine Hill with the Capitoline, so that he might communicate with Jupiter, his brother god.

  32. Rome began to supplant the authority of the Hellenistic monarchs for whom deification by their subjects was the theoretical basis of their autocratic power.

  33. After the death of Augustus the imperial cult in the provinces gradually came to include the worship of both the ruling Augustus and the Divi, or deceased emperors, who had received deification at the hands of the Senate.

  34. The average Chinese takes a very much humbler view of the degree of deification that has fallen to his dead father's lot than would be implied by the use of so distinguished a title.

  35. The curious thing is that the deification of the old couple has taken place without any apparent justification from legend or myth.

  36. The deification of the early Babylonian kings is made known to us by the scribes placing the usual divine prefix before their names, and with certain rulers this is seldom or never wanting.

  37. This being the case, it may be permitted to the student to try to find similar instances of deification by the Babylonians of the men of old who were their ancestors in common with the Jews and other nations of the ancient East.

  38. The deification of heroes changed into the canonization of saints.

  39. Not content with this deification of Satan, they represent him as defeating by stratagem, in the shape of an animal of the creation, all the power and wisdom of the Almighty.

  40. Assertions and statements of this kind show clearly that at the time of their insertion into the Mahabharata the deification of Krishna was by no means universally recognised.

  41. We have already become acquainted with the deification of kings in a still more pronounced form in the inscriptions on the temples and palaces of Egypt.

  42. Lassen's view inclines also to the supposition that Krishna's deification belongs to the time after Buddha, "Ind.

  43. After his deification Meskínan acquired the power to impart himself to such as he deemed worthy, if they presented themselves to him.

  44. Réville holds[3] that the tree and the river and other such beings were the first gods, and that the deification of the great powers of nature came afterwards as an extension of the same principle.

  45. The national gods were discarded, but the deification of the founder early furnished a being who could be worshipped.

  46. My books and teachings maintain but one conclusion and statement of the Christ and the deification of mortals.

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