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Example sentences for "expiring"

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  1. Well might she wonder that no angel appeared to rescue the expiring Redeemer, and that he who had saved others did not save himself!

  2. The sharp ring of the musketry, the shouts of those full of life and hope, stifled once more the groans of the wounded comrades, in whom life was expiring and hope was dead.

  3. The breast of Symmachus was animated by the warmest zeal for the cause of expiring Paganism; and his religious antagonists lamented the abuse of his genius, and the inefficacy of his moral virtues.

  4. The knight slays the murderer; and learning from the expiring victim that her brain had been turned by the cruelty of Sir Roderick Dhu, he vows vengeance.

  5. A new cry was heard, but more feeble, more supplicating, convulsive, expiring and all relapsed into a profound silence.

  6. Ah, that accursed wood, that wood of slaughter and despair, where, amid the sobbing of the expiring trees, arose by degrees and swelled the agonized clamor of wounded men.

  7. Their intercourse continued, with growing passion on the side of the lady, and expiring inclination on that of the gentleman, till Lady Bellamer informed him that the consequences of their guilt could not long be concealed.

  8. Bending low to make the most of my expiring strength, my eyes wandered from the goal for an instant.

  9. No sooner would I begin to doze than the expiring images of my thoughts would shuffle up and sharpen with a steel-clicking suddenness into the dread likeness of The Face, with its dilated eyes boring me to the spine.

  10. The fires of agony behind the eyes paled and died down like an expiring coal.

  11. It was a voluptuous sensation, such as one might experience when expiring in raptures in the bosom of our God.

  12. What then may we not expect, when we behold the bright era that opens before us,--when exclusive institutions will be considered the obsolete remnants of expiring bigotry and intolerance!

  13. He talked a little disjointedly, with the uncertain swaying of a shadow on his thoughts, as if the light of his mind had flickered like an expiring lamp.

  14. I can close my eyes at twilight Though now many miles away, And see that lovely horizon At close of expiring day.

  15. Softly the tints of expiring day Tinge th' vaults of Hesperian heaven, Leaving a trace of the sun's mellow ray To escort the shadows of even.

  16. Meantime Madame Vetu was expiring in the adjoining bed.

  17. As for me, I am nearly expiring with the merriment that consumes me and my efforts to prevent indecorous explosion.

  18. Mrs. Leo Hunter's selection of an "Expiring Frog" as a subject for poetical composition has lately been surpassed by a new Italian poet.

  19. The chief rushed to the assistance of his expiring brother; his gun burnt priming.

  20. It was her last expiring effort, and she had died in the attempt.

  21. Like the expiring lamp, unseen, away, And softly go to slumber with the dead.

  22. Despair depicted in his eyes, He feels the vital flame decrease, He sees the grave wide yawning for its prey, Without a friend to soothe his soul to peace, And cheer the expiring ray.

  23. The period of probation which had been allotted by the late governor to the services of William Stephenson (one of the people serving in the stores) expiring this month, his pardon was delivered to him accordingly.

  24. A reply more forcible than polite from GerĂ´me then cleared the apartment; and, rekindling the now expiring embers, we prepared for the road.

  25. Ere long the guests had all dispersed, and left the lady of the mansion to her mournful, expiring lamps, and still more mournful reflections.

  26. The sublimity of death in a dying Saviour, the expiring God-likeness of Jesus of Nazareth was not there.

  27. When expiring on the cross, what did Christ say?

  28. The rapidity of Alexander's conquests in Asia was marvelous: he burst like a torrent on the expiring Persian Empire, and all opposition was useless.

  29. Miss Robinson, approaching the pillow of her expiring mother, earnestly conjured her to speak, if in her power.

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